The 2nd House – What is Mine, Mine, Mine

What is me, me, me is often defined by what is mine, mine, mine.

While we are not necessarily what we have… what we have is something which we may use to define who we are – or who others are.

Someone who owns and wears in public a Rolex watch is going to get viewed differently from someone who is wearing a Swatch watch (you can totally tell the decade during which I stopped bothering with remembering watch brands) – their watch may become an object by which they and others identify their status. Why? Because… this is something which society does and we tend to do what society does even when we’re conscious of it, of its influence on us, and try not to do it (as we tend to want to be an individual first, and part of a group second… although not always… and this dynamic can be very complicated).

Someone may use their watch to speak for them about their I AM – I HAVE this therefore I AM this. Sometimes it’s straightforward – they’re advertising the status club they belong to (or want to belong to) using this thing which they have.

A status club is basically a group I AM which we may use to amplify our singular and individual I AM… as certain statements are louder when more people are shouting it, supporting it, making it a reality rather than a wished for reality (If you’re the only one saying cupcakes are healthy… but if a whole crowd of people say it and in that crowd are ‘experts’….).

Sometimes it’s a little bit more complex – as in they may be advertising the status club to which they don’t want to belong because they object to it – that objection is a statement of their identity and values – using the thing which is the opposite of that other thing. So someone wearing a plastic Disney watch may be giving the middle finger to those who wear solid gold watches – they want you to notice their plastic watch as much as the gold watch wearer wants you to notice theirs, maybe more so because it is their I AM and I HAVE heart worn on their physical sleeve, and it has a soap box attached to it by a rather sturdy chain (I wonder what that chain is made out of…) and the moment you notice their watch… is an opportunity for them to get on their soap box and lecture you about values (usually how theirs are better than yours – which builds up their sense of self and self esteem for them).

Going off on a tangent – the Middle Finger in Palmistry is apparently the finger of Saturn – the task-master (and often seen as the Lord of Time). It’s also apparently the finger of Balance. And sometimes also viewed as the (fickle) finger of Fate.



What struck me about this image is… my Jupiter finger is the one on both hands which has the most scarring from damage done to hands. I once almost sliced off the tip of one Jupiter finger on some metal shelving (managed to keep the slab of flesh which detached itself on using a bandaid  – I was in the middle of Virgo rising with Pluto in Virgo tidying and wasn’t going to stop even for gushing blood and injured finger), and have a seahorse shaped burn scar on the other Jupiter finger after dropping molten plastic on it while doing some burning of stuff also while tidying. I have Jupiter in the 2nd house.


In my (my, my) previous post I attempted to tackle explaining how to read your Ascendant/Rising sign and 1st house of your astrological chart – The Rising Sign and 1st house – The Face of Me, Me, Me. Whether I succeeded in my attempt is a matter for… well, it could be something which the 2nd house decides as this can be a judgmental place.

It’s also where self-esteem can be found and lost.

It may also show you how you will behave on any given Black Friday…

while I have Jupiter in the 2nd house which many astrologers view as the sort of placement prone to making you spend money on things, things, things, even if it makes you broke (well at least you have a lot of things which you now may have to sell for less than you paid for them even if you got them at 50% off to pay your bills… bills which may be due to spending your resources on things which you don’t need as in Saturn reality check really need…) because Jupiter gives confidence wherever it is and sometimes confidence makes us do things which… are really stupid, but you never know… stupid might just be smart and smarter than clever… and Jupiter tends to fall on its feet when it falls, bounces back quickly turning a mistake into an opportunity which you would have missed if you’d played it safe.

However my Jupiter is conjunct Uranus (which is sort of in the 1st but also sort of in the 2nd and sort of influences both houses) and so thanks to Uranus’ influence my Jupiter never does what it is ‘supposed’ to do, and I never do what I’m ‘supposed’ to do. On Black Friday we’re supposed to buy things, so I’m not going to do that… however since I have Jupiter and Uranus in Libra (a sign which values fairness), I have no problem with others doing what they’re ‘supposed’ to be doing on that day (or weeks as it has now become) or the day itself and the opportunity it offers.Just because I don’t want to do it doesn’t mean I have to judge others who do it for doing it – my self-esteem doesn’t work that way (courtesy of Uranus).


The 2nd house in your astrological chart represents values, particularly personal values – and personal values delineate how we make judgments about the world around us, the people in it, ourselves, and life.




Your personal values are an intrinsic part of your identity.

If you’re one of those people who feel compelled to tell others that – I am a good person – you may be expressing your 2nd house in astrology as well as your 1st house and rising sign.

The ‘I am’ part of – I am a good person – is a very 1st house statement. The 1st house is the abode of the sign of Aries in the Zodiac wheel and in astrological shorthand Aries =  I AM!



If you’re exploring astrology you’re going to have to learn to recognise what those squiggles mean. The subject uses a lot of symbols (squiggles) as well as symbolism, so your eyes better get used to seeing glyphs like those above and your mind better hurry up and figure out how to translate them for you.

I’ve been into astrology for about 30 years and I still struggle with the squiggles thus I have a reference source close to hand like this one – Astrological Symbols


Which is why the 1st house in astrology also = I AM!

Your personal Zodiac wheel, your natal chart, may not have Aries in the 1st house, but that house still represents your personal I AM. The sign on the cusp (line, threshold) of the 1st house is your rising sign/Ascendant, and will influence how you experience your I AM (and how others do too as this is what we tend to express when dealing with the world and the people in it).

If you have Aries in its natural home in your natal chart (and thus have Aries rising) then you’ll probably be very direct about who you are. Expressing your I AM will come easily to you because Aries is ‘at home’ in that house and in expressing its I AM, and… others better watch out. You’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the outward expression of who you are. If you like someone you might bop them on the head with your caveman club and drag them by the hair back to your cave (regardless of whether you’re male or female).

Personal relationships are usually the domain of the 7th house, however since the 7th and 1st house interact due to being in an opposition relationship together (on opposing sides of an axis, two sides of an equation), and the 1st house is one half of a personal relationship – the you of the us/we or the me of the you versus me – what goes on in the 1st affects what goes on in the 7th… and vice versa.




If your sense of I AM is constantly affected by others, especially close and intimate others, your one-on-one with others, you may have planets in the 7th aspecting either your Ascendant or your planets in the 1st. Even if your 1st house is untenanted (an untenanted house = a house empty of planets) if your 7th is tenanted (tenanted = with planets residing there) and your Ascendant is not aspected by the 7th, it could mean there’s something going on in your 7th house.

In my chart there’s quite a bit of argy-bargy going on between the 1st and the 7th.



You’re going to get so fed up of seeing my chart in this series… or maybe I’m projecting/transferring – a process which is often part of the 1st and 7th house dynamic…


The Nodes are there and that’s… I’m still confused by the nodes however I think I have their argument down to this – why is who I AM always wrong. Only this morning I was wondering why who I AM naturally, instinctively, seems to be completely wrong for the life I have lived thus far (and this karma motif – as the nodes are considered to be connected to issues of karma – will probably continue for the rest of my life, all the analysing to death in the world won’t solve this because maybe it’s not meant to be solved, not that way anyway…).

If your 1st house contains more than one sign… which it often does – mine has both Virgo and Libra in it, albeit Libra is only just at the tail end of it so I AM very Virgo with a pinch of Libra, which means I AM very I Analyse with a pinch of I Balance (I’ll try to be a little less or a little more of whatever I AM to even out the scales, and if what I AM is being anal, I’ll do a little less of it).

Btw, I have noticed that I’m discussing the 1st house far more than the 2nd, there is a reason for this:

1 – getting me to stick to what I’m supposed to be doing is like… trying to get me to spend money on a Black Friday.

2 – the 1st and 2nd house work together, are part of the ‘personal’ houses in astrology, and one thing leads to another and back again – we’re not compartmentalised even when we would like to be and are using a tool which uses compartments like the House system in Astrology… we’re a spilling over, merging things, everything is connected kind of mechanism known as human.



excerpt from Dana Gerhardt: The Second House via Astrodienst

There’s a section in this article which I’ve never forgotten (due to having Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd house perhaps – I never forget something which makes me notice it, at least not until I’ve figured out why it made me notice it and then I might remember it because it taught me a valuable lesson) since the first time I read it while trying to figure out wtf houses were all about in Astrology and how to work with them – understanding houses is of value when reading your natal chart or that of someone else, if you only use planets or Sun signs you’re missing a huge chunk of a whole.

Dana Gerhardt is an excellent astrologer, but her perspective of those who have Jupiter in the 2nd house is… reflective of the problems which the personal bring to our views and values, our views of values and how we use and work with and against them, and also how we end up ‘interpreting’ astrological positions and such. She shares that beautifully and poignantly… but she really doesn’t get Jupiter in the 2nd (at least she didn’t when she wrote this). She does admit to that and that’s worth lots of valuable kudos!


So… rewinding a bit…

The ‘good person’ part of – I am a good person – is a very 2nd house statement because the concept of ‘being good’ is informed by personal values which is the domain of the 2nd house.

And chances are that your view of yourself as ‘being a good person’ nourishes your self-esteem (and your self-esteem feeds your I AM). You need to view yourself as a good person to feel good about yourself – when you feel good about yourself your I AM expresses itself more… positively, freely, easily. When you feel bad about yourself your I AM becomes inhibited and may feel all sorts of kind of failure issues about being… you.

Should you as a ‘good person’ come across a challenge which makes you feel that you’re being a ‘bad person’, your self-esteem will plummet and it will affect your I AM. Your inner dialogue might include a conversation like this – I HAVE been bad therefore I AM bad.

You won’t like this and therefore will either try to make amends for the ‘bad’ done – trying to earn good karma while working off bad karma – or you’ll try to spin things so that your particular ‘bad’ comes out smelling of roses – you might be tempted to blame someone else for causing you to be bad.

Good people often blame bad people when they fail at being the good person who they see themselves as being. So you might say that some ‘toxic’ and ‘negative’ person close to you was a ‘bad’ influence.

Your were in the thrall of a Vampire…

Since that can actually happen to all and any of us (okay, Vampires with fangs and shit are fictional but we do consider certain people to be emotional vampires, like ‘narcissists’, those who can manipulate our thinking, feeling, our personality and cause us to act out of character) and thus we’re all supportive of this kind of spin… you won’t get too many people arguing with you when you blame someone else for why your usual good person self went all bad person for awhile. The important thing is that you’re free of your puppet master now – will be what most people focus upon when you tell them your story of being under the influence of some intoxicating person who made your good self be a bad self because that probably connects with a story personal to them of their own personal battle with some personal baddie who made their hero-self act all non-heroic.

The personal… that’s what makes us tick, tock, tick tock… and it is what makes others tick tock too.



a typical personal story of those who have Uranus influencing their ‘values’… or of those with Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house who try so hard to be fair to others that they may end up far away from themselves and what is of value for them personally…


The ‘spin’ we create about ourselves, about our worth, our value… can be seen in what’s going on within your 2nd house.

Any self-esteem issues can also be found therein… although they won’t be exclusive to this house because self-esteem is one of those flexible entities which morphs when you try to pin it down… and since it’s often connected to ‘ego’ matters you need to consider your Sun (ego) and what’s up with it, where it is, what aspects it, yadda yadda…

My Sun is several houses away but it is squared by Saturn and my natal Saturn is in the 8th house – and just like the 7th house is part of the dynamic of the 1st, the 8th house is part of the dynamic of the 2nd.

I would tell you that astrology isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but… it is and… it isn’t – typical shit a person. like me, with Libra emphasised in their natal chart might say in an attempt to be as honest as possible, fair, and balanced. My Libran side often gets impaled by the fence on which it sits… but I wouldn’t have me be any other way because… mainly because this is the way that I am and I’ve tried being different and always default back to this.

I’m playing Skyrim at the moment, and this is an awesome game – quite a good game to play if you want to observe your own value system at work (in a play environment which makes your mind think that you can do stuff you might never allow yourself to do in the ‘real’ world). While I can be ruthless in games in a manner I would never be in real life… I also struggle with doing that. I feel guilty for looting tombs and for killing the wild creatures which attack my character (especially if I don’t benefit from killing them other than to stop them from killing me). Playing this game has stirred some personal issues concerning values in particular… this game is really testing my second house… which is appropriate as transiting Jupiter is in this house at the moment and it’s squaring transiting Pluto (a planet which often symbolises our relationship to power) which is conjunct my natal Sun – in the 5th house of games (amongst other things this house represents).

I have a lot of issues with some of the quests…



what the person who created this humorous Skyrim sounds bite forgot to mention (because it would have ruined the human being a typical human chuckle) is that shiny sword is not just any shiny sword, if a Daedra is gifting you with it after completing their quest it’s probably enchanted and of high value – so if you don’t use it you can sell it and money is needed to up your stats.


especially the main storyline quest that requires of you to pick a side between two sides that are feuding, fighting and causing war and chaos for everyone. Both sides suck really… they also both have valid points in amongst the suck. If only they could work together for the benefit of everyone, but…

Some games really aren’t an escape from reality at all even though we keep telling ourselves that they are and hoping that they are…


enough already


  1. The author of this article deserves compliments for writing such a long post and still I was engrossed to read it completely. It started with a watch on wrist and then opening a window on I AM. Also fascinated by the twelve I …. chart. So nice to know the qualities about all 12 in every personalities. Significance of astrology is vital on all including many societies, nations etc. The complexity to evaluate and analyze always retards us to pursue the knowledge. I know knowing such knowledge, you can take better judgements. But do we have to read a chart to get my insight when I myself know through me and others feedback a major portion of who I am. There may be some dark zones unknown which the chart can predict. But why the prediction so important when an unforeseen event happens as a circumstances.
    If we study every individuals chart and then make a choice like marriage do we take a wiser choice?
    Thanks for the article and such nice interesting post. Regards


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      You’re absolutely right, we don’t need to use astrology to know ourselves or others, or to make relationship choices. Astrology doesn’t necessarily tell you anything which you can’t figure out for yourself using logic, reason, observation, self-reflection, understanding and perception.

      It’s a tool which a person can use to explore themselves, get to know themselves better – even when we think we know everything about ourselves there’s always more to learn and know. It offers a different angle from which to approach yourself and what you already know about yourself, and much of what you discover about yourself or others using astrology depends on the way that you use it and also what type of astrology you use (mundane, exoteric, esoteric, etc).

      I particularly enjoy the mythological side of astrology as mythology is a subject I’ve always found interesting.

      I’m not into using astrology as a tool of prediction and I tend to avoid predictive astrology – although keeping an eye on transits can be useful, it gives a heads up to the psyche, but that’s more generalised than specific. It doesn’t say – this will happen – it says – this may occur, but it very much depends on where you as an individual are in your own particular evolutionary journey, and where this hits your chart and how it affects your chart.

      It’s open to interpretation… which is why astrological writings about placements, planets, aspects are usually called interpretations.

      However prediction can be done using logic, reason, observation, etc, especially where a set of parameters inevitably lead to a certain result – if someone you know always does a certain thing chances are you can predict they will do this certain thing again and again – don’t leave chocolate around a person who always eats chocolate if you don’t want them to eat the chocolate, if you don’t pay you electricity bill your electricity may get cut off after several warnings, if you go outside when it’s raining you will get wet, a person who likes to argue will argue with you even if you’re right (according to you) and they’re wrong (according to them you’re wrong and they’re right), and a person who cheats will probably cheat again – so those who have an affair with a married person and then get married to that person should watch out for the probability that their new spouse will most likely cheat on them with someone else and maybe leave them to marry that other person as they did with them (this is a probability based prediction which is subject to fluctuations based on new circumstances and data).

      Can you predict whether someone will be a better spouse for you than someone else based on their astrological chart? This is still a debated issue in Western astrology, Vedic astrology seems to be certain that this is a reliable method (and I noticed your IP address places you in India). Vedic astrology varies quite a bit from Western astrology – my chart drawn up using the Vedic system is rather different, for instance it gives me a Sagittarius Sun rather than a Capricorn one which gives my ego a different story, and gives me a Leo Moon instead of a Virgo Moon, and changes many of my other placements. The Western chart suits me and what I know of myself better than the Vedic one – perhaps because I was born in the West, had I been born in Indian maybe the Vedic chart would suit me better… so astrology is what we make of it much of the time.

      Vedic astrologers seem to be far more confident in the predictive ability of astrology – – whether they’re predicting the outcome of a political event or the suitability of a marriage candidate.

      As far as whether it is a wiser choice to listen to your heart or use a system like astrology to vet candidates for marriage… both love and astrology can be flawed in their perspective. Something like marriage is made up of many subtleties which we may only discover after we’ve taken the plunge and married someone. Sometimes the only way to know if someone is the ‘wise’ choice for you is by taking a risk – risks aren’t usually considered ‘wise’ but sometimes they’re far wiser than all the caution in the world.

      Best marriage/relationship advice ever comes from a poet –

      Best wishes on your journey through life!

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