One eye sees, the other feels



“A line is a dot that went for a walk.”
― Paul Klee


Sit down with me for a moment, rest your weary bones, your aching muscles, give the vessel which carries you around a break…

Let’s go for a walk with our eyes…

What do you see?

And when you look at what you see…

Do you see it as it is or does your mind alter it, perhaps by making a judgment…

The mind likes to make judgments… it doesn’t mean to be judgmental, but it is a mental judge… that’s just what it does. It’s job is to make sense of your world for you, to protect you and guide you through the eye of the storm that is life. Sometimes it overthinks things and turns sense into nonsense, complicating matters rather than clarifying them. Try to stop it and you will confuse it, and when it is confused it gets anxious, the kind of anxiety which tends to do something more rather than less.


“A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller.”
― Paul Klee


What about feeling…?

Have you noticed that subtle undercurrent flowing through you as your eyes wander, then pause to take a view in… each image you behold is like a line drawing which the mind judges and feeling colours in.

What are your feelings’ favourite colours?

Do you paint it black?

Splatter it with crimson and clover, over and over?

Get the blues?

A mellow yellow?

Or are you a greenie?

Do you colour outside of the lines, passion spilling everywhere… or neatly keep within the boundaries of lines drawn?


Drippy Lion


“One eye sees, the other feels.”
― Paul Klee


Recently I’ve been more aware of how much I look at things with the eye of feeling rather than of the mind… the mind is still doing its judging routine, it’s just that when I see something or someone, my first thought is a feeling…

Not an emotional feeling… those are too volatile, erratic, swinging like a mad mouthy monkey who just can’t settle on a branch.

Perhaps it is because the past few years, the journey taken, has exhausted my mind and it isn’t really up to the task of assessing anything… it tries to think, to judge, but it’s working as well as a wind-up toy that gets stuck after one step… you can hear whirring, but nothing appears to be moving.

I seemed to have reached a plateau of some sort after a long and grueling climb, so it’s taken the opportunity to catch up on sleep while the rest of me deals with the world around me…

Things seem more colourful somehow…