An Upturned Soul Update

Hello everyone,

I’m going to be mainly absent from my blog over the next few weeks.

I’m doing a bit of this:


something you've never done


Actually I’ve already done a bit of that,

and it has consequences.

I think those are this:


what's best for me


But if you know how I make decisions these days,

then you’re aware that…

I’ve sort of given up being cautious.

Being cautious designed me a bespoke straight jacket and gave me a lovely all mod cons padded cell to live in.

I had a thought last night while internally screaming,

and wondering if… it’s all a big mistake.

I can’t remember what that thought was,

but it was very soothing.



Take good care of yourselves,

and best wishes with whatever you’re up to in your lives.

lots of love form me to you,

Ursula πŸ˜‰