Meandering Ways

water dust snake


“I don’t want to be little again. But at the same time I do. I want to be me like I was then, and me as I am now, and me like I’ll be in the future. I want to be me and nothing but me. I want to be crazy as the moon, wild as the wind and still as the earth. I want to be every single thing it’s possible to be. I’m growing and I don’t know how to grow. I’m living but I haven’t started living yet. Sometimes I simply disappear from myself. Sometimes it’s like I’m not here in the world at all and I simply don’t exist. Sometimes I can hardly think. My head just drifts, and the visions that come seem so vivid.”
― David Almond


While walking home from an adventure of sorts, I came across this dust snake in a puddle and it spoke to me…

of meandering ways,

how getting from A to B isn’t always done in a straight line,

how sometimes you have to travel through the alphabet backwards,

skip some letters,

double up on others,

follow their curves,

see where they lead,

and even if it seems like the detour is leading you away from where you want to be,

and every step takes you further afield (and you didn’t want to be in a field at all),

it may be drawing you closer

but to get where you want to go you must learn what goes with it and what goes with it may require taking a meandering way.

You’d miss a lot of things if you only traveled in a straight line…

if this Summer was always sunny,

if all the recent thunderstorms did not wander across the skies in these parts

I’d have never encountered the dust snake in the water as the puddle would not exist.