Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are starring in your own Myth?

The title of this post comes from a question which herongrace asked during a comment chat on one of my recent posts – The Human Maze – I’m linking to the post just in case you want to eavesdrop on the whole conversation.

“Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are starring in your own Myth?” is a great question! The sort of query I love because it’s thought provoking…


this is my reply to that question just in case you wondered and couldn’t be bothered to eavesdrop (I’ve edited out the rest of the reply… speaking of editing comments, a WP blogger can edit their own and yours at any point… something to keep in mind. I’ve sometimes wished I was more of a Loki…)

This was my initial reaction to the question… later on I paused to consider if perhaps my answer came out of a myth I have about myself. In some ways… it did.


this question has been haunting me in a friendly ghost manner since it entered my consciousness…

popping up to focus on the everyday types of myth which we all live by and may not notice because they’re woven into the fabric of our being and don’t come across as myths at all, they seem like fact.

Such as when I say one of those things which people say about themselves like – “Why do I always mess things up when things are good?” – this is something a protagonist in a film I watched the other night (A Year of Change) asked of himself.

I’ve asked myself a similar kind of question. These sort of statements point to a storyline we’re playing out, a personal myth we have about ourselves which may or may not be true but since we think it is true we have to keep proving how true it is to ourselves. If we make this kind of statement out loud often enough in the presence of others whom we see on a regular basis they too will come to believe this myth about us, and they’ll repeat it back to us verbatim. “Why do you always mess things up when things are good?” – they’ll say as though they’ve observed this about us when in actual fact they just bought into out truth about ourselves and now think it is true without checking to find out if it is… probably because we keep offering them proof that it is true and no one bothers to challenge those proofs… to be fair to others, initially they may challenge our myths, but we wear them down until they see things our way…

There are only so many times that a friend is going to argue with you about how you don’t mess things up at all… after about the fourth or fifth time you’ve stomped on their evidence that you don’t, and been upset with them for ruining your storyline, they’ll give up and give in to your version of your personal reality.

Your personal myths affect and influence the sort of people you end up with as friends. While you may be compatible with someone, your respective personal myths may be incompatible and will soon cause a rift between you… some friendships manage to navigate these rifts, but some friendships don’t.


The Good Place good (in green) and bad (in red) points system


Recently I’ve been watching the TV series – The Good Place. It’s a clever, laugh out loud, little gem of a show. If you’ve seen it… when did you figure out the truth? I suspected it from the get-go but I cheated – one of the stars tends to be typecast and since Hollywood finds it very hard to not rigidly stick with those typecasts, I figured that at some point this actor’s character would reveal themselves to be the sort of person this actor usually portrays (and portrays very well!).

However that didn’t ruin the show for me (being able to predict the plot can ruin a show or film for the viewer (at least this viewer), but not always, it depends on many other factors) … because I could have been wrong about it (my talent for getting things wrong is prodigious, especially when I’m reading and my dyslexia is turned up to 11, to be fair to my dyslexia so many words use the same letters), and Hollywood occasionally surprises me (rarely since I watch too much TV & film – which some people might consider to be a bad thing and I might get ‘bad’ points for it, but the original Steve McGarrett was a father figure for me who taught me to be moral and ethical when my real father was teaching me the opposite… can’t stand the new SMcG… but it does happen… I always hope for it to happen… the unexpected is exhilarating… unless it’s not)… and because the concept is a wonderfully constructed mish-mosh of myths, both personal ones and social ones.

The social myths are beautifully set up… for a fall from their rickety pedestals – it’s entertaining to watch them plummet, especially when you were getting annoyed by a holier-than-thou scenario which definitely had holes in it and it’s beginning to ruin the show, but then the show turns the tables and says – we put these holes there deliberately to make you ask questions… to question the system, see the flaws in the social structure and notice the fallibility of social (and personal) myths.



When someone asks us a question like – “Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are starring in your own Myth?” – it can cause us to question our own system, notice the flaws in our structure, and see the fallibility of our personal reality and what make up our identity…

it can also make us aware of how much of a creator we are in our own life, in our identity and the reality which that identity lives in, it can show us how personally powerful we are… and challenge our views, and fears, about how powerless we are…

which is why I love this question!

In trying to answer it, you have to think, really think, about yourself and what your self is about. You use mental muscles that don’t necessarily get as much exercise as you perhaps tell yourself that they do. You have to look into your own abyss and not get dizzy and fall… or get dizzy, fall, and find yourself in a labyrinth chased by a minotaur which is of your own making but you’re certain that you didn’t create that creature… someone else did and put it there inside of you… perhaps they did or perhaps you adopted the stray which they abandoned or… maybe that creature is the other person, your experience of them and the shit they dumped onto you because they couldn’t own it, didn’t want to own it, passed on what had been passed onto them… did what we all do in some measure because we’re all connected, right? And what’s the point of being connected if you can’t hand someone a hot potato and then run away before they hand it back to you?


ever since the West appropriated the concept of Karma from Eastern philosophies, we’ve been trying to make it only something bad which affects those we think are bad because they did something to us which we refuse to consider may be our own bad karma coming back to us… myths are so pliable, and yet are they as pliable as we want them to be for us?


I had a weird dream (aren’t all dreams weird?) the other night (the night after the Marilyn Manson dream I mentioned in this post – Sweet Dreams are Made of Marilyn Manson) wherein I told myself that I should write a book about ‘How to get to know your real self’… or something like that. For some reason the me which was telling me to do this was under the impression that I was some kind of expert in the matter and therefore my duty (or purpose) was to share my expertise. The me who was being told to do this thought this was bullshirt… which it is. You (or me) may know yourself (or think that you do), but the methods which you use to know yourself may not work for others (or they might…) and it’s forking arrogant to think that your system is the system others need too because somehow their systems aren’t as whatever as yours…

and frankly, getting to know yourself the way that I know myself can screw you up… I’m already screwed up so continuing to screw myself up is barely noticeable, and is in keeping with my personal myth…

but that me also had a glimpse of something I often fail to see when I’m interacting with other people…

there are many things I fail to see when interacting with other people… partly due to the myths I have about myself, and partly due to a persistent myth I maintain about others – I assume that others are leaps and bounds ahead of me in all matters pertaining to being human (this assumption is often correct, particularly when it comes to being human in society, living within the structures which humans create and take as fact, which become trendy and popular and the norm).


excerpt from – io9: The 13 Biggest Assholes in Greek Mythology

(if you’re using AdBlock this site will block you from reading their content until you agree to whitelist them… at least they didn’t guilt the fork out of you about using ABP and tell you how your use of such a useful add-on is stopping their children from going to college, and causing their pets, and maybe their children too, to go feral and bite them)

Out of all the Greek (and Roman) myths, the Hades (Pluto) one is the one I relate to the most… Demeter, in my case, was a smothering mother, and frankly Pluto was a hero for whisking Persephone away from the overbearing clutches of Mommy Dearest… but, of course, Demeter thinks she’s great and good, which is why she starved the surface world when her daughter was taken – there’s nothing like making everyone else pay for your own personal thwarted power issues to = how righteous and good you are, what a caring Mother Earth you are! (for those who can’t distinguish sarcasm – it is in use in the previous statement).

Please note that I am not recommending kidnapping/abduction as a dating tactic – THAT IS VERY BAD!!! But you know that and don’t need me to tell you that… even when you’re telling yourself something else about it entirely, even when someone else taught you differently, did that to you and made Stockholm Syndrome the definition of love.


I am however fairly aware that I fail to see things when interacting with other people… or only see them several days, weeks, months, years later.

I’m a bit of an airhead (astrologically I have Mercury in Aquarius – an Air sign, with Mercury as the Dominant Planet of my natal chart – my Merc in Aqua is the most likely reason I have no problem accepting the myth of astrology, and incorporating it into all the other myths I accept. The myth that astrology is not science… I like science too, and if you delve into science you’ll eventually stumble onto a youtube video featuring Richard Feynman which tells you that real scientists explore everything as possible as this is part of science, and that you just can’t be as intransigent as… those people who these days use ‘science’ to disprove everything which they don’t want to consider, think about, or deal with as it makes them feel all those things they really don’t want to feel – like how chaotic and uncertain life is)… and I’m an airhead even when I think I’m not being one.

Catch me when I’m in ‘practical mode’ according to me and you’ll most likely wonder what I’m on. I don’t need drugs to be tripping… in fact the few times I’ve tried drugs (I know, you shouldn’t admit to this kind of thing… but wait, surely you get ‘good’ points for being open and honest even if what you’re open and honest about may give you ‘bad’ points… drugs are bad, except for those drugs which are good and prescribed by your doctor, supported big pharma which… hmmm… this is confusing me, time to space out… especially if those deciding the criteria of bad points prefer lies over honesty because those lies keep everything normal and promote fake authenticity and mindfulness… or whatever)… have made me more like I imagine it is like being a proper human being… that was both exciting and the opposite of exciting.

I like experimenting, especially when it comes to experiencing something I’ve not experienced before for myself firsthand rather than taking someone else’s word for it…

I’ve watched films which have been highly acclaimed by critics and regular viewers alike and… wished I hadn’t taken their advice that it was a MUST SEE! because I can never get that lifetime spent doing something interminably boring back to do something more interesting like watching a film which was panned by critics and audience but which was rather awesome, and I wish I could see that film that was enjoyable again as though I hadn’t seen it before! (maybe that last wish is how reincarnation happens… or not)


this is how I look at myself when I say stuff…

(this is also how I look at others, at least in my head, sometimes they see it too, when they say stuff…)

this also happens to be the star and director of one of the few films I’ve watched more than once, a rather brutal film containing brutal truths… and still feel as though I’m watching it for the first time…

some of my personal myths are made of this… mythical cowboyness…


The other day I saw the headline of a psychological article which was discussing a new phenomenon and disorder known as – overbrushing your teeth until your gums bleed, the enamel is worn away, and other things your dentist won’t be happy about. I didn’t read the article because… sometimes I prefer just reading headlines and imagining the rest… sometimes I’m too lazy to click… sometimes… other reasons… but the thoughts it stirred up were ones I read…

I just thought – society is obsessed with white teeth, businesses have sprung up to cater to this societal obsession about the healthiness (and most of all the ‘attractiveness’ of having white teeth – ‘yellow teeth’ is now a criticism hurled at people whose selfies annoy you, whose smile triggered you, bothered you because they were smiling when you were frowning and felt that the world should frown with you… and is considered a sign of ‘ugliness’ and ‘unhealthiness’), people readily spend money on procedures they don’t really need (but are told they really need if they want to succeed) to have white teeth… should we really be diagnosing people who overbrush their teeth with a new disorder … or should we be calling it for what it is – a symptom of living in a disordered society. I mean… would these people be overbrushing their teeth if society wasn’t obsessed with the mythical value of having white teeth? Are they being diagnosed with a disorder which is simply them trying to live by the order of the day?

There are certain ‘disorders’ which people are being diagnosed with (and drugged to help them cope with the diagnosis) which make you wonder… is there something really ‘wrong’ with them or is it the society which is encasing them that’s the problem? What’s that question… the one which was asked decades ago but which totally fits this decade now… and any decade featuring humans…



In today’s society we have many advantages… which in a blink of an eye can appear to be disadvantages…

If you have a question… if someone asks you a difficult to answer without thinking things through thoroughly question…you can always cheat the answer and have fun while doing it… do a quick search online for…

What Myth are you? What Mythological character are you? And variations on that theme… and maybe the result won’t be that far from the truth, but far enough to not make you feel exposed, vulnerable, uncomfortable, seen when you want to remain unseen…


This is the result I got from one of those online – What mythological god or goddess are you? – tests (the link takes you to the one I took, but there are loads of other ones…)

I’m not totally unfamiliar with Japanese mythology and folklore, so the result is sort of in my mythological knowledge wheelhouse… my mother was obsessed with it (as the happiest time of her entire life was when she lived in Japan as a small child) and shared her obsession with me through various means…

my very first nanny was Japanese (yes, I was the kind of child whose parents used nannies… my parents were also the sort of people who made their child’s nannies cry and wondered why the nanny was crying, perhaps she was homesick, perhaps she was weak… yep, those kinds of parents who aren’t really a myth but some people make them out to be of myth, especially when you as their child try to speak out about them – your parents love you, and are kind to your nannies…)

all I could think about when I got this result is how the image used doesn’t fit the description given… and that reminded me of the recent to-do’s about Hollywood white-washing of Asian characters…

perhaps we should use Hollywood as a template for everything that is rigidly out of date… and needs updating…


I’m still not sure that I’m ‘starring’ in my own myth… myths…

‘Starring’ seems to be such a front and centre position… and I’m always a bit wonky, a bit off-centre, a tad lop-sided, topsy-turvy, backwards… and not really there even when I am there….

I have these moments when I snap out of my spaced-out-ness and realise just how unprepared I am… I had one of those at the local supermarket the other day, I had this realisation… something along the lines of what was discussed in this article – The “Seeker” Personality & Archetype: A Dialogue By A.J. Drenth (this bit in  particular – “The INTP type, whose inferior function is Extraverted Feeling (Fe), typically works to preserve a minimal level of social support, often through a romantic partnership, as a safeguard against F estrangement.”… some of the other bits I wasn’t so in tune with, and I didn’t really read the whole thing properly because of the out of tune element…)… and the thought of it freaked me out so much that I became even more of an airhead than usual…

but maybe… I am starring in my own myth which is about me not starring in it!?



There’s a myth that I can’t write short posts…

I’ve thus far pretty much proved that myth true…

and perhaps it’s best that I never prove it to be false (for me anyway, not for you, dear reader who… I appreciate the pains you go through to get through this wordy rambling… I still haven’t figured out why you do it).

But me-time is over in this post…

over to you…

if we were in a room together, one on one… you’d most likely think you were in an escape the room game, and would be working hard on your escape, especially if I was behaving like I used to with people… asking way too many too intimate and probing questions…

I have chilled quite a lot and I’m not that person anymore… I finally got it! AHA! People do not like being given the 3rd degree!!!

These days you’d be lucky if I asked you anything beyond the polite – Do you want some tea or coffee? Sugar? Milk? – rather than just sit in silence with you… feel free to fill the silence or not.

(the other day some random stranger chap told me his entire life story… he has diabetes and he warned me not to get it as it makes you a burden for your loved ones and the medication sucks, he likes the black nurse at the doctor’s practice because she listens to him and adjusts his care to fit him, his son will soon be working for the Yanks who pay more than the Brits but I’m not supposed to know that the Yanks are taking over a previously Brit business as it is top secret info… and other stuff he shared in the space it took for me to walk from the local village parking lot to the shop I was going to which he was not going into)

Okay, tbh, I might ask you something bizarre… but only if you went there first. However my self-control is reaching quite optimal levels, even online, even on this blog…

or is that all a myth?

So… (yes, I noticed that I spoke about myself after I said that time was over… this being human thing is a doddle!)

Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are starring in your own Myth?

if yes… what’s the myth you’re starring in?

if no… what’s the story behind your no?



  1. Many years ago I took a couple of “life management” courses. Part of the training centered around how we all shore up our weaknesses and present them as strengths. I didn’t buy fully into this philosophy but I saw how it was valid some of the time. That would be a type of myth-making – the idea of turning a weakness into a strength and beating back the potential fallout from the weakness. It’s something I used to dream about a lot when I was a kid and to some extent even into adulthood, so yes, I used to star in my own hero-type myths.

    For me, my involvement with a narcissist caused me to try to be really staight with myself, no self-lying, so I kind of shut down those types of portraits or projections. One of my fears was that I was a narcissist or could become one, so I wanted to nail my feet to the ground. I guess I fantasize more than mythologise, but maybe I’m mythologising and haven’t recognised it. 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Narcissists live in a mythical world in many ways and can make a myth a reality just by repeating something often enough to make it so – being sucked into their mythical realm can really do a number on your grasp of reality… perhaps they’re there to show us that both everything and nothing is real? They’re certainly very adept at showing us the awful side of our dreams and ideals, and pointing out the weakness of strength, and the flaws in those things which we think are perfect.

      I also really liked the concept of turning weaknesses into strengths… but that means that strengths can be turned into weaknesses – and that side of the equation is as useful as the other (particularly when trying to untangle the mess a narcissist has made of the system).

      Those ‘life management’ courses are rather fascinating… not always for the reasons intended. Sometimes it’s a lesson in what happens when the lunatics run the asylum 😉


  2. I am happy you explored this theme. I kind of feel like Pandora opening a Chinese puzzle box.
    My mother being a pathological liar merely to alleviate boredom had no qualms about inventing myths around me which confused everyone as I didn’t bother to refute them and also because I left that toxic environment as soon as I was able and spent the rest of her time alive as far away from her as I could.
    I would occasionally hear snippets of my myths from younger sisters who had grown up believing her outrageous rubbish as gospel.
    Then up until recently from studying my astrological and strong asteroid placements, I was surprised to realise that unbeknownst to me somewhere along the line, I had already created my own myths. What the Hades!
    Even last night I became more aware of these energies funnelled through my ascendant. I have no idea where this path will take me in the future.


    • Thank you for sharing and letting me use your question 🙂

      I rambled oh so very much in this post, I had too many conversations going on simultaneously in my head at the time and wanted to get them all down… it was rather fun! That question of yours is a wonderful one for mind expansion and travel – rather a good one to ask when getting to know someone!

      Pandora’s box! Awesome choice! When it comes to having parents who are Narcissists and of that ilk, ‘hope’ can end up being viewed as the worst element contained in the box. You keep hoping your mother/father will… but they won’t! You keeping hoping others will see through them… sometimes they do, but you know what it takes to do so, and the cost it can have.

      I kind of wish I’d got out as soon as I could, but I made a decision to stay – guess you could put that down to a myth I was starring in. While it would be easy to blame my parents for my decision to stay – I can see where I made my own nest in their nightmare. Astrologically watching the transits of Pluto after it’s natal point and snapshot freeze of the heavens in my chart makes for an interesting explanation of why I made a nest in their nightmare, why I chose to stay longer than I needed to (maybe I stayed as long as I needed to – to get things firmly through my thick skull). I used to regret that decision, now I kind of appreciate it… except when I don’t 😉

      The energies atm on a global scale are strange… in some ways familiar territory, in others something new is trying to make its way through. I should work more with asteroids but I get so distracted when I attempt it, there are so many and such fascinating names… I wonder who that is named after and why?

      You’re an amazing being, I think you know that… keep on keeping on!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You and anyone else is welcome to expand on any material I throw out there in Webland.
        I am happy if anyone can explore it further.
        You are right re> energies being strange at the mo.
        I think the Regulus eclipse which I have been studying since early 2014 has opened a portal into another level.
        It was determined to be just at the very end of Leo and therefore dramatic, “lights please!” on Coeur de Lion Regulus .
        A day later it would have been in Virgo. Go figure…so many synchros around this.
        I also feel that the Pluto station we just had has been raising our shadow up to the surface and I believe the collective U.S. shadow.
        Thanks for the compliment, I really enjoy you putting out your thoughts which are always interesting.
        I am about to read your post on being a child of narcissists.
        What you said recently re: only people who were raised by narcissists understand what that is like, resonates as true with me.


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