Going Off the Beaten Track

You’re walking along a road and suddenly you come to a crossroads,

okay, it wasn’t that sudden, you saw it long before you got to it and were probably thinking about the problems it posed before you had to actually deal with the problem it would confront you with when you finally reached it…

one path is similar to the road you are on, it’s made of the same substance, it feels the same underfoot,

yes, you’re on foot and your feet are a bit worse for wear because of it,

(no, you’re not wearing shoes because you’re carrying those in your left hand,

yup, the left one, the right one is holding the bottle of water you cleverly knew you might need on this journey,

the shoes started to chafe and at some point you decided that shoes which rubbed your sweaty feet raw were more of an issue than soles which burned on baked tarmac… or which felt the uneven surface of cobbles… I still haven’t decided of what substance this road is made)

but even though your feet are a bit sore and tired,

causing your mind to also feel as they do,

this crossroad fills you with enough anticipation, the fear and excitement, of things to come based on your choice that you’ve forgotten the physical pain, the nuisance and nuance, of it

(okay, you haven’t forgotten, you’re just less focused on that part of it which sometimes equates to forgetting it).

Where was I?

Where are you?

Where are you going to go?




I used to love to draw,

(yes, this has something to do with what came before)

but at some point I came to a crossroads and took the road which didn’t include continuing loving to draw.

I forgot about this love,

but then one day I remembered it and scribbled the pic you see above.

That was during a time when my partner brought home a Roborovski hamster,

(and then I sent him back to get the other one after he told me that there were two, they’d been together since birth, but he only took one because he was a bit worried about how I’d react.

I’d been enforcing a no-pets rule,

it was actually a no pets until we have a permanent home of our own because our constant moving was hard enough on us, and since we always rented it made it difficult to rent if you had pets with you, and many other reasons and excuses I painted with practical.

I reacted by worrying about the one left behind, you can’t separate them!!!, so we needed him too!)

and caused us to travel together down a path we hadn’t been before (not together).

The hamsters have since died,

they died within one week of each other,

first one fell asleep and never woke up, then the other one joined him

(perhaps the second one died of a broken heart, I know I almost did and so did my partner when the first one died… even though we had been repeatedly warned of their short life span).

Awhile after the hamsters abandoned us to go a separate path from us,

leaving us to go the human way which was very human…

we were never going to have pets again, not because of the no-pets rule but because… you know why, you’re human to,

(at least I’m assuming you are, my apologies if you’re not… I’m not apologising because you aren’t and that’s somehow a bad thing… ugh, you know what I mean, unless you’re not human…

how do I get out of this loop… hole!?!)

but then an injured wild rabbit baby took us down a path which led to adopting a feral kitten.

Some people are certain that they’re at the helm of themselves and that they’re excellent navigators always choosing each path they go down, that a crossroads is never really a crossroads, one road is good and the other is bad and you should knopw which is which and choose the best one for you…

to succeed where inefficient others fail

(because you messed with the sign at the crossroads…

you navigate like that…

you cut off the rungs so others can’t climb the ladder, not as easily as you did after someone before you kindly fixed those rungs which someone else like you broke…

oh, dear, I took a deviation there…

went off the beaten track…

as I always seem to do).

If this seems incomplete