Your Personal Story through the Eyes of Others

In some ways you could say that a personal blog is a country, a land which has its own flag design, culture and customs, rules and etiquette, cuisine, art, language, definition and meaning, values, creeds, opinions about what reality is, and other variations to the human being human theme. . my inner child is always... Continue Reading →


Appreciation and Expectation

Someone recently asked me to share my thoughts on the quote below: . . The version of it which I've used here says the author is unknown, and most of the image search results for this quote don't attribute the words to anyone in particular. Most images of this quote advertise the website which has... Continue Reading →

How To Scare A Narcissist Away

. The title of this blog post comes from a query in my blog stats' search terms... The stats for my blog have been falling recently... which is logical, normal, natural, and expected considering that I've been taking a (self-ish) break. While I have narcissistic tendencies like we all do, prone to having its personal... Continue Reading →

When I Worry I End Up Killing Things…

The other day I repotted three house plants which were suffering and heading slowly, painfully, towards death... they were doing that because when I first got them I worried that I would kill them by forgetting to water them so I ended up almost killing them by overwatering them... once I realised what I'd done... Continue Reading →

Narcissists in the News

Recently on several different news sites there were articles about an open debate which had broken out between psychologists about whether they could professionally weigh in on President Trump's mental status. This is an excerpt from one of those: . via The Guardian online . Both sides of the debate have valid arguments... so I... Continue Reading →

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