Out of the Mouths of Capricorns


Matt Mullenweg is the creator of WordPress – he’s also a Capricorn


The other day I received a comment on one of my Capricorn posts – Do you have relationship problems with a Capricorn? – from someone who definitely seems to have a problem with the sign.

Their comment isn’t going to get approved… can you guess why?

This is the comment in its entirety, including the link they added (as proof of their point?):



“Secretly Capricorn wants to be admired by their family and friends, and the world at large!”




It’s not because of the typo.

I do have Virgo rising but being picky about typos is not one of this Virgo rising’s hobbies. I’m picky about my pickiness. I make so many typos myself that I’d never write anything if I was bothered by typos – and what I apply to myself I endeavour to apply to others, so if I’m cutting myself slack to make spelling mistakes you get the benefit of that too. Besides most people write comments on their phones and I still haven’t figured out how to do that without turning into a pissed off pirate who has just had his leg bitten off by a shark and is bleeding curses.

It’s not because they hate Capricorns.

I’m a Capricorn Sun, people hating our sign is par for the course – it tests our mettle which is an essential ingredient for our sign.

People not hating our sign is far more upsetting because we’ve got used to being hated and dealing with that, so being liked is foreign territory. Please excuse us if we’re clumsy when you like us, and even more awkward when you love us. If we run away just after you said ‘I love you’ and become eerily quiet… it’s because you’re scaring the crap out of us.



Rudyard Kipling – a Capricorn

and the author of that famous poem If… “If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”


I’ve approved far more hate-fueled comments than this one – one person deemed that all Capricorns should be killed. They’d obviously been hurt badly and deeply by their particular Capricorns and thus their pain had devised genocide as a cure.

Other people who saw genocide as a means to an end:

Hitler – a Taurus

Pol Pot – a Taurus

Pinochet – a Sagittarius

And the Rwandan Genocide happened under Aries and was brought to an end by a Libra.

Osama Bin Laden  – a Pisces

Saddam Hussein – another Taurus (this sign has quite a few dictators but that doesn’t mean every Taurus is a tyrant – Who’s Your Daddy? Tyrants and Dictators)

George W – a Cancer (as in the zodiac sign and not the disease)… I’m straying a bit here off the genocide track…

While I’m at it… Trump is a Gemini and Hilary is a Scorpio.



Martin Luther King jr – a Capricorn


It’s not because they didn’t share their own Sun sign.

Sure, I’d prefer it if they did, but I can understand why they didn’t.It could have been an oversight, but I’d hazard a guess it was deliberate.

If you attack a Sun sign and do so on the blog of someone of that Sun sign (and you’ve understood that they are of that Sun sign… which I’m not sure if some people realise that about me when they’re hating on Capricorns here),  and you’ve got some smarts about you (perhaps you have a quick-thinking Mercury or at least one which can play life-chess), you’re going to assume that their most likely reaction to your attack is a counter-attack, so you’re not going to give them ammo for their weapon. You’re not going to tell them your Sun sign so they can rip into it… like you ripped into theirs.

Art of War 101 – if you’re going to get stabby make sure you’re the only one in the scenario who has a knife (and that your knife is the only weapon) and make sure you keep a firm hold of your knife (and it doesn’t get turned on you).

I’m not good at guessing peoples’ Sun signs, but sometimes I try to do it anyway. Failure isn’t a problem… fear of failure is far more of one.



Yogananda – a Capricorn


Whoever said that failure wasn’t an option really backed themselves into an impossible corner (that quote is attributed to Gene Kranz, a Leo, and a flight director for space missions – but he said he didn’t say it and that it was made up for the film – Apollo 13. Mind you, if he did say it, in that particular instance, you can understand why he would say it and what he meant).

Speaking of Leos… the points which the commentor hates about Capricorn kind of suit a stereotypical Leo more. Selfish and wanting to be the centre of attention… LEO! But a Leo wouldn’t see that as a negative… unless someone else was doing it and shading a Leo’s shine.

I’m guessing this person ain’t a Leo as those of the sign would probably shout – I’m a LEO!!! from the rooftops.  They’re probably not an Aries either as Aries doesn’t have time to stew over the past they’re too busy moving forwards in the present and into the future. Probs not a Sag either as they can’t be bothered with people who bother them.

But then again people aren’t always expressing their Sun sign when they express themselves… mess with me and my Capricorn Sun will be the least of your worries. I have Pluto in the 1st house (which trines my Sun – so Pluto and Sun work in cahoots to forget you and your shit) and Mars in Scorpio (I’ll never forget you and your shit – elephant memory with a vengeance), but I will do my best to understand why I find you to be such an a-hole (insert pacifist aspects here).



Joan Baez – a Capricorn


Want to know who a person is (which may or may not tell you what their Sun sign is) look at what matters to them, what bothers them – the issues with which they take issue.

This person hates cheaters – everyone hates cheaters including cheaters, perhaps especially cheaters – because no one likes having done to them what they do to others.

This person hates those who want to be the centre of attention – we all hate those people because they’re so loud and annoying with their LOOK AT ME ME ME (this is a hint for why this comment isn’t getting approved), especially when they’re stealing the attention away from us which we think we deserve more than they do. How very dare they!

And if we once found their attention seeking tactics attractive and that attraction hurt us… we’re so (NOT) over it and them.

This person hates those who are selfish – again this narrows nothing down as we all hate selfish people, particularly when they’re making things all about them while we want them to make things all about us!



Betty White – a Capricorn


What stood out was the mention of altruism…

most people don’t mention this in most conversations about anything or anyone really, so this is unusual.

It’s certainly not an association which is ever made with Capricorns – so expecting Capricorns to be altruistic is weird.

This focus on altruism and its importance – and its lack which they consider to be very bad – may point towards this person’s Sun Sign (or Moon sign, or Venus sign, or Mars, or Mercury…)

ugh! I don’t know what this is a sign of (maybe Libra or Aquarius as they’re the signs which usually make a fuss about philosophical and abstract concepts)…

but I can guess what it’s not a sign of…

it’s not a sign of altruism

as this person does not seem to be disinterested or show selfless concern for the well-being of others (at least not those others who are Capricorns).



Albert Schweitzer – a Capricorn

(I had a major crush on this man when I was a kid – typical, maybe, of the kind of crushes young Cappies have, so serious when young – watch out when we get old ’cause we get really silly!)


It’s because THEY’RE SHOUTING.

If you want a Capricorn to listen to you, to take time to hear what you have to say and take you seriously – DON’T SHOUT!

If you want your comment approved when that comment is telling me that I am a piece of shit like everyone else who is part of my ‘group’, do it quietly. I can hear you without you needing to SHOUT! I hear you better when you don’t SHOUT! I’m more willing to listen if you’re talking in a quiet manner and have manners while doing it.

Respect me and I’ll respect you… don’t respect me and I have no reason to respect you and every reason to disrespect you – you’ve given me carte blanche with your attitude. You’ve made me one of the damned – the damned have nothing to lose and will be damned if they’re going to subject their ears to your SHOUTING!



Alan Watts – a Capricorn


Make your statement logical, intelligent and try to avoid being what you say you can’t abide people being – the latter is something which often scuppers a really good point, argument or debate.

If your words are strong in and of themselves there is no need to SHOUT!

I grew up with parents who SHOUTED rather than talk. A Cancer and a Leo locked in an endless battle of wills, fighting for power over each other and everyone else in their kingdom… it grew tiresome. Their SHOUTING became something I tuned out, or associated with those who have so much noise going on inside of their minds that… they can’t hear what they’re saying, aren’t listening to themselves saying what they’re SHOUTING, don’t realise that they’re contradicting themselves, making their point weak, and making themselves appear foolish…

if you aren’t listening to yourself why should I?

Because you’re SHOUTING!!! and that’s supposed to elevate you over others who have something to say? Get attention centred upon you because you deserve it more than anyone else? Your point has more value than anyone else’s?


You didn’t try talking to me as one human being to another, you just escalated to shouting before finding out if I needed you to shout for me to hear you…

your choice leads me to my own choice.

Funny how things work sometimes…



Isaac Newton – a Capricorn


Although I may just be reading more into it than is there… maybe they just suffered from a momentary case of the CAPS-lock.

Maybe I’m being unfair.

Maybe I need to rethink things…

review my attitude, decision, and reflect upon what this has stirred up for me.




Muhammad Ali – a Capricorn


I think I’d better do some thinking now… what about you, what are you doing now?