Jupiter in Virgo – Overdosing on Analysis

Virgo - I analyze


If you have a problem, a puzzle, an enigma, a matter which you would like to solve, an issue which is confusing you and which you would like to clarify, a knot you want to untie (figuratively or literally), a mess which you’d like to tidy up…

one of the best signs to consult for help or advice would probably be a Virgo.

You could also consult a Scorpio, but that sign’s approach might be a bit too intense, brutally blunt and intrusive for those of a sensitive or secretive nature.

Virgo will listen quietly and carefully while you relate the details of your story. They’ll make mental notes (including where they should avoid treading with you, where your soft spots are and where you have do not disturb signs) as you talk, observing your tone, body language, the words used, hesitations, pauses, shifts in mood, emotion, thought, expression, and a million other tiny nuances, and once you’re done telling them your tale they will process what you have told them and offer you their analysis.

Be warned, if you’ve altered your story, if the sum of what you have told them does not add up, if something has been omitted, if details are missing, they will notice… however unlike a Scorpio they won’t zero in on the discrepancy with lasers blazing, but they might ask a few uncomfortable questions (especially if they are of the Pluto in Virgo generation).


Virgo pet peeve


Although Virgos aren’t particularly known in astrology for their passion…

They’re reserved about showing their passionate nature openly, and tend to get judged on the reserved appearance by others… unless those others are one of those signs which know that appearances aren’t all that they seem, which like to dig deeper, dive beneath the placid and cold surface to the warmth below and the turmoil within.

…they are a very passionate sign when it comes to figuring things out.

This is what makes them excellent problem solvers, they will not rest until they’ve solved the problem by dissecting it and analysing it… sometimes to death, but the death of a problem should be a good thing (some people love their problems and hate it when they get killed off).

This is also what makes them truly great friends.

They will always know when something is bothering you and will probably also know what it is that is bothering you, perhaps before you know it. Saying you’re ‘fine’ to a Virgo when you’re not… won’t be accepted unless they realise that you need this fine to stand as it is because this is what is keeping you intact.

They are compassionate and considerate sometimes to their own detriment. They will give you the shirt off their back to keep you warm and safe from the elements, and not let on that ice crystals are forming on their skin as a result.

They make excellent gift givers – they’ve made note of what makes your eyes light up even if you’ve never spoken about what that is.

They have a lot of what makes their opposing sign on the zodiac wheel appealing – that Piscean psychic insight into the collective consciousness – without the diffusion and confusion, and tendency to get caught up swimming in a circle around themselves.

This also makes them problematic to know, and is what gives them that label of – hypercritical.

They can be critical,

and being on the receiving end of it can be painful,

especially if you don’t understand why they are slicing you up into tiny pieces and turning you into one of those dishes they serve in overly expensive high fashion food which is no longer recognisable as food restaurants.


proton neutron crouton


We all have Virgo in our natal charts.

We have all of the signs in our charts.

If you hate a sign, it might be an idea to look at where that sign falls in your chart and what is going on there (or what is not going on there) as it might elucidate the problems which you have with that sign, and those of that sign.

The problems which we have with others can often reflect problems which we have with ourselves, and solving the problems which we have with ourselves often solves those we have with others.

We usually aren’t bothered by others until they hit a nerve within us.

This doesn’t always work, but it’s surprising how often it does actually work.

And it’s easier sometimes to solve things within ourselves than it is to solve them outside of ourselves.

We can get stuck in the rut of what is wrong with others and feel frustrated due to being powerless to solve the wrong in others and turn it into the right we think it should be.

We waste time writing lists about others, caught up in ranting and raging about what they’re doing and saying which annoys every fibre of our being, what they did to us, how they hurt us, and how the world (our world with us as its centre) would be a better place if either people like that didn’t exist or would change themselves completely to suit us.


love your imperfections?

(this caused quite a controversy recently…)


Sometimes we tell ourselves that we would be satisfied if they would just apologise to us for not living up to our expectations of them and disappointing us…


if they did apologise,

would that apology really be good enough to satisfy us,

to appease the gods of our pain,

or would we pick holes in it and eventually decide that the apology was not genuine (especially after we made them regret apologising by not letting things go and accepting that we’d been given what we had claimed to want, what we had said would make right what was wrong).

We can all be idealistic perfectionists with a vision of utopia we’d like to neatly impose on others because it would make us all happy… except our utopia may clash with someone else’s and then all hell breaks loose from its chains and our tidy ideas end up chaotically confused and enmeshed with those of others.


Virgo wheels


I have Virgo emphasised in my natal chart. With the Moon, Pluto and Ascendant in the sign. I also have Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, as my chart dominant (although it’s in a sign, Aquarius, which drives my Virgo side nuts as it prefers to see the bigger picture rather than focus on the details).

I also have Scorpio emphasised… so what I said above about Virgos applies to me as does the stuff I said about Scorpio. Thus if you’re overly sensitive or secretive don’t come to me with a problem which you want solving because my methods might make you feel as though you’re being experimented upon by a mad scientist. I usually warn people about this over a cup of tea… but they rarely listen, partly because they came to see me to be listened to and heard rather than to hear.

At the moment transiting Jupiter is conjunct my Ascendant.

I’ve been trying to figure out how and if this transit is affecting me. It’s been going forwards and backwards in my 1st house for awhile, I should be feeling its effects,


…at the moment my mind feels like Mr. Creosote after having eaten the waffer thin mint.




And that struck me being a rather apt image for the transit of Jupiter in Virgo.






  1. Freckles are imperfections? Yikes! No wonder they got into trouble. Deservedly so.

    I don’t know much about astrology – a bit here and there – but find it fun.

    Yes, I agree that when we are having problems with someone, we may need to look at ourselves first. Unless that person is a narcissist whose business it is to make us think everything is our problem … I’ve always liked your advice to think about how a potential someone makes us feel. I rely on that a lot now. If I feel annoyed, then that’s me (for me, anyway). Uncomfortable is a different matter, though.

    Good post. 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

      There are several different types of uncomfortable. The one I find most rewarding to investigate is when I’m resisting something new, trying to stick with the old because it’s a comfort zone. Some comfort zones are worth keeping and maintaining, others may need for us to step outside of them to discover what may be a valuable and new addition to our lives and selves.

      Instinct/intuition knows the differences between most experiences. We usually know what kind of uncomfortable we’re experiencing, and what to do about it.

      One of the helpful things which narcissists teach us is what happens when nothing is ever your problem and you blame everyone else for everything. They create such a mess, and can turn something good into something dreadful.

      I like to check with myself whenever I have a problem with someone else. 9 times out of 10 (or somewhere in that statistical ballpark) it’s me, or at least there’s something I can do to sort it out before it snowballs and gets out of control. That doesn’t mean that it’s not also them, but I can’t do anything about them, however I can do something about myself, adjust my attitude, try a different approach… or get tf out of there 😉

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