Pluto Square Saturn – Testing your Mettle

Hello, and welcome to one of my astrology posts!

If you’re new to my blog neighbourhood, here’s some things you might want to know before settling in:

1 – I’m not an astrologer, so my version of astrology is… my version of astrology (which is sort of astrology but not really astrology, it’s basically another way of discussing being human and what a messy experience that is).

I got into astrology when I was about 14 yrs old (I’m almost 49 now), all because my very first proper boyfriend was into it. And yes, I thought he was rather cool. He was 2 yrs older than me, he was also taller, and he liked The Police and kind of looked like Sting (or wanted to look like Sting).

But that’s not why I got into astrology.

It had nothing to do with him and his coolness and my teen super crush on him, and everything to do with the fact that he used Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs (a sort of bible of astrology in those pre-internet days) to prove to me that his Sun sign was better than mine.

I’m a Capricorn – you know a Capricorn likes you when they don’t rip Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs (which is a hefty book) out of your humanity loving Aquarian hands and bash your skull in with it while singing along to The Police’s – King of Pain (there’s a stuffed goat in the rare video of the song below).


“I have stood here before inside the pouring rain
With the world turning circles running ’round my brain
I guess I’m always hoping that you’ll end this reign
But it’s my destiny to be the king of pain”


If you use a ‘weapon’ against a Capricorn, and it’s a weapon a Capricorn doesn’t know anything about (yet), then your typical Cappy will go away bleeding (just when you think you’ve killed us with a zing… dammit if we don’t survive and maybe even thrive because of it, we’re all kinds of backwards like that) and as part of their healing process they will learn everything they can about that particular weapon.

You do not want to be there when they come back, and if you are still there (I guess you must be a Fixed sign) then you don’t want to rely on the same weapon you used against them before (or any weapon they already know about – hope you took some time to get to know them, really get to know them not just tell yourself you know them because you asked them some questions and sort of listened to their answers but the subject of them was boring for you because you wanted to talk about you, so you filled in the blanks of your not listening because you were bored with some assumptions, and hope you didn’t use up all your energy telling them all about yourself and wanting them to get to know the you who you want them to know, and then got annoyed because they weren’t buying what you were trying to sell them… the you who you were selling is not as interesting as the you who you are, but it’s a bit late for that now).

Capricorns don’t like to make the same mistake more than once unless it’s a different version of the same mistake – astrologers are right, we are an ambitious sign. Just be careful about thinking that our ambition is solely mundane and focused on career, social status, power and money matters – those are the superficial externals which rely on what goes on internally.



It’s easy to label the sign of Capricorn as a sociopath – it’ll ease your not-a-Capricorn conscience. Of course we’re the crazy unfeeling personality disordered one compared to your empathic caring self who just called us a sociopath and then used that as an excuse to let loose all your hell upon us, then spread the word to all your friends about us in a not-a-smear-campaign manner.

Meanwhile when you treat us like shit, rather than accept your abuse we own our part in how you treated us, and decide to make some changes so we don’t allow that to happen more than is absolutely necessary for us to learn the lesson life is teaching us through you, and other people like you who told us how empathic caring you were and we make the error of taking you at your word – we won’t make that mistake again (actually we probably will, but it will be slightly different each time).

2 – Was I doing a list? What was this list about?

Who cares… you at the back there with the raised hand, do you care or is it a way out of here that you’re seeking? Oh… Transiting Pluto Square Saturn, when am I going to get to that?

Good question!

Right here, right now!

The other day I wrote this post –ย  Doing Things You Donโ€™t Want To Do – where I whinged, whined and moaned a bit (hey, I’m allowed to do that, this is my blog and I’m degrees away from a Chiron return, and Saturn in the last degrees of Sag is pinging my Chiron which is also conjunct NN) about what the title says, and today I checked in on my Personal Daily Horoscope on Astrodienst and was reminded of a transit to natal which started at the beginning of 2017 and will be active until the end of 2018.

I have a tendency to forget stuff… and they say Capricorns are prone to holding grudges! HA! I do when I can remember them, but they take up so much room and I need that room for learning new stuff which I will forget too.

Here’s the full Robert Hand interpretation of transiting Pluto Square Saturn (scanned from his book Planets in Transits):



The part highlighted in yellow… I highlighted that… yeah, about that…sometimes astrology is so uncannily spot on it’s kind of eerie.

Sometimes I think astrology is bullshit… for those who think astrology is bullshit all the time, eh, well, we all have to cling to what we cling to in the hopes that we’re Rose and not Jack. But maybe it’s better to be Jack. If you don’t know what I’m referencing… you’re lucky, it’s one of those films which I wish I could get the time back to watch a different film. It’s one of those films I watched because everyone said – You have to watch it!!!! – when will I ever learn that those are the very films I should definitely never watch! Bloody Mercury in Aquarius… always so frigging curious about everything! If everyone is watching it then I must watch it too if only to figure out what makes everyone tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

Just in case astrology feels singled out – there are times when I think everything is bullshit.

You can find that attitude reflected in my natal chart and in the natal aspects within the natal chart (you can find a link to my natal chart on my About Page – yes, you’re being tested. No, there isn’t a prize. This is one of those tests which is perfectly okay to fail. And I’ll forget about it all in 3,2,6…).

I use the word bullshit more often in my posts when my Mars in Scorpio is getting pinged, and today transiting Mars entered Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio is the Harvard of astrological positions – anyone who has it will tell you they have it in a braggy way, and while it’s annoying that we do it you should really pay attention as it’s sort of a warning. If you find me scary, frightening, freaky – it’s okay, it’s not you it is indeed me. RUN!

I’ll give you a head start, you’d better use it ’cause if I catch you I’m going to EAT YOU ALIVE! NOM NOM! RUN! Faster, pussycat, RUN FASTER!

Yes, I am chasing you, I’m hot on your tail, catching up… no, I only look like I’m standing still (why are you looking back!? you should be looking ahead, making sure you don’t trip like a horror film trope), no, I’m not sitting down, putting my feet up on the table and taking a sip from my glass of Chianti and chomping on some fava beans (you do not want to be anywhere near me when the bean farts start). RUN!

Have they gone yet? I can’t tell from all the dust they kicked up…


They were so weird, they were kind of freaking me out. I can undo my belt and zipper now… ahhhh! That’s better! This straightjacket was chafing in all the delicate places.

My everything is bullshit moments are usually strongest just before the shedding of a personal skin.


excerpt from: Sun-Pluto Aspects: The Healer | Sagittarian Mind Consulting


And yes, I am fully aware that the real bullshit may be rooted within the words – I think. Or in the word and concept of – I. But let’s not go there today because… being and nothingness can be so tedious.

Let’s deal with something a bit lighter…

I have a natal Pluto-Sun contact. And a transiting Pluto-Sun contact. Which means I also have natal Sun Square Saturn which summed up = you’re never good enough, nothing you are or ever do is going to make a frigging bit of difference. Did you think you mattered? Awwww, bless! SLAP! Snap out of it! It’s a mirage, we’re dying in the desert here! AND now Pluto is messing with that…

It’s not that bad… yes, it is… no, it’s not…

What is it!?

IT is whatever we make of it.

If we have any power at all… and by ‘power’ I mean personal power rather than impersonal power like money, fame, control over others, and other momentary powers which one minute you have and the next minute you don’t because (the taxman cometh) the rules of what is power have changed, and some bigger shark has just swallowed you and your delusions of grandeur up… it’s the ability to decide what IT is for us.

And then how we’re going to deal with IT based on what we’ve decided IT is for us.


excerpt from: Mars’ Transit of Scorpio | Ruby Slipper Astrology


For the last couple of nights I’ve dreamed very complicated dreams which have ended up with dreaming me figuring something out – but the moment I wake up whatever I’ve figured out vanishes. It’s only mildly frustrating. I’ve had these kinds of dreams before. I once solved that age old question of – the meaning of life – in a dream. That’s it! I exclaimed in the dream and that exclamation woke me up… guess what happened.

Those dreams are not unlike what happens in life sometimes. We kind of figure something out, that’s it, we’ve changed, we’re not going to repeat the same old pattern again – not this time! And then… guess what happens.

But sometimes, just sometimes… we do indeed shed that skin. But when that happens we then have to face life without our usual skin, our usual system, our usual way of doing things, relating, being… and that’s scary, frightening, freaky, makes us want to RUN! perhaps backwards.

Sometimes the things we don’t want to do are the very things we need to do to slap and snap ourselves out of a rut in which we no longer want to be in…

However sometimes the things we don’t want to do are the very things we do but really should slap and snap ourselves out of doing because we know where they lead and we’re fed up of going there, and back around in a circle.


excerpt from: Saturnโ€™s Transition From Sagittarius To Capricorn (End Your Tale Of Woe) | Elsa Elsa


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but if you need a question as a prompt – Do you like it when I reply to your comments or would you rather I didn’t do that?


  1. I personally like a response to my comment, because then I know the person whose writing I commented on actually read what I put down. And since most of my comments are so long, an author is forgiven for only spot reading bits of them. And I just think it’s good manners to acknowledge the comment writer.


    • Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      What you said about it being good manners to respond to a comment reminded me of when I first started blogging and received my first comments. It’s a strange experience to have people you don’t know appear out of the blue and share themselves on a post you’ve written which you thought might never be read by anyone other than yourself, especially if you’re a hermit-type introvert.

      In the beginning I sometimes ignored comments because I’d seen other bloggers do that (the really busy popular bloggers tend to only reply sporadically if at all) and thought that maybe that’s how it was supposed to be, but it never felt right to do that.

      If I comment on someone’s blog I like to get a reply even if it’s a – please never comment on this blog again ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Also when I read a post on a blog I like to read the comments too (sometimes the comments are more interesting than the post, they definitely add to it, it becomes alive with more voices and views, and gives more food for thought), and if a blogger doesn’t reply to the comments on their blog it always makes me pause to wonder why and that influences how I view the blog and blogger after that. How a blogger replies to the comments on their posts fleshes out the personality and person behind the blog. I’ve grown to really love certain bloggers because of the way they reply, it gives you more insight into who they are.

      I love reading comments on my blog, sometimes what people share answers a question I have, helps me with a personal puzzle. Sometimes in thinking about my reply I find myself imaging the commenter being in the room with me and having an longer chat with them (hope that’s not too creepy), and in replying I sometimes find that I’m replying as much to myself as I am to the comment.

      It’s an intriguing aspect of social media and blogging… hmmmm… ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you very much, Anne Marie ๐Ÿ™‚

      Mars in Scorpio is such a powerful placement, the power of it is palpable both inside and outside. Other people tend to be able to feel it, sense it when they are near you. It gives off a ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe, as well as an ‘I can protect myself and you’ vibe. I know quite a few people with it, it’s as though we’re drawn to each other and it feels comfortable because it is familiar, it’s like you’ve found someone with whom you know you can be more open about your inner power and don’t have to worry so much about accidentally blowing them away with a gust of oomph when you express an opinion (mine’s in the 3rd, so it tends to be most active in my communication and thought processing/expressing).

      There’s an intriguing book – Soul-Centered Astrology by Alan Oken – which describes Mars in Scorpio as:

      “It brings the essential battle of the Pathwalker directly to the door of the Soul, insofar as Mars is both the personality ruler and Soul-centered ruler of this sign. There is no avoiding the issue when Mars is in Scorpio – the battle leading to the Soul’s ultimate victory is on!”

      You have a lot of personal power, the question is how you will handle it and what you will do with it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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