How to Deal with the Mental Mayhem of Mercury Square Mars

hear all sides - wei zheng


I keep trying to write this post…

(seems to me your ‘trying’ is trying of a different sort and that’s about it)

but I keep getting interrupted…

(‘distracted’ would be more precise)

mostly by the sort of interruptions which I create for myself…

(do you really need to stretch your ‘legs’ again – see what I did there, I can curb my honesty…)


(call it what you will… I can curb that stuff if it’s too awkward for words)


(for applauses?)

I need to pause a lot…

(Hurry up and get on with it!)

another pause…

(OMG! What do you need all these pauses for!?!)

Hang on a minute while I gather my scattered thoughts, the slightest breath of a breath and they’re dust in the…


Let me think…

(And now for a word from our sponsors… might as well take a toilet, tea and time ticking away break.)

I am going somewhere with this…

(Highly unlikely you’ll get anywhere other than back where you started to begin again)


i hate him

It’s impossible to hate anyone… – Mercury in Aquarius

It’s impossible not to hate everyone… bet you hate me right now! – Mars in Scorpio

Hate is just an expression of… – Mercury in Aquarius

Don’t say ‘love’… love is inexorably tied to hate! – Mars in Scorpio

Differences… vive la difference! – Mercury in Aquarius (who isn’t really listening anymore to Mars in Scorpio)

(Why? Why!!! – Mars in Scorpio (should be used to this by now))


Therein lies the rub…


Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio.

The traveler of universal thought versus (at a right or wrong angle) the deep driver of the personal psyche.

An aspect which is happening right now by transit for everyone…

sort of…

my internet connection has gone again, now I can’t look things up and I’m not sure which of the stuff in my mind is correct and which isn’t…

(Shit happens – isn’t that what you always say when shit happens and I’m stressing, but you’re trying to be all chill-cool-dude about it?)


speaking your mind

what happens when the ‘people’ are inside of you,

they’re your people,

they’re you?


Astrology news is buzzing and humming, and scribbling away about this aspect in transit…

and it’s fun…

(annoying… because they’re conjecturing not living this shit for 47 years!)

to read their interpretations of it.

(you’re still calling that thing you do with your restless eyes ‘reading’?)

I have it natally, which means…

(we were cursed from birth to live this rigmarole out again and again… until one of us wins – Me, I will win this war even if I have to lose more battles than I’ll ever admit to losing!)

I’m always arguing with myself…

(You, you, YOU! It’s always about you even when you use me, myself and I… soooooooo boooooring!)

this can be frustrating…

(agreed!!! Damn, I agreed with you! You tricked me, you tricksy trickster!)

but sometimes frustration is needed as it makes you go deeper into a matter than if all was fine…

(and dandy, like inedible X-mas treats and you… a dandy!)

if you want to figure things out, yourself, others, togetherness and separateness, then you have to go where you don’t want to go…

(Okay, something is off, I’m still in agreement with you… are we broken?)


seek what they sought

Question everything and everyone – Mercury in Aquarius & Mars in Scorpio (but in different ways)


Some astrologers are predicting that this influence heralds a time of passionate arguments in communication…

frankly, that’s always going to happen where humans are concerned…

heated debate… without much debate and with a lot of heat from both sides of a discussion which isn’t discussing but mostly cussing the other out… is a favourite hobby of all humans…

especially online where we can do it from the safety of anonymity…

behind a persona who can be killed off if things get too… well, if failure looms too big and bright for our eyes (ego) to handle it, and so we avert them, delete that character, all their faults, flaws and visible errors, and create a new avatar to roam the internet – back to the beginning when we were sure of winning.

But how much do we lose when we focus too much on winning?

What do we actually get from winning an argument?

And how long does that last?

How long before we need another argument to win?



Yup! – Mercury in Aquarius

Indeed! – Mars in Scorpio


I’ve been observing a friend fight for the same argument over and over…

Both Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Aquarius like to observe others…

they do it differently…

Mars in Scorpio is like paint-stripper…

Mercury in Aquarius is like a scientist conducting a study (who is biased, knows they are and tries not to be… often fails and knows it)

This friend seems to enjoy their argument more than the knowledge they might get from it if they went a little bit deeper, and looked below the surface.

Mars in Scorpio needs to get under the skin of things (and people).

Mercury in Aquarius prefers not to touch skin… there are volatile electric currents in that substance and you have to be careful with it.

I keep hoping that this friend will probe deeper, be more genuinely curious, ask questions which don’t need tidy answers, research a bit more, rely less on others (authorities and masters) to do their thinking for them, stop using the internet as their brain, and see how their arguments, which are global trending hot topic ones…

(and I sometimes wonder if they’re arguing just to fit in with some ‘popular‘ crowd – which isn’t something Mars in Scorpio or Mercury in Aquarius really do… they both prefer the unpopular path… in their own ways),

connect with their personal issues…

Mars in Scorpio’s domain…

the ones fueling their need to keep going around in this arguing circle as though it is an ancestral ritual which has lost its rhyme and reason, but it’s what has always been done and others do it, so they do it too…

they seem to use these arguments to distract them from the personal, as a coping mechanism, an escape from what is too close and too raw, and not something they are ready to face or deal with.

Mercury in Aquarius can understand and is cool with that – whatever you need, follow your bliss (just make sure that doing that doesn’t impinge on the following of bliss of others…).

This friend tried to engage me in a discussion about the validity of astrology…

I refused to be engaged…

I’ve done that before…

I’ve learned some lessons…

One of which is…

Really, don’t do that…

for many reasons…

Astrologically… you don’t want to argue with someone who has Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio… this team can argue for days on end and keep going… for years…

this is what they do…

mainly with each other…

but only if they’re both getting something out of doing it…

Mercury in Aquarius wants knowledge…

So does Mars in Scorpio, it wants to know what makes you tick… tock… tick… deep down in the darkest belly of your inner beast’s beats.






  1. Mercury in Aquarius is my only gem in my chart:)) but my mars is in sagittarius and I don’t know exactly its role or meaning.But in your case, it is a privilege not to be still or still or crystallysed in your initial position, you reason on everything.i tend to be overwhelmed by my emotions, that’s why i love philosophy: a privileged space where I can stare, observe, contemplate and reason and get rid for a moment of my guts!


    • The role and meaning of your Mars in Sag is actually connected to a passion for philosophy, as philosophy tends to be associated with the sign and Mars points to passion.

      Your overwhelming emotions come from having Pluto/Moon conjunct, it’s something which is intrinsic to you and can produce a very deep connection to primal feeling, it takes awhile to learn how to work with whatever Pluto touches and enhances as it always requires a trip into the inner underworld before emerging transformed.

      You’ve got a great chart, your Mercury is what brings it all together, he’s the ringmaster. 🙂


  2. Happy happy birthday dearest Ursula! Wishing you a wonderful day, a new start towards your freed self. iwish this inner year will be ripe, rich and generous with you.Love, S xxx


  3. When you talk about my chart, everything makes sense…you are really talented! But when i try to read it myself I cna’t understand it, it’s all blurred and vague.mercury is clear to me and sometimes I am more of an Aquarius than a Pisces, whose negative and vulnerable features are evident in my life. i also seem to be attracted only to Aquarius men, for their good and worse sides..In any case thank you for oyur precious words! xx


    • It’s always easier to perceive other people than it is to perceive ourselves because we get in our own way when we look at ourselves and cast a shadow because of the way our inner light shines.

      My first boyfriend was an Aquarius, he’s the one who got me interested in astrology… by tactlessly (in a tongue in cheek manner) telling me that Aquarius was better than Capricorn. My Mars in Scorpio got annoyed which is often the starting point for my Mercury in Aquarius to investigate something (as the two are connected in my chart), and I determined to find out for itself if his comment was valid or not. Eventually I decided he was right about Aquarius being awesome, but that comparing one sign with another was a tactic prone to drawing erroneous conclusions.

      Pisces is vulnerable, that is one of its sides which is also one of its strengths. The image of the sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions making up a fishy yin yang symbol. So with Pisces the negative is linked to the positive and vice versa. Its vulnerability is where its strength emerges. The two are forever linked, swimming together, sometimes in opposite directions, but always in a circle.

      You are strong because of your vulnerability, and in some ways you are vulnerable because you are so strong – the latter is clear in your relationship with your parents. You were and have always been strong, this made you vulnerable to the attacks of narcissists because they’re afraid of that kind of inner strength due to the nature of the disorder which alienates them from inner anything and when they meet inner everything in someone else it sends them spiraling into a vicious cycle of behaviour.

      I think that perhaps your Mercury in Aquarius is where you took refuge to save yourself from them, and it has worked well for you. We always favour what saves us in moments of need 🙂


      • You are absolutely right.I have discovered through my psychoanalysis that this passion for reading and art and all creative activities in children are fuelled by a feeling of inadequacy to an unacceptable world, it’s a way of surviving to grief and sadness. You are right about vulnerability, that’s how i was perceived by my family.i have also developed an allergy for the expression people utter about themselves:”i am so sensitive”, if you really are you don’t say it and being sensitive for oneself is not the point. i once read a biography of british cook Elizabeth David, where i have found this definition of her being, which really talks to be:”She was born without skin”. Can you imagine feeling without skin?When it’s cold it’s too much or when it’s hot it’s burning..I don’t really know why we are born to this world, where to do something with your life you ought to have a thick skin…
        About being strong in my vulnerability, i haven’t got a clue, I have just experienced the negative side or when i am Lucky, people say i am a sort of Cassandra as i can observe people’s behaviours and have an impression of how they really are, if this doesn’t concern me.
        Do you think it’s my Moon in Virgo the depressive spot of my chart? i don’t really like it; what a weird place (earth) to have your moon:)) I think I have already asked you about it, sorry.


        • I love having Moon in Virgo, it grounds the emotional nature, connects it to the earth. The main issue at times is overanalysing feelings, however a certain amount of analysis of feelings is helpful as it can sort out plumbing problems, just have to be careful not to try and fix what isn’t in need of fixing. It does depend on aspects to the Moon and where it is placed. Your Moon is conjunct Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, and opposes Chiron and North Node, it also sextiles Mars and Neptune – that’s one complex combination. It’s in the 5th house, creativity nurtures you, and is actually an excellent way of dealing with the aspects to your Moon as creativity thrives on complexity. You have the soul of artistic genius within you.

          Have you tried out the Astro Click Portrait on, it’s a very easy and good way to get to know your chart.

          Pinning down where something like depression may be in a chart can be difficult. Depends on the kind of depression, and astrologically it could be connected to an aspect between placements rather than one placement. Saturn is often linked with depression, partly because Saturn tends to restrict and restrictions can create the kind of blocks that can lead to depression. In your chart Saturn is conjunct Venus, which I would consider more likely than your Moon to be a ‘depressive spot’. This is an interpretation of that placement – – remember though that with Saturn eventually there is a release which yields deep inner healing.

          This is an excellent view of Saturn which I read today –

          I have to admit that when someone stresses their sensitivity I tend to view it as a possible red flag (not necessarily for a narcissist, although they do love to use that phrase and others which are about being so very specially sensitive), but it very much depends on context.


          • A moon in virgo is like having an accountant to analyse emotions and feelings, looking for a square form when it’s round! Imentioned moon in virgo as adepressive knot(!) as I am affected by melancholic depression ans it refers to Aristotle’s bile noire linked to the earth. Yes, i am inclined to overanalyse and do a lot of useless pondering.
            I reallly liked the article on venus saturn aspects, there are some very true statements, especially about needing a guarantee in love preventing abandonment.
            Cretivity is in all my thoughs but i produce nothing as I always think it’s not worth it, especially with painting.I have images stocked in my mind coming up to the surface everynow and then but i can’t pinned them down due to my lack of self esteem.Thanks to you and the way you write your posts i felt encouraged to keep up with my writing but my real nature is sensorial and visual rather than only intellectual. i have the feeling that with writing we can easily manage the flow of feelings, a more rational medium.
            My dream is to be able one day to undo the knot and being able to paint but my angst paralyzes me.


            • I was creatively paralysed for a long time, decades, and I stabbed myself regularly about it, my favourite knife was looking at what others were doing and telling myself that there was no point in my doing anything because someone else was already doing it and I’d never be as good as they were anyway even if I tried. The longer this went on the worse it got. I also liked to stab myself with other just as painful knives, such as the time I was wasting not doing what I wanted to do. Eventually I decided that my desire to create was a delusion which I used to avoid reality.

              I remember one day telling myself to give up on being creative and channel the energy I used being miserable about it into something else. That was a huge relief. I could finally give up on a dream that had turned into a nightmare which I used to torture myself.

              Years afterwards a dam broke and I found myself creating stuff. It took me by surprise. It started with a diffident trickle. Our muse needs to see us doing something with her inspiration, we have to commit to her before she commits to us. The most important thing I did for myself is to stop pressuring myself about what I created, in other words it doesn’t matter what I think of it what matters is the feeling of doing it. Creating because it is fun and nourishes the soul. Doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, a mess, silly, serious, whatever, it’s the act itself which matters, letting the flow flow in whatever form, vessel, let it show you the shape of its waters.

              Your beautiful inner creative waters have found expression through writing, painting with words on a paper canvas. Keep doing what you are doing and see where your flow flows. 🙂


              • You read my past and present attitudes…the frustration, the delusion, being judgmental about oneself and then being stuck in a rut.
                I find it wonderful how you have been able to turn all this familiar inner turmoil into something beautiful.It gives purpose to one’s existence.And i promise, the amount of energy i invest on my self flagellation is huge.
                Your position is of a Wise Zen monk, as the art is in the process not in the result, and this is what gives sense to our time. it is is true that the pressure can spoil everything, it wastes the flowing and the idea stemming from our inner source.
                Very good food for thought, Ursula, mille grazie xxx


                • Ha! I used to wish I could be a wise Zen monk when I read all those wonderful Zen stories. They seemed so able to go with whatever life offered and to find humor in it. It’s the humor I have always loved the most about Zen, it’s slightly twisted and can be quite dark.

                  Have you ever read the writings of Reshad Felid. He wrote a lot on Sufism from a Westerner’s viewpoint and exploration of it. Very beautiful and inspiring.


              • Just wanted to tell you that your words brought about a powerful echo in my mind. I feel i can do something about it and i am less stuck, as though a rock was on the verge of detaching itself and falling freely down from very high.I don’t know if my dizziness makes any sense. Maybe i am just nuts as usual.Thank you so very much,


                • We don’t have to make sense to others, we just have to make sense to ourselves… and even that sometimes is not a requirement.

                  However what you said makes sense to me, and your ‘nuts as usual’ seems very sane in an inspiring way 🙂


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