It Interferes With Being Nuts

What interferes with being nuts? – you ask, because what else are you going to ask, and you’re definitely asking something so it must be that…

maybe it’s not,

maybe you’re not asking anything,

you’re just out taking a stroll (sitting down) and you ended up walking (with your fingers) by here… and here sucked you into now’s drama.

Anyway back to the question you’re not asking but you’ve been assigned it anyway, and now for the answer…


β€œI try not to think. It interferes with being nuts” – Leo Valdez”
― Rick Riordan


I’m not really sure that’s the answer, it’s an answer but not the answer… not my the answer. It’s his the answer… and while I can sort of understand his point, perceive the rightness within it and therefore I won’t accuse him of being wrong, if I were to practice that new business practice which is trying to make us think it’s brand new and no one has ever done anything like this before, but they have, in fact they did it so much before it ended in murder (at least a TV show showed it ending in murder), and may also be what got a certain someone into a certain office…

if all of that sound nuts, blame it on thinking, if I didn’t think I’d be totally sane…

So, where was I… apparently ‘Radical Candor’ is the new ‘Radical Honesty’ or ‘Radical Authenticity’… and apparently we’re still using ‘Radical’ to make other words sound… radical?

When will humans stop thinking that being candid, honest, authentic is radical? It’s not. And yes, I’ve probably thought that too. Most people do it all the time, but they think they’re not doing it somehow, especially once some charming talkster tells them they’re not and then sells them the cure for this disease – just say what you think! WOW! Gosh darn it I’ve never done that! OMG this is amazing how come no one else has ever come up with this incredible idea!?!

So if I were to practice ‘Radical Candor’ I’d say that… things like ‘Radical Candor’ are the kind of thinking which not only doesn’t interfere with being nuts but are examples of how thinking is actually nuts in full uninterrupted flow.

What do you think?