Resisting a Rest

It all started with a hole in the wall,

a hole in the wall shouldn’t be there at all…


I borrowed these lines from Dr. Seuss,

from my favourite book of his,

and altered them slightly,

to suit…)


Hole in the wall


My crisis

probably began before

I found that hole in the wall…

but that hole…

it screamed for me.

How I dealt with finding it…




screamed at me.


told a story…


something along the lines of…

(because it can be hard to figure out what is actually being said when screaming is involved in the conversation)

why must you always find the funny side of things which instill you with a quiet dread…

why must laugh in the face of that which is fearful,

be creative with what seems destructive,

why do you push to see the upside of that which is pulling you down,


here’s where I took a break and consulted an online oracle,

because that’s the sort of silly thing I do…

the silly things I do often make me aware of the serious I’m avoiding by doing the silly.

This ridiculous online oracle told me that I was being a clown…



you clown around

while your world falls apart,


you’d rather enjoy the moment

than wallow in a self-pity party?



your worse will never be as worse as the worst worse can get.

Even with a big hole in the wall…

the wall is still standing,

and doing it proudly,

perhaps it is proud because it has a hole in it.

If it didn’t have the hole in it…

it’d just be any old wall

and I wouldn’t notice it

but with the hole it is

holding my attention as it holds itself up,

showing me that it is

an extraordinary feat of physics…

or whatever.


β€œIt all began with a shoe on the wall. A shoe on the wall shouldn’t be there at all.”
― Dr. Seuss, Wacky Wednesday