Your Own Personal Personality Test

Have you ever taken a personality test?

If yes…

did you enjoy taking the test, was it fun or a chore, did you have to adapt your actual personality to suit the personality of the test itself, did you have to give answers which weren’t the ones you wanted to give because there wasn’t an option which suited you, did spending so much time thinking about your personality give you a headache, give you loving chills, or give you pause for thought about whether your personality is what you think it is…

did the test results accurately describe your personality, were they so vague they could be about anyone, did they inspire a smile to flutter your lips or cause a frown to set in across your brow…

did you swear a lot while taking it, curse the moment you decided to start something which you weren’t sure anymore that you wanted to finish but you’d gone too far to just stop.


Game of Thrones personality test result via mygotcharacter

I should probably mention that I’ve only ever watched a couple of episodes of season 1 of GoT before I decided the show wasn’t for me (I know you’re not supposed to admit to this kind of heresy), so I had no idea what the test was talking about in its questions – I don’t know who Jorah Mormont is, but I do know who Iain Glen is and have enjoyed watching him as Jack Taylor. They give you secondary and tertiary characters as well, I got Ser Rodrik Cassel and Barristan the Bold… I guess, personality wise, I’m mainly a man of a certain age with facial hair.


If you take personality tests regularly, what would you say is your reason for doing so… and is your reason one you genuinely believe or is it one constructed to give to others so that they won’t look at you in that way that people sometimes look at others, or think those things people sometimes think others think about them.

Are you one of those people who looks horrified when someone else says to you – I’ve been thinking about you… – and then blurt out – Why on earth would you do something like that to me!?! – or – OMG, poor you, are you okay, why would you do that to yourself!?!

I’m one of the above, and I’m not really horrified if someone tells me that they’ve been thinking about me… I’ve just been told that the facial expression I get when someone informs me they’ve been thinking about me sometimes resembles a character in a horror film who has just had the first glimpse of a monster.

My facial expressions are rarely if ever what I think they are, and they invariably seems to convey far more drama on the outside than I’m experiencing inside. Perhaps I should carry a mirror around with me to keep tabs on what my face is getting up to, and what others are seeing, but when I look in a mirror all I tend to see is my weird looking best friend (and occasional enemy)… and the moment I lay eyes on myself I often make a funny grimace to acknowledge the meeting (and those grimaces are best kept as private as possible because explaining what they mean… means me explaining myself and that never fails to scramble people’s brains).


Which Philosopher Suits You Best personality test result (you may notice a rather glaring typo amongst several others, which might put you off the test if you suffer from typo-phobia, but it’s rather a thoughtful little quiz)

It’s kind of amusing to get Sartre (not sure how many optional other philosophers there were for the results)… I read Nausea shortly after reading Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse and… well, I wondered if Sartre had been influenced by Hesse (as Steppenwolf came first) because I saw quite a few parallels between the two books, but it could have also been due to the era they lived in, the zeitgeist of the times.

The most noticeable thing about this result is that it mainly highlights what the person who wrote it thinks about Sartre… and that is always intriguing… it’s more a personality summary of the person who created the test.


Today I was perusing an article about – The Dark Side of That Personality Quiz You Just Took

and now I’m confused because the word ‘perusing’ doesn’t mean what I thought it did… and yet it does. One definition of the word means you’re being thorough, paying attention to detail, and the other means you’re being not thorough at all, and are totally not paying attention to detail. Can you guess which meaning of the word I meant when I used it?

It’s a long article, and there were two bits of it which really caught my interest.

One was the intro which mentioned a book – Meet Yourself As You Really Are by Prince Leopold of Loewenstein and William Gerhardi… yup, it’s written by a prince… the book sounded like a fun read, with a wild ride included in its covers which may well allow you to meet yourself…

Taking personality tests isn’t just about the personality test itself or its results, it is also about what you get up to when you’re taking it – that, to me, is the most intriguing part of personality tests.

I am particularly prone to arguing with personality test questions (but none of the tests I’ve taken ever ask you – Do you argue with personality tests?), and some of the answer formats can cause the top of my head to momentarily detach to vent excess steam generated by frustration at my inability to find the answer I can give which fits into the sort of answers the test allows you to give which suits the answer I want to give.

What if none of the patterns/colours/answers you’ve given me to choose from appeal to me in the slightest and I wouldn’t choose any of them? Why haven’t you given me an ‘none of these’ answer option? How can you tell me what my personality is if I have to bend my real personality out of shape, choose an option I would never choose in RL, maybe even lie, to get a personality test result?



I’m very tempted to buy that book… my only hesitation is (apart from the fact that I hate shopping… even when I really want something… and the sneaking suspicion that I may have read the book many yonks ago when I was under the misapprehension that personality tests could actually tell me about myself… I have always had a penchant for the more obscure literature than the mainstream. Quirky books tend to be more satisfying to read and feel less like I’ve just ingested a can of ersatz whipped cream) that maybe the author of the article is making the book sound more fun to read than it is because he enjoyed it and his enthusiasm passed through his words onto to me…

before I read the article I was thinking about how easily influenced humans can be… how easy it is for people to adopt a view because it is the popular one doing the rounds… everyone seems to be sharing this view and maybe shaming those who don’t… and people may express that view as their own, but is it theirs…

have they reviewed that view to make sure it belongs to them inside out… or did they hear what others were saying and because others were saying it, and the numbers of those saying it were plenty and growing (or charismatic, or it came from a group they wanted to belong to or identified with), and so they too began to say it… and maybe they found they were more popular, more acceptable, more loved and liked by others because they said it…

but did they think about it at length, shape it out of blood, sweat, tears and conscious brewing, did they get to that view after a climb up a steep mountain (or a trek up a hill)…

these were thoughts which I was having while chewing on a mini internal rant about something I glimpsed – someone had said how much they loved the new Wonder Woman because finally there was a kickass female in film… WHAT!!!!?! Just the other night I watched – What Happened to Monday (also known as Seven Sisters) – which is full of kickass femaleness of both the hero and villain variety. There are loads of kickass females in this world –  how many do we need before people stop repeating that old idea that there aren’t any kickass females in film or anywhere else?



I realise that there was probably more to the comment which that person made which set me off on my internal rant, and perhaps I missed their point entirely…

and I haven’t seen Wonder Woman… nor do I plan to watch it because I’m a bit fed up with the whole superhero genre… and Lynda Carter was awesome! She was kind of like Xena… remember Xena!


there’s always more to people than we see, hear, notice… and much we miss…

which brings me to the second bit in that article which interested me – what some personality tests do with the data they gather while we take those tests. Conspiracy theorist mode activate!

Actually it wasn’t the part about how that data is used which caught my attention, so much as this idea /conclusion:


excerpt from The Atlantic: The Dark Side of That Personality Quiz You Just Took by Paul Bisceglio


This snippet coincided with the dodgy goings-on in a computer game I’m playing – The Talos Principle – about computers, A.I., and what happens when they, the A.I., are omnipotent, the authority, in charge, have all the power over you, your life, your identity (including deciding if you’re human or a bot), reality, etc…

this game has several levels of play, one of which is interacting with a computer who keeps grilling you about who you are, what you are, what you believe, your philosophy of what makes a human human… it even gives you a personality test to determine whether to give you access to admin privileges… after the test it keeps testing you, and throwing your previous test answers back at you as though they’re incriminating evidence of some bad juju within you… but you can only give the answers it gives you to give…

whenever I have to interact with this computer within the game… I roll my eyes and my thoughts the way I do when I have to interact with a narcissist.

As far as trusting an algorithm is concerned…

trust is an option based on the moment rather than a fixed thing which once given can’t be retracted.

And if I’m being trained by algorithms to believe they are always right… those algorithms aren’t particularly good at training humans like me unless they’re actually training me not to trust them… but even then… they’re algorithms and algorithms are made of human, and human is a vacillating, complex, complicated, mess of wires which often electrocute you even if you switched off the mains.


How the Brain Works – Beatrice the Biologist


One of the things which always strikes me about personality tests is…

that we create them and give them all the time, to ourselves, to others, to those we meet, those we know, those we never meet, never know, but we just don’t label them as such…

We’re constantly assessing ourselves and others, measuring and making decisions about personality…

sometimes based on our own parameters and sometimes based on ones we’ve been influenced into using (which if we thought about them we might consider to be invalid in some way)…

We have our own personal algorithms…

for instance, when someone complains to me about something someone else is doing, I tend to look at the person doing the complaining first to see if they’re doing the very thing they’re complaining about the other person doing (and if they’ve been doing it to the person they claim is doing it to them)…

I do that with myself too, but use it slightly differently… I tend to confront myself with the data, whereas with others I just make a mental note and don’t usually inform them of my observations (because the data is incomplete).



What about you?

What are your algorithms, your own personal personality tests which you run on yourself and others?


have you taken a personality test recently, and what did it reveal to you about yourself?


  1. I took the Harry Potter one and am a Gryffindor. And it drove me crazy because I didn’t like some of the choices I had to make. 😉

    I always want to argue with or explain why I was forced to make a choice or why none of the choices presented are appealing. But I am an INTP. 🙂

    Great article. 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      According to a test I just took, I’m a Ravenclaw. I had to look that up afterwards as I only have a shallow smattering of Potter knowledge.

      I think what you said “it drove me crazy because I didn’t like some of the choices I had to make” sums up why all humans are nuts!

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