The 9th House: The Quest for Meaning and Purpose

Not all who wander are lost… so why are they wandering?

If they’re not trying to find their way home, following breadcrumb trails, yellow brick roads, or lights at the end of the tunnel, what are they trying to find?

What if they’re not trying to find anything?

What if they’re comfortable living without purpose, without the purpose of trying to find a purpose, and for them the meaning of life is life itself and just living it…

What if for them the words – being and nothingness – sounds like the most relaxing state to be in and if a holiday brochure offered it as a destination they’d book a trip there, wherever there was even if it was nowhere.

If I’m not making any sense…

welcome to me being me as usual, wandering in the land of being and nothingness…

welcome to the 9th house in astrology,

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and that you’ll find what I’ve done with this house interesting even if it… isn’t for you.



excerpt from The Twelves Houses: Understanding the Importance of the Houses in your Astrological Birthchart by Howard Sasportas

If you want to find out how the sentence at the bottom of the page ends, you’ll need to read the book (for those who don’t want to do that you can go to page 38 of 63 on this Scribd entry where someone has scanned parts of the book and shared it for free online)


When I was about 8 or 9 years old I stayed at a grand old hotel (that’s what it was called) in the woods is the Swiss Alps. The Swiss have a term for going for walks in nature, following trails and footpaths – Wanderweg. I wasn’t staying there on my own, I was with my parents who had an important adult reason for being there and for dragging me along with them (I was sort of that extra baggage people sometimes take with them on trips even though they don’t need it and probably aren’t going to use it).Β  They had a frightfully busy day ahead of them and thanks to the blessings of Mara (Skyrim reference) they decided to leave me behind on my own (something parents could do in those days with their kids… or at least my parents did that kind of thing but mainly only in hotels where the staff could watch over me).

My mother said something something something about not wandering off beyond the hotel compound. Usually she could trust me not to do that and I wasn’t planning on doing that, but then the hotel staff got politely annoyed with me for roller skating on the marble floors which ran all the way through the cavernous corridors connecting the lobby with tea rooms, reading rooms, and other rooms which grand old hotels seem to have. I didn’t want to stay in the room, it was such a nice day… I put my roller skates away as requested, popped on some normal shoes, grabbed my new Swiss knife and just stepped out into the garden. I really wasn’t going to go far but a path on the edge of the main gardens beckoned to me…

It was just a sliver of a path, through some trees, overgrown, almost lost yet I’d found it! My mother would have sighed heavily if she’d been there as she would have known what came next, and she would have said something something something along the lines of – you’re not going to go down another ‘mysterious way’, are you. The inflection in her voice would have put inverted commas of bemused mockery around ‘mysterious way’ as that’s what I called all paths which beckoned to me and my passion for paths leading to nowhere known was something which she didn’t understand but she did not want to appear ignorant so instead she put it in the stocks and threw rotten tomatoes at it. How cute I was for loving such a stupid thing, enough of that nonsense!



Indiana Jones is an Archetype for the 9th house, imo.


I went down that mysterious way that day, it would have been rude not to, it would have been foolish to ignore it and stay where I was told to stay – within the confines of an established order.

Needless to say I got lost while wandering, but I found the most amazing temple – an outdoor pool with waves! I got into some peril and had to almost slice my finger off with the saw bit of my Swiss knife to save myself (I tried to whittle and it went a bit bloody mess). I discovered an ancient treasure of the natural kind… and trusted my inner map to get me back to the hotel before my parents did.

I was this way then, I was this way before then (at the tender age of about 18 months old some genius put me into one of those child flotation devices at the seaside and that same genius then decided not to keep an eye on me, someone else had to inform them that their child was now a speck on the horizon) and I’m still this way now.

When creating my WordPress blog… well, one of the things you have to decide is what category your blog fits into – this is partly to help your blog get followers as choosing a category means other people will find what they’re looking for when browsing blogs. I left that slot blank… or at least I think I did, can’t remember now, all I recall is thinking that none of the categories fit me and my blog.

That’s kind of how I feel about my place in life, society, the world… there’s always someone demanding that you pick a category for yourself, what group do you belong to, what are you, where are you from, what do you do, what’s your education, what’s your favourite colour, how can I pigeonhole you to make it easier for me to decide whether you’re friend or foe, useful or useless, interesting to me or not my thing at all.

Social Media probably fits more into the categories represented by the 10th house – Social status – and the 11th house – Social groups, than it does the 9th house, and yet… exploring the social world, learning, philosophising are all things which can happen through the medium. And since the 9th house is the home of Sagittarius, a sign which loves to expand other people’s minds – not being able to sleep because someone is wrong on the internet and you have to put them right…



Excerpt from A Facebook Facecrime and My New Book by Frederick Woodruff

This article is a fascinating read from an intriguing person whose approach to astrology is very different from the norm, and worth exploring if you’re tired of the norm but still are interested in the subject.

I don’t agree with everything he says (He’s a Cancer Sun, I’m a Capricorn Sun, these signs are in opposition, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have common ground), but I don’t disagree with it either. Agreement/Disagreement – that’s not what I’m looking for (even if it does sometimes appear as though I’m in search of disagreement). I’m looking for… mysterious ways which beckon.


I don’t have any planets in the 9th house, in fact most of the interpersonal houses in my natal chart are empty (unless I add asteroids and such but… there are a hella lot of asteroids and most of them don’t mean anything in astrology… yet). I do however have the sign of Taurus on the cusp, which is an odd combo – Taurus and the 9th house/Sagittarius.

Traditionally Sagittarius/9th house is all about travel, of the body, mind, heart, the mutable gypsy seeking treasure far and wide… and Taurus prefers to stay at home (2nd house), fixed, surrounded by what it values, it’s treasures, wrapped in a comforter, eating chocolate bonbons, drinking a glass of fine wine, listening to soothing music or binge watching back-to-back episodes of their favourite TV show on Netflix/Amazon.

Sagittarius – anywhere but home

Taurus – home

Did I mention that my chart was (an a-hole) on the topsy turvy (taking the) piss.

My godfather was a Sagittarius, his long term boyfriend was a Taurus – one of their biggest issues was that my Sagittarian Godfather liked to stray, his eyes were always wandering (and he considered it not-cheating, just appreciating… he always came home after a wander!) while his Taurus partner was solid as a rock loyal and only had eyes for my godfather.

If I use what I learned from exploring them to craft an astrological interpretation for my Taurus on the cusp of the 9th house – by wandering I find my home, by getting lost along a mysterious way I find what I truly treasure, by allowing my heart to follow a fickle fancy it finds its real love does not reside there, by chasing after an ideal of an idea the mind finds the flaws in its thinking, falling through the cracks, breakdown leads to breakthrough to the other side and that other side may be where I started – but until the end can be seen as also the beginning…




The 9th house is home to the concept of belief – this is a concept over which many wars have been fought with people from all walks of life dying for a cause sometimes far from home.

I have a friend who is constantly challenging the beliefs of others. At first it one one of the things I liked about them as it, but it’s become one of the things which I find unattractive now because the way they do it now is different from the way they used to do it. They were an inquiring mind before, now they’re a dogmatic disrespectful egotistical mind. At this point I’d say it was an obsessive compulsive disorder designed to distract from something not quite right at home, but… that’s none of my business even when they think that my business is theirs to destroy because they don’t like what they think I ‘believe’.

I’ve tried on several occasions to explain that I don’t ‘believe’ in anything really (a brief explanation – I still haven’t concluded my research into what ‘belief’ actually is – is it a brain thing? Is it necessary? What is it? Do I need it or can I exist without it? Not sure I really believe I exist… so yeah), which is why when they attack one of my beliefs to show me I’m wrong and set me right nothing happens. But they’re beyond the point of listening to anyone at this time… maybe later when the path they’re on leads to a dead end, maybe it won’t…

I realise that saying that I don’t believe in anything really is a bit problematic, so I usually don’t say it, I just keep doing it silently as I’m not interested in a having a conversation about it wherein someone else tries to make me be who I’m not so they can feel comfortable… enough to now ignore me because I’m no longer bothering them.



Leonard Cohen – Taurus on cusp of 9th house


I once joined a cult on a temporary trial basis. It was the 80’s… remember that decade, If you don’t because you weren’t there for some reason or another… New Age, Self-Help and Greed is Good all sort of started during that time. They existed before then but they hadn’t hired a marketing strategist to capitalise on their potential for mass consumption. I got into the first two in depth, the third… didn’t appeal to me (which made me an oddball in my social circle who eventually rejected me… or was it vice versa). The cult (which did not and still does not market itself as a cult – what cult does really) had a popular best seller book that could usually be found in the (slowly growing) Self-Help section of a bookstore. I read it… I was a voracious reader by then… and like many of those kinds of books (and also of the New Age kind) they only gave you so much in print, for more you had to attend the lectures and workshops given by the author, buy into their program, sign on the dotted line of a contract while handing over a wedge of cash, and so on. I went to quite a few of those workshops, lectures and spent a bit of dosh doing so…

I knew this book belonged to a cult – everyone did. But it was popular and had so many centers around the world which you could visit. I visited it. Took their test – was told my results = I was perfect fodder for them (as if anyone’s results said anything else). So, knowing full well that what I was about to do was incredibly stupid – but I hadn’t done anything like this before because it was incredibly stupid… it was a mysterious way beckoning.

I quit halfway through my trial period having decided that this was bonkers, and while I was crazy, I wasn’t that kind of crazy. They pursued me, mostly by phone because it was easy. Each time I answered they aggressively (not a good tactic of persuasion) asked me why I had left, what had I seen or heard which had disturbed me – why would you ask that!? When I left I’d simply said – this isn’t for me, you guys are great but no thanks. So… why so paranoid? What are you so scared of leaking out of your dungeons? I did try to explain that I hadn’t heard or seen anything disturbing until their phone calls – those were disturbing and were confirming to me the wisdom of my decision to leave. At some point they gave up chasing me (Once I say ‘No’ it comes with a brick wall, reinforced steel wall behind it, Samurai warrior expecting a battle – 8th house).

That was it for me where joining cults or any groups that require of you not to think for yourself was concerned… besides I had my family and… joining a cult briefly made me realise I already belonged to one and you can’t belong to two at the same time! They got me first, sorry…



excerpt from Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf, illustrated by Robert Lawson

Munro leaf was a Sagittarius Sun


Not sorry.

Time to go, Jonathan Livingston Ferdinand the Bull has pastures to wander away from the bull ring and the fields where the others roam looking for a tree to sit beneath and smell the flowers… hope a bee doesn’t sting me!