Living in a David Lynch World

Today started off with bright blue sky and radiant sunshine… it was scorchio even though this is England (summer is not supposed to be summery here) and early in the morning…


then the sky grew dark, thick with a fast moving ominous blanket of grey cloud which soon took on an eerie pink glow – a thunderstorm was coming.

The weather, even when it appears predictable, is not always predictable. This thundercloud with all its potential for rain, lightning and earth-shuddering sound could just as easily not do what I thought it would do…. but it did which was as much of a surprise as the happily ever after day becoming suddenly stormy.

As I watched and listened to the storm (something which I’ve always loved to do, the electricity in the air and natural drama thrills my nerves, senses, the primal, the simple in me) in the distance I could see more blue sky… similar to that which the grey blanket had covered. Once that blue sky arrived it could almost be as though nothing had happened, no storm had come, been… except everything would be wet, a wetness which would soon evaporate.

What as any of this to do with David Lynch?



The other night I watched the first 3 episodes of the return of Twin Peaks…

I have no idea what is going on (but this isn’t an unusual setting for my system, in fact I feel this way about the world all the time), but I don’t need to.

Watching Twin Peaks is like seeing in visual form someone tell you about a dream they had… it’s rarely if ever going to make sense, not to the person who didn’t have the dream (and probably not to the one who had it which is why they feel compelled to tell others about it, share it… share the confusion).

Humans like to attempt to make sense of the world, of events, incidents, circumstances and situations, actions and consequences, of the other humans in it, of ourselves, of our own dreams (both waking and sleeping), and because we have this urge – one we haven’t really investigated properly, and which we expect others to investigate properly for us (forgetting that they, like us, have the same fallacies, blind spots, and vagaries) and then give us the short version (preferably in numbered form – 5 reasons why you do what you do, etc) of why we do it (so we can then use this short version to explain ourselves to ourselves and others… even if it doesn’t really explain anything beneath a pretty veneer of explaining everything), and tend to take it for granted as something we should, must, do… but why? And does it matter?

Life is apparently short and yet…



I’m one of those people who didn’t watch Twin Peaks when it first aired decades ago. I didn’t even watch the repeats which aired afterwards. I have no idea why I didn’t watch it then…

but I did watch it all back-to-back a few years ago (thanks to my partner who felt I couldn’t miss such a masterpiece of weird), and my memory of it is that it was more logical and linear than it actually was… seems my mind tidied it up (it’s weird how the mind does that with things in the past… it just doesn’t like a mess even if that mess might be healthier for us than the subsequent tidy-up).



Last night I did a search online for aspects related to David Lynch…

including astrological aspects – I checked out his natal chart and an astrologer’s blog post about it (I like the work and blog of this astrologer because she is always thought-provoking… and I like to thoughtfully be provoked).

I was particularly interested in the similarities between David Lynch’s chart and mine (because I’m self-ish like most humans, and when I explore someone else… I’m really exploring my self).

He is on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius, with most astro-interested people designating him a last degree Capricorn (I’m a Cappy Sun… although if I had been born when I was predicted to be born I’d have been an Aquarius Sun). His Moon is in Virgo (so is mine). His Mercury (in Capricorn) is aspected by Mars/Saturn, Uranus and Neptune… (my Mercury in Aquarius is aspected by Mars and Uranus/Jupiter…)

What stood out for me about his chart was the juxtaposition of logical and practical Capricorn and almost ’emotionless’ Virgo Moon (emotionless is in quotes because it’s more an impression which others end up with of this Moon placement as in the case of Virgo Moon is emotion contained for analysis…


love this image from – David Lynch: The Art Life – as it reminds me pics taken of my father and child me in his studio (except I was using fingers to paint and not a brush, I was lying on the turquoise tiled floor where the black scorpions roamed and not sitting at a table, and my father never sat down when he painted, he walked, paced, moved backwards and forwards dancing with his canvas…) but the feeling was similar… and it was just as fleeting…

these kind of moments… make others jealous, envious, feel motivated to ruin them if they can’t be a part of them…


…and so as not to bother other people with your personal feeling gumph… the way they often bother you with theirs because when you’re ’emotionless’ others see it as a void to be filled – oh, you’re not feeling anything, others decide about you, but others are feeling loads compared to their view of what you’re feeling so how about they dump some of theirs onto you… or something like that…) with wild and wacky Uranus/Mars influencing the mind (Mercury) and giving it a passion for the bizarre (the bizarre which often seems more normal than the normal…).

Because I’ve written a few posts on being a Capricorn (and how this flummoxes other people who aren’t Capricorns, due to our Sun sign’s tendency to be enigmatic in a manner which adversely affects the order/rules of relationship other signs would have the people in their lives follow for them to be comfortable with those other people and signs…), I often get people asking me to explain Capricorns (with which they’re having a problem) to them. More often than not it’s the Capricorn man which confounds others…

if you can understand David Lynch, you’ll understand all Capricorn men (if he really is a last degree Capricorn and not a 0 degree Aquarius… but even that is perfect confusion to help people understand a Capricorn).


excerpt via Learning Curve on the Ecliptic

preoccupation with life’s darker side may traditionally be a Scorpio thing, but it’s also a Cappy thing – those who are Saturn ruled like to stare hard truth in the face and try not to flinch while doing it (which takes patience and practice and willingness to accept the darkness within self and thus other). The dark side is also a Pluto thing… David Lynch is of the Pluto in Leo generation… the dark side is centre stage, a performer who wants attention now!


Having my own dose of dark – Pluto in the 1st and Mars in Scorpio – and an inquiring mind which is never satisfied with what is on the surface, what other people claim is what is (atm, I’m enjoying reading a book I found abandoned here when I moved into this house – Psychology Exposed: or the emperor’s new clothes by Paul Kline, which rips the wings off of the butterflies of the subject but these butterflies weren’t real ones…), and likes to look beyond, beneath…

while looking up David Lynch, I also looked into his personal life (not too invasively, I hope, because… do we really have to repeat what we’ve experienced to understand it from all sides…?)

I was intrigued by the story of David Lynch’s daughter – Jennifer Lynch – who is also a creative spirit unafraid of the dark side… who has paid the price for exploring the dark and being the offspring of famous, of different…

Her interview with Vice was fascinating, this was the part which stood out the most for me:


excerpt via Vice: More Than David’s Daughter



Because it’s intimate, personal, revealing the hidden side of someone who everyone thinks they know and own because they are ‘public property’… and the story could be ours as much as it it hers. We all have experiences of the other side of what is seen and known… of us, of our parents, of our work, our play, our life…

and what is real often seems surreal…

even when it is normal.

And I never had a strict bedtime either… why do we think this is something kids should have? Before answering that pay attention to all the synapses firing in your mind, all the conclusions your atoms are leaping to, and what else is in the trunk which your mind is rummaging through to come up with a right answer, a righteous rule, a perfect ideal scenario by which we all must abide…

who invented such things and why?

And is it informed by fluid or crystallised intelligence? And are either of those really intelligent or just something we call that because we humans have deemed something we’ve named intelligence to be something worth having (and thus we make up all sorts of rules and regulations and so on and so forth about it…)



a sudden storm which alters our happily ever after sunny day…

something being written in stone washed away…

a path taken because we had to detour from the path we were taking due to unforeseen circumstances…

changing our plans for what we were going to do… doing something else instead – which is better?

what’s it all for or about…

this morning I woke from a dream which asked the question – what do we really need?

after thinking about it and playing a bit of an elimination game with myself I came up with – food and shelter… as an answer.

the rest is all extra, not needs but wants…

this reflected something a character in the return of Twin Peaks said – they wanted something but didn’t need it… need was irrelevant, want was everything!


always hungry,

nothing ever satisfies the hunger which is hangry…

always worrying about the sky falling…

no roof over our heads is ever safe enough… it could collapse at any moment… and we want it to last forever even if we don’t…

complicating the simple for the sake of what we call progress… evolution… growth… enlightenment… et cetera ad nauseum ad infinitum…

it’s just our way…



So, how’s your day and what storms have stirred things up for you, made you think, feel, and intuit?



  1. Storms – let’s see. My M is confronting some problems (so not really my storm but I’m definitely affected by it – my basement might get flooded). I’ve figured out what I think is a good solution but he has to decide for himself, too. I was up for a long time last night thinking about it after the feeling part woke me. I went outside at 3:00 am and smoked a cigar, something that I don’t do very often but there’s a comforting sense about sitting outside smoking a cigar during the night (except it was completely daylight out and the birds were doing their morning twitter). I’ve been chewing on this for quite a while and the solution became really clear this morning after my post-cigar sleep – still feels clear 14 hrs later and is the right thing, I think. I know my process well and the mulling and gnawing always produces good results for me. Only thing is – it’s sort of not my storm and it’s not my boat. I can only pass on what I see and do what I can to keep the basement dry.

    Good post. 🙂 I never watched Twin Peaks either when it first came out.


    • Thank you 🙂

      Yikes! There is nothing harder than watching a loved one dealing with their own storm and wanting to interfere (because you have a solution to their problem – always easier to find a solution to the problems of others, nigh on impossible to see when the storm is our own), but also knowing that sometimes you have to let them deal with it in their own time, way and if they want to.

      That image of you ruffled by waking up from restless sleep, smoking a cigar, thinking deeply about life in the middle of the wilds of Canada, lit by the 3 am dusky dawn hues, serenaded by birds, and coming to philosophical conclusions about live and let live but I’m here if you need a lifejacket or a straightjacket… very sexy 😉 real earthy beauty!


  2. Thank you. 🙂

    Your description of my late-night prowling and smoking sounds so much better than mine. 🙂

    That is always so true – my own problems look impossible but I have the solution to yours!

    My M was really struggling and I passed on how I saw it; he has since come to the same conclusions – he had really kind of done that already; he was just feeling insecure about it all. I would have felt that way too. It’s one of the things we have in common.


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