Awkward Conversations and Stifled Laughter

For those who are curious by nature, pretty much every conversation is going to be from the get go or become after a seemingly normal and comfortable start... awkward. At some point you, the naturally curious one, will ask a stupid question, make a dumb remark, say something idiotic to a cleverer-than-thou other who would... Continue Reading →


Ambivalence was from now on to be her almost permanent state…

The title of this post doesn't refer to me... although there have been times in my life when I felt exactly like that because life, and the experiences held therein, can make a person inclined to ambivalence... mixed feelings... conflicts of heart, mind, perception which permeate throughout... making it hard to commit to one way... Continue Reading →

Headaches and Heartaches

The other day I had a song stuck on repeat in my head, it had been used briefly in a TV show I was watching the night before, but it didn't start haunting me until the following day. As far as songs which get stuck in the head go, this one was one of the... Continue Reading →

My Past Life as a Narcissist

Like with most of my posts I'm going to jump around from subject to subject, go off on tangents, ramble seemingly randomly, babble about myself, and so on... if you haven't got the time or patience to sift through all of that to find what you're looking for, need or want from my word share,... Continue Reading →

Who is a Part of your Cluster

For the last couple of nights I've been watching back-to-back episodes of Season 2 of Sense8... . . I almost didn't bother with Season 2, even though I loved Season 1 and think the show is a fantastic sensory journey through the varied lands of being human, because the span of time between seasons was... Continue Reading →

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