What a Trite Truism that is!

Someone recently said something in my general direction sort of in reply to something which I had said in their general direction which made me…


And think about what you’re trying to do to me!




Because me is always there… your me, my me, his me, her me, our me… army!?!

Anyway before I get myself hopelessly or hopefully, depending on caterpillar, butterfly or moth mood, lost in random associations which the mind makes because it’s a monkey mind who never gets deterred by falling from trees…

What occurred to me first after I stopped at the red light of this person’s words which was a green light to my mind getting a bit snippy due to it having nothing better to do and the constant twinge of a painful lower back ache…


how trite…

I was rather pleased with myself for remembering the term and word which perfectly described how I perceived what they’d said (back ache eased a little thanks to self-pleasuring of the intellectual kind).



via The Hateful Eight Quotes

a film I watched last night and dang if it ain’t a modern western that takes you back to them old westerns you used to watch as a child which totally warped how you behave in polite society.


After that I did what all modern and civilised people do when they have an issue of a random and not really important type with another modern and civilised person – I did an online search for ‘psychology of trite’.

I didn’t know what would happen next but my fingers tingled with anticipation (and not because of that lower back twinge which sends its pain messages along nerves that end in fingers and toes)

Not all results to searches are satisfying, a bit like not all expectations end in disappointment… which is disappointing to those who quite like having their high falutin (I just like that word ‘falutin’ as it is similar to ‘flute’ and I like the sound of that instrument) expectations end in dissatisfying disappointment which can under certain conditions be immensely satisfying (depending on caterpillar, butterfly or moth mood).

But this search disappointed me if I was hopefully expecting to get angry and yielded this rather delicious gem of an article:



excerpt from Psychology Today – Pseudoprofundity by Stephen Law, Ph.D.

If you enjoyed this excerpt please visit the article because it gets better, more entertaining especially for those who have at some point in our lives bought into something which we’ve later found out was made of ersatz… how embarrassing was that! We must keep buying this product to pretend we’re not a fool financing a snake oil salesperson…


To be fair to the person who said something in my general direction and pushed me in the direction of the article above and other articles written by that author… thank you! That was fun and it started out as so not fun at all…

And they’re probably in their early 20’s (I can never tell a person’s age from the way that they look… and it never occurs to me to ask, and if it did occur to me… I don’t want to be that kind of ‘old’ person who dismisses youth because haha I’ve been your age, been there done that it sucks but you think you’re at the apex and deepex of it all, you haven’t been through what I’ve been through, not yet anyway, you will heh heh heh… I’m still clinging to the last vestiges of I’m still young too… at heart, anyway, to do that kind of thing but I’m getting there… something to look forward to… eek yeah baby!) and if they aren’t they should be because saying trite things as though they were deep and believing these trite things said are deep because they are to them… is typical for that phase of development.

Some of us never grow out of that phase of development because we quite like it there and really don’t want to go beyond it and become like mommy, daddy, and all those other adults who bore and scare the bleeping bleep out of us.



excerpt from Psychology Today – Pseudoprofundity by Stephen Law, Ph.D.

No, I didn’t trust you to check the article out so I made the article check you out instead.


To be honest… ack! I think I just swallowed my eyeball and it’s stuck in the… cough… cough… no don’t cough it hurts the back… spasms… ouch… ha… no don’t laugh either… why is my body built to transit pain more easily than pleasure!?!

So, where was I… oh, yes, saying to be honest while doubting this is actually a possibility for any human being, or if such a thing actually exists, especially for one in pain due to… you don’t need to know the details…

The main reason I took umbrage (isn’t that a great word, and doesn’t it conjure up images of taking shade under an umbrella from the glaring rays of a bright sun while being painted by an impressionist) was because I thought what I had said in their general direction was deep and meaningful and the trite reply they gave made my deep and meaningful seem as trite as their tripe. Was what I said tripe trite too?




If you want to understand your relationships, even the casual ones, you need to understand yourself first and foremost because as much as you may prefer to see all the problems which you suffer in relationships as being due to others and their issues…

you know where I’m going with that so I’ll leave it…



  1. Nicely done–being trite is something I have to continually dodge (sometimes unsuccessfully–it’s a very large intellectual sand trap). And I just watched ‘The Hateful Eight’ last night, too. I like films where you have to listen to really know what’s going on. And your comment about choking on an eyeball–have you seen ‘Neon Demon’? I saw that last week–so I’m thinking we’re in the same time stream πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      I haven’t seen Neon Demon, sounds interesting and I will definitely check it out, reading the synopsis of it reminds me of Starry Eyes (2014) which was excellent.

      I also like films which make you perk up and really pay attention. Tarantino tends to reward you for listening. The Hateful Eight reminded me quite a bit of Key Largo.


  2. Narcissism is just another kind of vanity? πŸ˜€

    Yup, all my problems have been caused by someone else. Not kidding. That always happens. Everyone I meet is an idiot moron. A syphilitic dog-pig. A whining, twangling,rabies-infested bat-rat. Why can’t I meet someone normal? Someone who knows things, like me. Someone who knows how things should be. (A little seasonal black humour from across the pond. πŸ™‚ )


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