Why am I so uncontrollably attractive without even trying

These words

why am I so uncontrollably attractive without even trying

caught my eye.

Did they catch your eye too?

And what happened in your mind when they did?

What did you think?

How did you react to what you saw?




Did you want to see the person who wrote them to either confirm or deny their I’s perception of itself?

Did you feel a need to see with your own eyes this uncontrollably attractive being to believe them?

Were you drawn to them because you harbour a secret desire to find them controllably unattractive,

and then perhaps to tell them as much

to knock them off their pedestal and return their feet to the ground,

or even bring them to their knees to kneel before someone who does not find them to be uncontrollably attractive.


“Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together.”
― Lisa Kleypas


But surely

if their words drew your eye to them,

and subsequently intrigued your mind enough to compel you to seek them out,

to see them,

then they have done what they said they are,

and have proved their statement.

As long as the parameters for the definition of attractive include anything which attracts your attention,

and the meaning of uncontrollably is open to impulse.

If someone says – I look awful – it will get you to look at them,

perhaps not in the same way as if they’d said – I look beautiful – but the cue to look at them is still there, and so is the reflex to take the cue.


“One rarely falls in love without being as much attracted to what is interestingly wrong with someone as what is objectively healthy.”
― Alain de Botton


Those words were found in the search term section of the stats of my blog,

so I can’t direct you to the person who said them in type,

I can’t direct myself there either,

and I have to admit I’m rather relieved that I can’t.

I love the mystery of it,

of not knowing what the seeker was seeking,

why they asked that question,

and all the things which that kind of mystery inspires,

the thoughts, feelings, sensations,

the impulses, reactions,

the musings,

options and possibilities,

the stories,

witnessing a moment turn into many more,

the cornucopia flowing out of one question.


“That’s how it is when a person develops an attraction toward someone. He’s nowhere, then suddenly he’s everywhere, whether you want him to be or not.”
― Colleen Hoover


A question like that…

can make you come face to face with yourself,

if you’re willing to be a watcher of self as well as a being of self.

Sitting as a shadow on a shelf,

you observe,

the self being the self,

and see all those details which weave together,

threads of thought, emotion, abstraction,

light and dark,

forming the material of you.


“I think we are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind’s door at 4 a.m. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends.”
― Joan Didion