The Thinky Pain of Mars in Scorpio

. “That’s the big challenge of life—to chisel disappointment into wisdom so people respect you and you don’t annoy your friends with your whining.” ― Marc Maron . Have you ever met (and I'm using the concept of meeting very loosely) someone who made you do a double take and say to yourself - Omg,... Continue Reading →

Why do People Say that, Do that, Be that…?

One of the questions which has invariably gotten me into trouble in life usually begins with a - Why do people...? This question doesn't always get me into trouble, it depends on how I ask it... problem is I often ask it the same way and that way includes a genuine desire to know the... Continue Reading →

Taking the Narcissist Test

Apparently you can determine whether you're a Narcissist or not simply by taking this test - Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Of course it's not really designed to determine whether or not you're a Narcissist, what it's actually for is to assess your personal narcissism, and this is pointed out in the intro (see below). . .... Continue Reading →

Answering Questions About People

I've done a post on - Answering Questions About Narcissists - and one on - Answering Questions About Capricorn - so I thought I'd do one on something which both of those have in common - they're people. Now I know there are those who would prefer to think of Narcissists and Capricorns as not... Continue Reading →

Out of the Mouths of Capricorns

Matt Mullenweg is the creator of WordPress - he's also a Capricorn . The other day I received a comment on one of my Capricorn posts - Do you have relationship problems with a Capricorn? - from someone who definitely seems to have a problem with the sign. Their comment isn't going to get approved...... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Thinking Less of Yourself…

. The concept of 'Radical Authenticity' both excites me and makes me groan... It excites me because... when people are just themselves as they are (which is always a challenge because we're often taught to fear who we are as we are and hide it), let it all hang out however awkward, weird, strange, and... Continue Reading →

The Trump Card

There's a lot of talk online about a certain fellow named Donald Trump... There was a bit of a discussion about him last night offline in my home... Usually when people start talking about Trump I switch off. If its online I simply click away, if its offline my ears do that thing which certain... Continue Reading →

Freeze it, Burn it, Blast it!

If you're alive then you're going to have to learn how to deal with the things which come along with being alive. Some of those things are great and well worth experiencing. You'll want more of those great things once you've experienced them, and their incredible taste will stay with you long after you've eaten... Continue Reading →

Relationships are ‘Easy’…

You don't know me... even if you think you do - you don't. Seriously... I know I do deadpan and it can be hard to know when I'm being serious and when I'm only pretending to be serious, laughing and smiling behind a tight lipped expression... but... don't argue with me about this because I'm... Continue Reading →

Never Going to Give You Up…

No, I'm not rick-rolling... It might surprise, and perhaps disturb, you to learn that before Rick Astley became the figurehead of an internet meme and prank (that is now a bit old school as far as online practices and trends go)... he was just a pop star singing a song that was rather popular with... Continue Reading →

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