An insight into pain, its practical uses and personal meaning…

(photo : Without shame, I consider myself to be an optimist of great proportions. Any way you slice it, there’s a generous amount of Sagittarian faith, enthusiasm and idealism pulsating through my psyche. I don’t really place a value judgement on this as “good” or “bad” other than to say it’s unfolded as necessary […]

via Saturn in Sagittarius: Finding Meaning in Pain — SAGITTARIAN MIND


  1. Wow, that was packed full of so much great advice and insight. My motto to go along with what he said is, “Never waste your pain.”-Pastor Rick Warren. I am in awe of and have such respect for people who face reality and the truth. Thanks for sharing this Ursula ❤ …you are one of those people.


    • I love reading things which give optional perspectives on a subject. Much of what we see of truth and reality is due to how we’re looking at it, so the more options we have of ways to look at it, the more we can see. Or something like that 🙂


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