Are We Nearly There Yet?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed…
if you haven’t I’m going to point a finger at it and shout: Look, look, LOOK!

I’ve changed my blog’s theme… it may take awhile for me to sort out the mess which this is causing, as I have to get used to how this theme works (and doesn’t work).

So basically what that means is the usual mess just got messier.

There’s something weird (weirder than usual) going on with the editor, but surely that isn’t to do with the theme change and more to do with the WordPress platform. If I insert a link or an image it shows up as html mixed in with the text and that’s a mind fuck for a mind which is already fucked up. And it’s squishing all the text together similarly to what happens to thinking when you have a headache.

I can’t see what I’m doing…

Maybe I just need to adjust the settings to sort it out or maybe…
Maybe it’s a sign which is saying: Time to change the way you write and put your posts together!

I’m also changing some other things on the blog.
Like the copyright page. When I first wrote it I went with something along the lines of – Feel free to take my stuff and do what you please with it. That was fine for then, but it’s been bugging me recently. I mentioned the copyright blurb in a post last month: Strange Gifts – Taking Things Personally, and the way that I felt when I was writing about it stuck with me, nagged at me, let me know I wasn’t okay anymore with what I had once been okay with. It can take ages for a penny to drop since it has to go through a labyrinth.

Time for a change – that seems to be the theme right now.

Astrologically it’s very transiting Pluto in Capricorn – Time for a structural change! Which may involve de-structuring before re-structuring.
And with transiting Saturn going into Capricorn – Time to test existing structures, and time to put new structures into place! Which may involve giving a swift hard kick to your castles, pedestals, and scaffolding… if the scaffolding falls apart then chances are the building you’re building might crumble in a similar manner. Whatever is propping things up needs to be sturdy. Any new structures need to be true to you, who you really are…
Transiting Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio are there to help with digging deep to find your origins, your roots, what really moves, motivates, and is passionately, primally, naturally you.

Or something like that…

AHA!… Just fixed the squished up html text issue. Yay me! It was simple really (I just needed to switch from text to visual mode… haha!) but not as simple as I am πŸ˜‰

But I’m glad I had that problem because it helped to clarify something for me…



You’ll be seeing more of my scribbles in drawing form, and less of my scribbles in writing form (there’ll still be loads of writing just not as much of it as usual). I have an idea for a drawing series… more on that coming soon. Feel free to have a pop at guessing what it’s going to be as your guesses may give me more ideas, may help to develop the idea, and you’ll be my muses and co-creators of messy blogging mayhem.

Over to you…

Are you destructuring an old structure?

Are you restructuring anything in your life?

Are you creating a new structure?

Are you digging deep into original structures?

Oh, and…

Happy Capricorn Season!

Best wishes on seeing an old year out and a new year in!

Thank you for sharing and caring,

love from,

Ursula βŠ‚(β€’βˆ§β€’)βŠƒ (<— that’s an abstruse bear)


  1. Happy Capricorn Season to you too! πŸ™‚

    I am definitely in the middle of the new structure that’s based on an old structure (a solid one but it definitely needed some updates – plumbing, like that πŸ™‚ ). But right now am too exhausted to think about it all that much. Today I am starting a 15 day holiday that’s badly needed so that I am able to absorb all the stuff that came flying at me over the last few months. It’s been like drinking from a fire hose. With a few days of rest, I should be able to figure out what flavour it was – plain water or Tang? πŸ˜‰ I think it was just plain water but I really don’t want to do much thinking right now. Did I mention that I don’t want to do much thinking?

    Here’s my only suggestion – scraped up from my flippant side: a scintillating series on life restructuring, featuring such posts as “How to Hold a Hammer – Vols 1, 2, 3”;
    “I Got My Crib – Go Get Your Own”; and “Architectural Indigestion – A Layman’s Guide to Avoiding a Money Pit.” πŸ˜‰

    In case I don’t chat with you in the next few days, have a good holiday season. πŸ™‚ I think I remember you saying that you and your partner like to have a quiet time of it – so do we. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

      Sounds like you need a rest from thinking but I may have misunderstood πŸ˜‰ The best thinking breaks come just after the mind gets overloaded and fried from the overload, but those usually happen at the least convenient times and don’t tend to fit into holiday schedules.

      Hope you have a great 15 day holiday! Enjoy the me-time!

      Yup, my partner and I are doing hermit-approved sweet FA.

      Thank you for the suggestions. Much appreciated, gave me a belly chuckle!


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