In a World full of Words…



“I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.”
― Emily Dickinson


With a little effort on my part I might be able to get the lantern in the photo above to work as it once perhaps did. It’s rusty, and bent in places where it should not be bent. It’s a bit broken but maybe not so broken that it will never work again. Maybe light can be restored to it.

In the meantime the only way to make light shine within it is to place it in front of the sun.

I think I like it this way…

In its present condition it has a certain poetic beauty. It’s useless as a lantern, but it still shines with a light that can’t be seen unless you look for it. It is a dark light.

It reminds me of myself…

It makes me think of other people…

a little bit rusty,

bent in certain places,

a bit broken but not so broken…

and maybe they are more beautiful because they have had to learn to shine with a deeper light, one which can only be found by exploring the dark.


“Well, you know… experience is a muffled lantern that throws light only on the bearer…it’s incommunicable…”
― Louis-Ferdinand Céline