Narcissists in the News

Recently on several different news sites there were articles about an open debate which had broken out between psychologists about whether they could professionally weigh in on President Trump’s mental status.

This is an excerpt from one of those:



via The Guardian online


Both sides of the debate have valid arguments… so I don’t think this issue is going to get solved anytime soon (but then again I didn’t think Trump would get elected as POTUS, nor did I think Brexit would happen…).

The first article I read about this (which I think was probably on the BBC news website… which has increasingly become very tabloidy in its headlines and writing style) annoyed me enough to make me want to write a post about it, but then… my annoyance fizzled out and I lost all fuel to write about it.

My half-formed thoughts drifted away and so did I. This has been happening to me lately a lot… hence partly why I’m posting less frequently than I used to.

However I did notice that CZBZ of The Narcissistic Continuum, who has been absent from her blog for awhile, was fired up over having read an article about it and she wrote an awesome piece for her blog – Just Say It: 45 is a Narcissist.


45 is a Narcissist - Narcissistic Continuum

excerpt from The Narcissistic Continuum – Just Say It: 45 is a Narcissist

The Narcissistic Continuum was one of the first blogs to write about NPD (long before it became a trending hot topic), and it is one of the best resources for information on the subject, particularly for those who are looking for a personal approach to the subject from someone who has had first hand personal experience of being in a relationship with a narcissist, and who has openly shared the rollercoaster ride to recovering from such a traumatic event.


I enjoyed reading CZBZ’s perspective on the news article.

Many of the things she said echoed the thoughts which I had about the matter.

Reading about what other bloggers about Narcissists have written has helped me a lot, and writing about and discussing Narcissists on my blog has helped me to understand my own personal experience of Narcissists. I’ve also learned a lot from what others have shared with me about their own personal experiences of Narcissists, and also from those who believe themselves to be Narcissists who have shared their stories with me.

For some reason humans need to share their stories with others, for some reason sharing our stories helps us and can help others… if we can do this in a way which honours and respects everyone’s personal experience and view, then maybe we can figure things out together and separately in a way which makes humanity something that isn’t just an intellectual concept or something we need others to restore our faith in. We can be separately and together – humanity.


the best apology


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