Discovering Who You Are

Do you know who you are?



Is it the same as who you thought you were, hoped you were, imagined that you were?

Is it who you have always been?

Is it who you wanted to be?

Can you explain who you are to others…



Do others agree with you about who you are…

When others discuss and describe you, either to your face or when you happen to overhear a conversation others are having about you, or are told what others have said about you (assuming that the person passing the information on to you is reliable and not a stirrer, a narcissist, or some other kind of human chess player), do you agree with what they say about you…

Or is who you are something which can’t be explained?

Why can’t who you are be explained?

Is it because it is foggy, murky, too dark, mysterious, evanescent, elusive, or simply too darned complex and complicated that even the best solver of intricate puzzles could not make sense of the pieces of you…



Does your Sun sign describe you or did it get you wrong…

Does your MBTI suit you or miss the point of you entirely…

Does psychology have what it takes to suss you out or is it too black and white…

Have you ever taken a personality test which gave you a result that was so spot on you cried out loud “That’s me exactly!”… and shared it all over your social media… only to later realise that this personality test only had 3 results and ‘That’s you exactly’ is a third of the population exactly too…

Do you feel misunderstood? Do you think you can be understood if only others would make an effort to do so… or do you defy being understood, as to be so would mean being categorised, labeled and placed in a box, pigeon hole, limited by confines which make you feel trapped…



If you have an online bio on any given social media platform… does it describe you… as you are… or does it describe… who you think would be attractive to others, who you want others to think you are, who you’d like to be and can be online (as no one will find out you’re not you… or will they?)…

If you have a blog, does it show and shout in every post who you are… even when you try to do something different…

Does your Facebook timeline show the reality of you… or something else for the benefit of those watching you…

Is your Twitter feed things you actually say or… things you wished you’d said… things you’d say if you weren’t you… things you think others will ‘Like’ and share…


image via MageWorx: Cool examples of 404 Page Not Found

(I was going to share an excerpt of an interpretation of my Sun sign, Capricorn, which did rather a valiant job explaining a sign which leaves most people hitting their head against a wall… but when I returned to it I got a 404 error message… and I thought that was apt!)


If you woke up tomorrow morning and were given the opportunity to be someone else… would you Carper that Diem or not?

What if it was just for one day?

What if it was without a deadline and maybe you’d never be given the chance to be you again once you’d switched?

Who would you become instead of you?

Why wouldn’t you become anyone else instead of you?



Why am I not answering any of the questions I’m asking…

Do I expect you to answer them, and give me loads of info about yourself (which I may later use in nefarious ways, perhaps…), while not returning the share (and therefore giving you info about me which you may perhaps later use in nefarious ways)…

This post is kind of an intro to my next few posts where I thought I’d share some things (books, ideas, experiences, and such) which have helped me sort of figure out who I am…

Speaking of helping… Do you like to help people… what type of help do you most prefer to be asked for (assuming you wait to be asked for help before helping…)?

That’s all folks… for now…

over to you!


7 thoughts on “Discovering Who You Are

Add yours

  1. Hahaha. Great post. 🙂

    I am … amazed that I’ve made it this far without a) being wiped out during childhood (no required seat belts or helmets then); b) being left brain dead after an attack from someone I’d seriously pissed off; c) permanently face-planting myself after being drop- kicked by my own stupidity; d) learning to live in a cave after getting lost in the woods.

    Otherwise, I’m actually pretty happy being who I am. I don’t think I want to switch with anyone. And helping is a large part of my job. I like to see people do well for themselves, especially after they have been through a pile of crap.


    1. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      I never know what I’m going to write until I start doing it, which is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging. While thinking about it I’ve remembered some things which I hadn’t thought about in years and had almost forgotten, and that has sparked some weird dreams and intriguing thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

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