Blogs are People


the people…

shouldn’t that be…

We are people… ?

because we are people, aren’t we?

and the ‘the’ just sounds like…

(a band name)



something which separates us from who we are…

together and apart…

a typically human experience…

disconnected even when connected…

and that kind of connected disconnectedness leaks out into our connections creating all sorts of…

dis-interconnected snafus…


that's my face


I read a post the other night

(when I should have been sleeping)

which reminded me that blogs are people…

(I should know that since I have a blog…

but having a blog and knowing you’re a people is different from realising that others bloggers are also people as you are).

This (see below image and link to source) was the post…

which is absolutely brilliant and…

is based on a true story…

you might need tissues.


The Oatmeal - Domino's Story

When Your House is Burning Down… by The Oatmeal


Bloggers sometimes get so caught up in being people themselves,

and blogging about that…

that they may accidentally forget that other bloggers are people too…

and that others are prone to all the things to which they are prone.

It happens offline, so…

it’s bound to happen online too.


“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can.”
― Bob Marley


Occasionally on my blog Reader

(for non WP bloggers that’s where WordPress bloggers see the latest posts of the blogs they Follow)

I see a post listing what’s wrong with blogs in a UR Doing it Wrong tone.

This is usually a post written by a blogger

(who is momentarily unaware that their pointing finger is also pointing at them and their blog in many ways, including the potential evidence of possible similar wrong-doing simmering in their archives…)

and the list tends to contain what that blogger finds annoying about what other bloggers are doing.

It often comes across as a bit of a blogger bitching session

(and if I were to join in on the bitching I would add bloggers who write that sort of post to the list).

most likely brought on by a blog Stat related stressor




(Stats are a blessing and a curse for a blogger. They give you data about your blog, mainly the ‘traffic’ – views, visits, clicks, comments, searches and links which brought visits, views and clicks, and things like that – which is informative, especially if your blog is a business, but it can also become a distraction which detracts from what you originally wanted to do on your blog, especially if your blog is personal…

it’s a bit like getting sidetracked from who you are by the opinions of others about who you are to them…

I recently heard someone say in a post that they were a deep thinker because other people told them that they were – they did not mention whether they had deeply thought about whether they really were a deep thinker… whether they thought they were a deep thinker before they were told by others that they were.)

and it rarely contains useful advice about What (Not) To Do if you’re a blogger.

If you’re a blogger (or thinking about becoming one) and would like advice about blogging,

like this – Beyond Me, Myself and I – written by the wonderful, inspiring, and always thoughtful Ben Huberman of WordPress’ own blog

I’d advise that you Follow – The Daily Post – as they give good advice,

some of the authors of The Daily Post blog have their own personal blogs

(which are worth checking out as they’re varied and it also gives you an idea about who the person behind the blogging advice is…)

they have fun events in which to participate, daily prompts, photo challenges, and blogging courses

and they connect you to the WP blogging community which is full of awesome people

(even the occasionally bitchy ones are awesome, they’re just having a bitchy moment, which happens to all people).


whatever bitches

I say this to myself every time I get bitchy… doesn’t stop the bitching, as bitching is a people thing, but it does put it into perspective.


Since I first jumped into the blogging arena…

(and thought I was crazy for doing it)

I’ve made pretty much every single mistake a blogger can make

(yes, I’m boasting and probably exaggerating too – that’s sometimes a Don’t but is also sometimes a Do for a blogger as a certain amount of narcissism is needed and can be healthy in this environment).

Okay, let me be real in a surreal world for a moment… there are still plenty of mistakes for me to make, and I’m certain I’ll get to make them as I excel at such things

(I am grandiose about being a mess – get used to it, it’s a habit I’m keeping on as it’s my skin…

a freckled feckless mess…

or don’t get used to it and let it rub you the wrong way as sometimes a blogger who pisses you off is more interesting – and leads to inner self-reflection – than one who pleases you)


“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.”
― Albert Schweitzer


One of the things which sometimes triggers a blogger into writing one of those – What other bloggers are doing wrong (but of course they never do wrong) – list posts is Blog Awards.

The ultimate Blog Award on WordPress is Freshly Pressed (now re-branded as Discover). Or so WP bloggers are led to believe… but there’s a – Dark Side of Freshly Pressed.

This is a bit like Linkedin’s Pulse which I recently explored because someone on there seems to have ‘borrowed’ one of my posts and claimed it as their own (albeit out of context which makes it seem rather weird… or more weird than it actually is).

I’m not that bothered about it…

(read that as I am bothered, BUT…)

since this is internet…

and I did say in my blog’s Copyright sectionWith my writing you are free to share, alter, and do what you please with it.

I meant what I said, and said it in a freedom of the web manner,

(hoping that those who read it would be respectful…

I wasn’t being totally naive…

I grew up with narcissists, and have learned quite a few life lessons from that experience which is one that keeps on giving… and one of those is – if someone wants something of yours sometimes it’s best to just let them take it… and then let them find out for themselves why they perhaps should not have done that because when someone takes a piece of you and pretends it is theirs they create a certain type of hell for themselves which is worse than anything you could ever do to them if you were bothered enough to do stuff to them for what they did to you).

but I’m not that person

(it does now explain why someone called me by that name on this blog – I didn’t ask them because … I’ve been called a lot of names in my life and sometimes it’s best to shrug those names off and keep going)


if you’re trying to find out who is behind the nickname ‘Ursula’

that’s not who it is (I don’t have a Linkedin account).

That’s not my name…




I got a bit rambly there… what was I… oh, yes…

Blog awards…

Freshly Pressed (Discover) aside,

because I’m never going to be featured on there as I don’t follow

(I’ve tried… really I’ve tried and tried and tried and… invariably get it all wrong)

those kind of rules

(fitting in to society/someone else’s rules)

and even if I did to a perfect T…

being ignored by the mainstream is a regular karmic experience for me

(which has been very frustrating in a positive way even when I saw it as mostly being negative).


speaking your mind


When I first started this blog, I received, to my surprise and confusion, quite a few blog award nominations

one in particular really opened my eyes to what blogging can do for you in a personal healing manner – An Epiphany – Part 2 – Winning versus Failing

Thank you very much to those who nominated me, you’ve encouraged me in ways… I tried to fight and you… won!

Just the other day I received my first blog award nomination in a long time,

given to me by – SunDragonLady

Thank you very much!

I always accept blog awards because… why not!?!

A Blog Award Nomination is…

a) a compliment…

which someone has taken the time to give to you… to your blog (which is you).

b) a community activity and interaction…

and yes, someone may be using your blog to promote theirs by giving you a blog award nomination… what’s wrong with that?

The internet and social media is about networking, sharing and letting the flow… flow this way and that…

and you never know where it leads…

who it might help…


That’s life being lived!

c) a friendly neighborhood chain letter…

which doesn’t have dire consequences or threaten you if you ignore it and don’t pass it on.

[I once decided that someone I thought was a friend might not be a friend at all after they sent me a chain letter (old school style, via the post) demanding money for them and cursing me if I didn’t send them money and pass the letter on…

I didn’t pass it on, I’m not doing that to my friends…

I did suffer after that…

(but that was probably always going to happen due to the circumstances and consequences of how I was living at the time… under the thumb of a rather narcissist)].


before I lose the plot

(you already have, deary… you did that a long time ago)

This particular award is the:


One Lovely blog award



and requires that I share 7 facts about me and nominate 15 bloggers to pass it on to…


Facts #1 to #7 about me…

As per usual I do whatever I do on this blog,

right or wrong,

and figure stuff out as I go along

about myself and others, life and…

what I figure out may be right or wrong or a mix of both,

I’m not really concerned about the right versus the wrong of it,

(within reason)

I’m after the mix of it wherein I might perceive things differently… get a new perception of an old view… sometimes even appreciate the old view and not throw it out just because it’s old and I’m after the new.



image via Dr. Boli


Mistakes are my friend…

(or so I tell myself after years of not perceiving them that way and making life less fun by boring myself to death with a version of perfectionism which was more like effingwithmyselfism).

I like being free to be myself as it, wonky batteries included…


I like bloggers who do something similar in their own way and share it:

Survivednarc –  a beautifully introspective exploration of personal encounters…

Apensiveheart – a personal journey into the heart of a relationship, with the self, with a love…

Tellingheavysecrets – a deep diving soulful journey into the heart of the self…

Juliedemboski – Astrology? Yes and no… it’s a mirror of what we see when we look outside and within at the same time. What do we see?

Emergingfromthedarknight – emerging from a personal shell and exposing what has emerged to the air.

Nedhickson – It’s Ned and it’s his blog… which is both batho, pathos, all things both sweet, spicy and so much more… umami.

Robertmgoldstein – living with DID… living life and looking at it through a microscope which sometimes is also a kaleidoscope.

Ceenphotography – Photography… plus the sweet philosophy of looking at life through a lens and inviting others to share their view.

Nutsrok – Bears, wilderness, strange days and nights… family… history… and above all else, the humor which sews it all into a tapestry of memories still being made.

Nelkumi – The intense beauty of simplicity, melancholy and deep passion.

Sparksfromacombustiblemind – Is exactly what it’s title says it is… and more because that mind is always searching and finding things which set fire to the matches of the minds of others.

Iwontdiet – a fascinating belle isle en mer…

Lynettedartycross – because it’s Lynette and if you haven’t met her yet… meet her! She hasn’t posted in awhile because… life… but when she does she goes within and takes you with her while keeping you safe and warm.

Amommasview – insight, inspiration and just talking to you from a personal kind of place which is inviting and exciting.


even though I have dyslexia, I can count. I know I’ve only done 14… the 25th (that’s a typo but I’m leaving it because typos are some sort of life lesson which teaches you stuff… like how to chill, and the insightful power of slip-ups, Freudian and otherwise) is up to you.

Blogging is about people…

blogs are people…

made of sugar and spice,

flaws and faults,

rights and wrongs,

and all those things which keep us all turning, spinning, dizzy and…

over to you.


Sparkle - Rumi



  1. Hi Ursula, That picture of you in the bear hat is absolutely adorable! The new one on your home page in stilettos is wicked sexy. I think it shows a side of you I haven’t seen before. How about a blog about that? I love the Rumi quote at the end of this post. I hope your Holidays were filled with peace and joy, and the New Year filled with many and new discoveries. Glad to see you blogging forward.


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      The stilettos are a gift which my partner gave to me as a joke. I can’t walk in heels and when I wear them I tend to look like a clown in a circus act who is stilt-walking really badly and could fall over at any second. I thought I’d pay homage to his humorous gesture on my blog because he’s the one who started me off on my blogging adventure, and he’s always very supportive. He reads my posts, thinks I’m brilliant (like in the Rumi quote), and finds my crazy sexy 😉

      I hope you’re well and had a great time at your retreat. Wishing you all the best and many blessings for 2016, follow your bliss!


  2. Wow, I just read through this post and it’s always like following your stream of thoughts/consciousness. It is wicked! In the way that I can get out of my own head. 🙂 And I was of course extremely honored and a bit shocked when you mentioned my blog in your post. A humble thank you for that. Keep doing what you’re doing and never follow the boring mainstream, is my advice. I come to your blog to escape mainstream society, you know… take care. See ya around. 🙂


  3. A humble thank you from me as well. 💖 I have to say that I am a bit speechless. 🙂 I’m looking forward to exploring the other blogs. 🙂

    As I was scrolling through my reader this evening, I was wondering if you had posted – and you had. A wonderful stream of consciousness. 🙂 I loved the kitty story. 🙂


  4. PS I didn’t know that the heart was going to be a mutant heart grown for size, not flavour. I thought it was going to be a little heart. A normal heart? Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. 🙂


    • Ha! Mutants are really sweet and funny when you get to know them (I’ve been playing Fallout 4… lots of mutants in the game, the super mutants have the best dialogue)


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