Because they’re a Capricorn – is not the answer to your question

Because they’re a Capricorn is not only not the answer to your question…

but it’s also not the solution to the problem which you have with them.

Blaming the problems you have with someone else on them being of a certain Sun sign is…

a) probably something which your Sun sign is prone to doing because your Sun sign is known for blaming other Sun signs as it doesn’t like to accept responsibility for anything – so it’s always someone else’s Sun sign’s fault (as long as they’re not the same Sun sign as you) when things go wrong (according to your Sun sign).

b) a last ditch attempt on your part to explain what went wrong this time in a relationship using things which are superficial and won’t actually do anything other than plaster a plaster on a wound that may need the attention of something which isn’t a plaster… a bandaid isn’t going to stop that artery from bleeding out.

c) an effort to not to deal with the reality of a relationship issue which you have with others (most issues which we have in relationships keep happening regardless of Sun signs, the common denominator – originally I wrote demonimator which seems more apt really – in our relationship problems with others is usually us but it’s easier to blame others for our problems with them).


not your problem path to peace


If thinking that the reason why your relationship went wrong is because you (some other Sun Sign) made the mistake of getting involved with a Capricorn… feel free to think that if it helps explain everything in a neat and tidy (rather Virgo) manner, but is that really what went wrong?

Using Sun signs isn’t going to explain to you why someone else isn’t being the person you need and want them to be for you. If anything that stone you just threw at someone else is going to bounce and hit your glass house. Why TF did you not do your Sun sign homework before and find a sign which would be exactly who you needed them to be for your Sun sign!?

All those Cancerians who keep @-ing me about their problems with Capricorns… please note – Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites. Opposites being the keyword! Not sure if you get that concept but it’s fairly basic – anything you can do… we don’t want to do that! We want to do anything but that!

Your touchy-feely dream is our nightmare. Your sensitivity is our reason for being insensitive. Want to touch us, do it with a bargepole. Want to feel us then feel the fact that we’d rather avoid the whole feeling thing if possible (particularly feeling your feelings because we travel light to reach heights of… escapism). We do have feelings just not the ones you want us to have (you usually dismiss the ones we do have because they’re not the ones you want us to have, they’re ours and not yours). Want us to respect yours, then try respecting ours… but you always want to control (because you’re a Cardinal sign) what you can’t control (another Cardinal sign – that’s us).

If you are going to go down that Sun sign route of problem solving… Pluto is transiting the sign of Capricorn so that will intensify the dickishness of the Capricorns you know, as well as intensifying Capricorn in other ways – now is not the time to try to get us to be who you want us to be unless you’re completely crazy (like a Libra). But if you’re only using the Sun sign part of astrology you probably won’t understand what I just said other than the part where I said Capricorns are dicks (or called Libra crazy).


the sun signs and who kills them



This post is partly inspired by having read this other post – The Future of Astrology Blogging is Bleak – by Elsa Elsa – which is a rather interesting thing for an astrology blogger to say. The please don’t make me click on that link and read more stuff version of that post is – we all want quick fixes to our problems (and will settle for the first answer which offers us the easiest solution to a complicated issue/question). That post figured that Google was planning on taking over answering all our problems using no-need-to-click-further sound bites in our search results and that no one would bother looking/clicking further than that. So blogs would die while Google would live on (to become the face of Boe – Doctor Who reference in case you aren’t a fan). I disagree with that post (I actually think people are going in the opposite direction) but (I would think that, I always go in the opposite direction… not necessarily a Cap thing) it does make some salient points worth considering.

I do sometimes feel as though people aren’t willing to research in depth the issues which are important to them. They’re looking for someone else who has either already done it or will do it for them. But, being a people myself (I know, I know… Capricorns aren’t people but just pretend for a moment that we are), I sort of get that – I also sort of don’t get it because I love researching in depth (Mars in Scorpio/3rd house) but that can be more problematic than problem-solving, especially when it comes to astrology. Dig deeper into the subject and you tend to find out how much you still need to find out which… I don’t have enough time left in my lifetime to do that!!!

I do understand why you want to blame my Sun sign for all your problems, really I do…

(we’re kind of physically stiff so we make an excellent post for you to pin a target on us, and we’re stoic of psyche so we don’t wince when you throw darts at us, more often than not we smirk which makes you throw your darts harder because you don’t understand the what that smirk means, for you it’s provocative for us it’s our way of dealing with pain)

even though my Sun sign isn’t supposed to be understanding like that perhaps because the sign is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is (an insensitive child-eating-for-selfish-ego-survival-rather-than-nutritional-reasons a-hole) always saying to people (by natal position, aspects, and by transit) – get your shit together and stop passing your shit onto others because they have enough personal shit of their own to deal with and don’t want the burden of yours to add to the burden of theirs.

How would you like it if they did to you what you’re doing to them – empathy works both ways, y’know…

Geez! I could use my Sun sign as an excuse to be a total dick (more of a total dick than usual… some of that usual dick on my part is more due to other planets in my chart, like Mercury in Aquarius… a sign which is all about humanity rather than individual humans unless it’s about the Aquarian itself, then welcome to the anomaly in the space-time continuum) and if anyone calls me out on it I could say – I’m a Capricorn, I have a Sun sign license to dick you around! But… I also have other planets in other signs in my natal chart which don’t vibe with that jibe (effing Venus in Pisces… stop feeling the feelz of others!).

I know Capricorns are difficult to understand – try being one then maybe you’ be a little be more empathic… Oops! I just did a Cappy thing there, called you out on something which you don’t like to be called out upon. You see yourself as the king or queen of empathy and no one gets away with saying otherwise!


(This comes from a rather awesome TV series – My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)


Yes, you’re a good person… but… do you need for others to be ‘bad’ to prove that you’re ‘good’?

I realise we all need a bit of that… to find our inner ‘hero’ due to someone else’s outer ‘villain’… because sometimes the only way we know we’re good is when others are bad… to us (according to us) and we don’t return the favour.

But sometimes we do return the favour, and we do to them what we don’t like them to do to us but we expect it to be okay if we do it (they did it first, blah, blah, blah, excuses allowed…) while it’s never okay when they do it (no blah, blah, blah, excuses allowed)… we’re always good in our eyes even when we’re bad (they made us be bad… otherwise we’d have been good), and those who we think are bad think they’re good and that we’re the baddies…. and other complicated human shit (where we’re allowed to be complicated and claim we’re simple while not allowing others to do and be the same thing…).


Capricorn - content with your failure

(I am fai(lure)rly certain that I’m not reading this quote the way that I am supposed to…)


It always surprises me how much ‘traffic’ (as in clicks, reads and comments) my Capricorn posts get (well, not all of them get it, only some of them do… mainly the one which is titled – Do you have relationships problems with a Capricorn? which isn’t my favourite… that one is this one – Confessions of a Capricorn. Not that many have read that one… perhaps it’s for the best).

If I were to merge my most popular Cappy post with the others, I’d probably ask that those who comment on their relationship problems with Capricorns would…

Please stop asking me if it’s unusual for Capricorns to cheat in relationships because you read somewhere in some generalised and superficial interpretation based on a Sun sign stereotype which no one now recalls who started it stated that Capricorns are faithful.

If Capricorns are faithful – they’re faithful to themselves first and foremost.

Please, please, please stop thinking that Capricorns are somehow not human… humans lie, cheat, steal, etc… why wouldn’t a Capricorn do that too!?

If someone cheated on you – they cheated on you.

Them being a Capricorn who is supposedly ‘not supposed to cheat’…

(I’ve never actually read that about my sign,

and going by some of the ‘famous’ Caps ‘not cheating’ is not a specifically Cappy thing, but other people say they have read that it is and that the sign is not supposed to do it… even though they do it…)

… isn’t going to make their cheating on you any different.


Rules - Capricorn style

(um… the parameters for this are a bit vague… so… be cautious when dealing with such a cautious sign. You don’t actually have to anger someone, break their trust, screw them over for them to think that you did and then for them to justify what they do next because of what they’ve decided you did – and vice versa)


Just because someone somewhere said Capricorns don’t cheat… who said it, why did they say it, what sign were they, and… why would you believe them over what has actually happened to you in your own experience?

I haven’t actually cheated on my partner (and we’ve been together for two times of the seven year itch), but is that because I’m a Capricorn (and supposedly not supposed to cheat) or because of other reasons, such as the opportunity to cheat has never presented itself (and if it has I’ve ignored it – Merc in Aqua can ignore the obvious rather easily), I’m too lazy to get involved in such a scenario which requires way too much commitment and effort, I don’t want to hurt someone I love like that because… some people never get over that kind of hurt inflicted on them (and they have so much hurt already due to being alive) so why do it if you can avoid doing it. I am a practical kind of lazy. I also have a lot of Virgo (Virgo rising, Moon and Pluto)… perhaps it’s that. Or perhaps… other stuff which is not astrological but human.

I should perhaps mention that I grew up in a family where my father was a serial cheater. He was slightly ‘famous’ and therefore the opportunity to cheat was multiplied because of the nature of his ‘slight’ fame. I’ve seen perfectly rational women throw themselves at him in a sexual offering manner as thought heir self-esteem depended upon it.

He was a Cancer Sun – so much for being a sensitive to others mother earth type.


(this is my new best friend in a TV show form… for the next five seconds)


He was very sensitive… he could find your hidden flaw which you tried so hard to hide from everyone (especially yourself) within seconds then he’d poke and prod it just to let you know he knew what it was. What he did (beyond poking and prodding it to let you know he knew it) with that information very much depended on whether you were stroking his ego or stabbing it.ย  There’s a fine line between carer and blackmailer.

He was very sensitive about himself all of the time and it was very tiresome… also tiresome was how insensitive he was to everyone but himself when it suited him (your father/mother loves you, their child, unconditionally until… *conditions apply).

His wife – my mother – was a long-suffering Leo who (wished that the sun shone out of her… and was very bitter that it didn’t) turned his cheating into her bid to be granted a sainthood. She ‘put up with it’ like her generation told wives they had to do when their husbands cheated on them – don’t take it personally, ladies… (which is actually good advice but good advice like that can go eff itself!) your husbands have far too much dick for you to cope with, let them spread it around because they’ll always come back to you when… their mistress demands as much from them as you do (actually more than you do because they want him to divorce you and marry them…haha, they think he won’t do to them what he did to you) and (suddenly their mistress who was so understanding when their wife wasn’t… has become a surrogate wife who just doesn’t understand them, and they remember that their wife is rather understanding because she puts up with shit which their mistress would never put up with) they really aren’t into those kind of demands!

It should be noted that she married him even though she was told that nothing good would come of it because they were from different ‘worlds’ which included different cultures – his culture supported cheating as a ‘normal’ part of relationships.

His long term mistress was a Sagittarius.

Make of that what you will… astrologically or otherwise. My experience of it from the sidelines made me a bit tired of the whole idea of thinking with your dick or vagina while it was stimulated by… stuff like that (such a Virgo rising thing to say, perhaps?)


Circus/Monkeys - Polish Proverb

(such a clever proverb… so easy to say but… try getting out of someone else’s circus when they’ve given you a major role in it. And… watch yourself chase after anyone who tries get away from your circus… it’s my circus and so it’s yours too, you monkey!)


One thing I learned from that palaver was… as much as humans say they hate all the mess which goes with the complicated consequences of having a relationship, their words and their actions often disagree.

If you can – keep it simple, logical, rational…

but humans tend to prefer to keep things complicated, illogical and irrational when given the option… and even when not given the option…

which is why we invented astrology and other similar systems (please be aware that I’m an INTP – we’re the irritating MBTI because we question everything and don’t care about rights, wrongs, and what the answers are… or so we say and try to live by what we say even when it kills us to do so).

Don’t do it = Do it, do it, do it!

So keep blaming Capricorns for all your problems with them and…

asking me to apologise, excuse and explain them to you because since I’m a Capricorn I can obviously explain to you every other person born in late December and early January, we’re all, of course, exactly the same person.


srlsly cp

(what kind of BS is this!?!)