Challenging Structures – thoughts on Pluto versus Saturn and vice versa

At the moment astrologically I am caught in the middle of transiting Pluto squaring natal Saturn and transiting Saturn squaring natal Pluto.

For those who are not into astrology this roughly translates as – that bunker you built for yourself to protect you from the coming apocalypse and survive for many years… well the apocalypse came and you were prepared, your bunker was good, but there were some human factors which you didn’t factor in and… the apocalypse is now taking place on the inside as well as on the outside…



Poor Howard… but great film to watch, especially for those having a Pluto/Saturn moment!


Looking up various interpretations for these transiting aspects is a bit on the serious and heavy side. And they can make you feel bad if you weren’t already feeling bad about it…

there’s nothing like not worrying about something and worrying that you’re not worrying…

Certain planets seem to make astrologers groan from the depths of their being and that groaning comes across in the interpretations which they write about those planets, the aspects they make, and how they perceive it as affecting you. If they personally had it bad during one of those transits… they probably figure that others will too and you get the negative benefits of that.

Whenever you look up anything to do with Pluto or Saturn… the end is nigh – may appear rather frequently one way or another in the ensuing words. Put those planets together and you may get lots of doom predictions…



interpretation via The Future Minders

this is actually one of the more positive interpretations for this aspect which I found on traditional astrology sites


But every now and then you come across an astrologer who doesn’t toe the line with their peers, doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the astrologers who came before them, who is willing to challenge the structures of the system by offering a different perspective. Someone who doesn’t see Pluto or Saturn as harbingers of ill fate, disaster or changes which will destroy all the structures around and inside of you… at least not in a negative manner.

When doing a search online for astrological aspects, or anything really, it’s quite a good idea to go beyond the first few results and first page of results, even though that can be a chore, and you’re impatient, you want an answer right here and now for your question and don’t want to sift through page after page of accumulated words…

maybe you don’t want to contrast and compare, and sort conflicting information out for yourself…

but if you’re having a Pluto/Saturn transit… you’re best off being patient and settling in for some deep digging or diving, as what you find if you do that is…



excerpt via Holotropic Astrology: Saturn-Pluto Transits in Deep Self-Exploration





excerpt via Is It Saturn Square Pluto That’s Giving Me A Hard Time, or Something Else?


My natal Pluto is smack dab in the middle of the 1st house in my natal chart – the house of the Self. It likes to deconstruct and reconstruct itself from whatever survives the deconstruction. It natally trines my Sun – the ego. My ego is regularly smashed into pieces and then told to put itself back together if it can…

and not just by natal Pluto…

My natal Saturn squares my Sun – you’re never good enough is one of the gifts which comes with that aspect. Feeling that you’re fighting the tide of social structures, society, popular opinions of what reality is and your place in that… is also a feature.

What I’ve learned from dealing with this regular ego squishing… both from inside of me and outside of me is… that ego isn’t as important as it thinks it is and sometimes convinces us that it is.

It shouldn’t be thrown on a discard heap when going through a ‘spiritual’ phase either. It’s not a villain, even if sometimes it does seem to be one… it can also be heroic, just usually not when it is trying to be a hero. It has a purpose, it is part of a team (although it is often the ‘I’ which tries to take over control of a team).

Be kind to your ego… but remind it that it’s not all of you.



Someone thought this was a good match


The other day there was a powerful storm (Doris… no one would expect a Doris to knock over as many trees as she did – a huge one across the road keeled over like it was a dry stick) where I live. You know when you read the news and see that a significant number of homes are without power thanks to a storm – my home was one of those. It went away for 10 hours, luckily it was overnight and so I slept through most of it. It was a very silent night in my neighbourhood. It came back on for awhile the following day, then went away again. The power company worked their asses off to restore it… and then it was back to normal quick enough to easily forget that it had ever been otherwise… all the whirring is once again doing its thing.

Losing power, as frightening as it can be when it happens… can make you see in the dark and through the darkness.




I’ve been worrying a lot about the structure of my house. I’ve never owned a home before…even though I’ve always longed to have a place of my own where I could finally put down roots and not have them torn out. I didn’t have a stable place to call home as a child or later on – my roots were always up in the air. I learned to live, thrive and work with that… which means I’m totally unsuited to being rooted.

Transiting Saturn is traveling through the 4th house of my natal chart – the house of home, structure, family, roots…

I keep fearing that this place will collapse all around me… some of its walls need fixing, and finding a builder I can trust to fix the problem is proving to be challenging. Finding someone who understands the materials out of which this house is built and who respects the structure, its history (it’s almost 200 yrs old… and I bet those who built it didn’t plan for it to last this long), and those living here is seemingly an impossible puzzle.

The last ‘expert’ punched a hole in the wall (to be precise – it was the render which gave way, the wall behind the render was solid), predicted doom for other walls, tried to knock down the porch over the front door (maybe he was auditioning for a He-Man movie) because a supporting beam was a bit wonky, and then left without offering to fix the hole he’d made – I hope he didn’t expect me to hire him after that. He also shit all over the landlord of the place he was renting… sometimes when people share TMI, it’s a good thing and gives you insights into them which is information worth having.

But this house offered a calm haven during a wild storm… I need to remember things like that.

Sometimes the structures in our lives which fall apart aren’t as real as they appeared, and they have to go to reveal to us the real foundations and strengths which keep us together and hold us up…

or something like that… I’m still figuring this out as I muddle along… I always liked mud as a child, real mud as opposed to…








  1. Yes! I have been finding that 1 way of appreciating Saturn is to literally construct. I have been building a bunker under my house and have been enjoying mixing concrete and moving large blocks. The frustrating part has been learning patience in waiting for a handyman to show up and actually do the job. A slow process. Still at least with Saturn I am gradually seeing foundations and then walls rising.
    Your house sounds wonderful. Glad it survived the storm but sorry to hear about the tree.


    • Thank you 🙂

      There is something about working with building materials which is deeply satisfying, part of it has to do with being able to see the results of your labour as the structure takes shape.

      I think Saturn becomes more appreciated as you get older, the slow pace gives time to ponder.

      Your bunker project sounds awesome!


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