By the Grace of Jupiter in Libra


(image via Greek Mythology Patheon)


If you’re into astrology beyond the whole Sun signs and magazine horoscopes aspect of it,

which are interesting in a fun way but they only skim the surface of the concept,

like one of those bugs which skates across water but never goes under,

fun to watch it do that and wonder how it does it, but at some point what it does gets tedious, and you get an itch to see it do something else…

go deeper…

dive down…

and come back up holding a gold nugget because it would freak you out if it did that…

particularly as the gold nugget would be difficult for it to carry, would weigh it down, and why on earth would a water bug be interested in picking up a gold nugget, what use does it have for such a thing whose worth really only has value to humans (and we made up the value of gold at some point… is gold really worth everything we’ve done to ourselves, others and the planet?)…

and that freak would get you to dive deeper into yourself,

(a quick tip – if you read horoscopes in magazines or on astrology sites which claim to predict your day or week or month ahead… read the horoscope for your rising sign rather than your Sun sign because most predictions are based on the transits of the moment and therefore will be more accurate if you use your rising sign which places the transits approximately where they are in your own natal chart),

then you’ll probably be aware of the passage of Jupiter from Virgo into Libra which happened on the 9th of September,

and you may be sighing with relief as the pressure to be accurate, detail oriented, and do things… lots of things all at once, now, now, now… has relented and is now shifting into a need to appreciate the beautiful and to balance the scales of life.

The need to be picky and pedantic has given way to the need to chill and enjoy… so maybe people will lighten up and stop getting so annoyed at other people for saying things which upset them or for not saying things which they need to hear to not be upset…

Have you been feeling like you’ve been a bit of a martyr recently? Well, put the martyr side of you on a shelf because now you get to be self-indulgent and your martyr side is no longer useful, will only get in the way and make things which could be simply delightful become complicated and painful.

Although since Mercury is retrograde in Virgo it might be worth reviewing whether you’re really a martyr or just misinterpreting the signs. What are your sighs of exasperation at others really about? Are they really the problem or are you… or vice versa? Did those in your life really need you to be so self-sacrificing? Did they ask this of you? Or did you choose to impose this status on yourself and then on them?

Relationships… and balance within them will be a focus of Jupiter in Libra…

As will beauty… but don’t expect the beauty to be an obvious socially acceptable kind of aesthetic.



(Are you as bored as I am with the social standards of beauty? And of the way people keep trying to fight those?

Are you tired of anti-social standards of beauty heroes who… turn out to be less than heroic and more like a pissy villain?

I reckon the answer may be ‘Yes’ considering the online debacle which unfurled from the whole Lena Dunham/Amy Schumer/Met Gala palaver

Perhaps fighting isn’t the answer because two wrongs don’t make a right, even if the fight feels righteous at the time to the person doing the fighting, feeds their ego… which is always thirsty and hungry

maybe we need to expand social standards in a peaceful manner

with a big Jupiterian yawn and a shrug

spread our legs and arms out and just let our personal pong speak for us)


So, what is beautiful according to Jupiter in Libra?

I have Jupiter in Libra in my natal chart…

so I’m an expert on what this planet in this placement finds beautiful… HA! NO… No… no… don’t say stuff like that!!!! That’s like waving freshly sizzled bacon…

however I should mention that my natal Jupiter in Libra conjuncts my natal Uranus – the planet of infinite strangeness… – also in Libra,

so what my Jupiter in Libra finds beautiful may be strange…

there’s no maybe about it…

there’s nothing more relaxing, beautiful, indulgent and totally wonderful to me than the strange,

it’s my sweet spot of balance where I can fall asleep in a hammock in a lightening storm, rocked by gale force winds and soaked to the skin by acid rain…



(Jupiter/Uranus blurb via Astromatrix)


and wake up feeling refreshed, oddly rejuvenated and with renewed lust for this weird thing called life.

Problem is when your enthusiasm is bashed on the head by others who don’t share it…

Jupiter as a god was always getting into trouble with others because of his enthusiasm… some of that may have had something to do with the fact that he wasn’t careful with how he went about it and was regularly stomping on the toes of others in some truly terrible ways.

I’d probably be an asshole of Olympian standards too if I had his kind of omnipotent powers…

speaking of power…

I came across this quote the other night (just after Jupiter entered Libra)…




on a TV show (Angelby) which was interesting for about five seconds until it became irritating like an M. Night S film…

I knew the quote but couldn’t place it until much later when someone else looked it up (because I was too lazy to do it) and I realised it came from the ‘A Course in Miracles’ woman… that was such a big thing in the rise of the New Age/Self Help movement decades ago… and by big thing I mean that book was enormous! I tried reading it because it was so trendy and popular and so many swore by its teachings… I swore in a different manner and eventually gave up because some mountains I am definitely meant to walk around rather than climb.

The idea is interesting…it’s the kind of idea which Jupiter in Libra likes to weigh up and down…

(especially if, like me, your Jupiter hits your Mercury and thus affects your thinking)

Are we all afraid of our own personal power?

Is our fear of being powerless merely an illusion?

How do we find out if a quote and concept like this is true or BS?

Perhaps the answer lies in those moments when we do have power… and what we do when we have it and know we have it.