Dealing with a Narcissist – the Awaken With JP way

I don’t know what you’ll think of this…

I didn’t know what I would think of it when I clicked on the ‘Play’ button, and I didn’t know what I thought of it as listened and watched because…

It wasn’t what I expected.

(kind of like when narcissists aren’t what you expected them to be)

I expected it to be comedy… it wasn’t that.

I expected it to be snappy and snappish… it wasn’t that.

I expected it to be…

not what it was…

once I got over it not being what I expected it to be…

I found it rather intriguing.

So I thought I’d share it:



I came across it while reading an article about another video by JP Sears on his Youtube channel – AwakenWithJP – which has gone viral, and as I was watching the viral video I noticed he’d made one on Narcissists, so I clicked on that and…

He takes awhile to get to the point and waffles a lot, but…

the subject of narcissists tends to make people waffle perhaps because it’s complicated and confusing or maybe because narcissist themselves waffle a lot and like with so much connected to them… it rubs off on others, on you, even when you really don’t want it to.

He makes some interesting points.

His take on dealing with narcissists is different from the usual take on it and that is always interesting.

(thinking outside of the box on the subject of narcissists is sometimes more helpful than thinking inside of the box – thinking outside of the box is also helpful when dealing with a narcissist)

He makes you stop and think for yourself.

Whether you agree or disagree with what he says isn’t as important as the conversation with yourself which that stimulates, because when dealing with a narcissist the best approach is to know yourself as best as you can, particularly those parts which make you uncomfortable and which you’d rather not know about.

Narcissists, directly and indirectly, make us ask uncomfortable questions about ourselves (the ones we ask about them always have a sting in their tail for us)… trying to answers those questions is how we learn about us and about them, and about what made us and them come together.

Sometimes something random is eye-opening.

Let me know what you think.


JP Sears