People Watching – The stories they tell may not be the same as the ones you hear

Yesterday I read two articles on two blogs I follow. The articles were similar in subject - they both discussed the changes they had seen happening online, how those changes were affecting them personally, and how they had decided to deal with it. Internet Clutter via Elsa Elsa Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Like... Continue Reading →


Solving Puzzles

Do you enjoy solving puzzles... doing crosswords, sudoku, escaping the room, finding the missing piece of a sequence, putting shapes together, working your way through a maze... figuring out what something means, connecting separate elements, discovering missing pieces and slotting them into place... . online daily puzzle via 7 Little Words . Last week I... Continue Reading →

Reverting to Type

Recently I've noticed some changes in myself which I quite like and would like to be lasting, but you can never be certain how long a change will last, if it will last, or if it's just a temporary condition (perhaps a form of momentary madness)... these changes feel and seem natural, I haven't actively... Continue Reading →

Can We Afford to be Innocent

The title of this post is a slightly altered version of a statement made in the lyrics of a song - Invincible by Pat Benatar (excerpt from lyrics posted below)- which I was reminded of the other day while watching - GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling). . . This song was typical of the 1980's... Continue Reading →

Unresolved Arguments

Arguments were a big part of my family of origin. Growing up the air I breathed was electric and heavy with human storms brewing, breaking, and never truly subsiding because no one ever won, nothing was ever resolved, and thus everyone was left frustrated. Disappointment seeking satisfaction is a hungry beast devouring all ahead, leaving... Continue Reading →

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