What if you died and came back as someone else’s memory of you?

The question: What if you died and came back as someone else’s memory of you?

The idea behind the question: Imagine that there was a way to come back to life after you died.


there is always a but…

To come back to life after death relies on 2 things:

1 – Someone (anyone – you don’t get to pick who) has to think about you every day for at least a year after your death as the energy generated by their thinking about you constantly, continuously and consistently is what powers your coming back to life.

2 – Someone (the same person as the anyone who is non-stop thinking about you) has to remember you (have vivid memories of you) as the data from their memories of you being you will be the structure of your newly regenerated self.

Your self, which will be what you rely upon to have a sense of self, have a personal identity, will be made up of their version of your self – so your newly come back to life self may not be who you were according to you when you died because your memories of you being you died with you.

I realise this fraught with problems. Those problems intrigue me and are the most likely reason why my mind latched onto this idea and went for a walk with it.

Nowhere have I said that this is a good idea. It’s just an idea… and it’s not like it’s going to happen or is even remotely possible, so it’s kind of fun to play with it a little bit and see where it leads. Think of it as a way to get to know yourself better… getting to know the self you are through how you think others see you. You know those times when you’re certain that others are thinking about you (when they’re probably not) and you decide what their thoughts of you are… and then get all kinds of upset or whatnot about what you think they’re thinking about you (when they’re probably not thinking about you at all, and if they are they’re probably not thinking what you think they’re thinking… but you’re not going to ask to find out, are you, because you don’t want them to think that you’re a…..)

Others rarely if ever see us as we see ourselves. That can be frustrating. Especially if you really wish others would know you as you know yourself.

However there are those who prefer the version of themselves which others see over the version of themselves which they see when they think and look at themselves.

So… there’s that.

One of the things which struck me while thinking about this idea was – Will the someone who brings me back to life remember that I love, have always loved, reading?

Will they remember me with a book attached to my hand… or is that a private memory, something about me which no one else noticed (unless my nose buried in a book was annoying them because they wanted my attention on them)?

Reading me is a significant part of who I am for me… but what if reading me wasn’t a part of me?



Would it be a big loss or a gain to not have that part of me as part of me?

In other words – Does that part of me which I think is so important a part of me… does it matter as much as I think it does? I remember it as being something which got me through life’s toughest storms and endless dark nights, helped me when no one else helped me, when I felt isolated from the world, intensely alone and abandoned… books have always been there for me.

But what if…?

Would I reach out to and rely on others more if I didn’t have my own memories of myself, would someone else’s memories of me make me more prone to relying on them… on people? Would I be more or less sociable and socially awkward?

The story behind the idea behind the question: It all started months ago (maybe even a year ago) when I watched the first season of the Australian TV series – Glitch.

It was a different kind of show even though it was basically doing what was popular – Zombies, people coming back from the dead, etc. It did it with a quirky twist.

On one fateful night, in the small town of Yoorana, a random handful of dead people came back to life. They returned at the age at which they’d died. They couldn’t remember who they were, or that they’d died, their minds were for the most part blank. Other than that, they seemed like regular humans.

Season 1 ended without really explaining how they’d been brought back to life, or why they had come back while everyone else in the local cemetery hadn’t. Season 2 sort of explained it (season 2 was awful, imo, a really good series devolved quickly into a bad one. There is no way in hell I’m watching season 3 if there is one).

The sort of explanation the series gave for the whole dead people coming back to life is what prompted this post and the question.

Apparently those who came back had someone who thought about them constantly and consistently (for varying reasons, some of which were heavily guilt-ridden), and had been thinking about them strongly on that fateful night when a mad scientist (herself a dead person who had come back to life… because? They didn’t explain that) enacted an experiment to bring back a centuries old dead person with whom she was obsessed (because apparently they’d been in a relationship centuries ago and their relationship had somehow been the cause of his death… what the Ffffff!?!).

Anyway just because something is ridiculous doesn’t mean it can’t inspire thoughts and stuff…

Lately I’ve been having flashes of memory which I’ve come to view a bit like that concept of your life flashing before your eyes moments before you die and… some of those flashes are of people I’ve known, my memories of them, my versions of them. Some of those people had versions of me which I always found frustrating because their versions of me weren’t me according to my version of me. And their memories of me never seemed to sync with my memories of me, or of them and me. My version and memories of them probably wouldn’t have gone down well with them either.

While pondering who I’d be if I came back after death because someone was thinking about me and remembering me…

probably not at all as I’d remember myself…

How would I remember myself? If my revenant self relied on my memories of me… I’d probably be even stranger than I actually am.

I switched to pondering about who I might end up bringing back and who they’d be based on my memories of them.

Perhaps I need to adjust some of my thinking so I’ll bring back better people…


Over to you…

What if you died and came back as someone else’s memory of you… who would you be?



  1. I’m reblogging you on my blog…and will answer over there. So very interesting. I watched the first season of Glitch too and became annoyed at where they cut it off in prep for Season Two (did they have one?) and so have never finished it up. So your question today is WHY they came back..? Wow.


    • Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yup, there’s a season 2 for Glitch, but if you found the ending of season 1 annoying you’ll probably find season 2 equally annoying. Season 2 is a soap opera, a bit like Home and Away or Neighbours only with revenants. I have to admit that too much time went by for me between seasons and I couldn’t remember what was going on with the characters, and then I realised it didn’t matter because the whole thing was a tropey mess.

      Sometimes I think that the writers of shows don’t know the answers to the questions they’ve posed which originally made the show fun to watch, and so they don’t know where to go with the story, and they end up doing a LOST, or a Bobby dreamed the entire previous season (Dallas).

      I did enjoy playing with the idea of why and what if ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Hi,
    I also watched the series.
    I saw great life lessons in it..
    * clinging to the past makes it hard to move on.
    * to idealize the love you “had”..
    * true love finds it way back..to you..
    * the truth will come out (story of the mayor paddy)
    * karma… or justice
    * we all play roles or identities
    * evil in many forms can haunt you.. as your consiousness or a form of law
    * death doesn’t exist.. but we need to die to erase memories of the role/ identity we played.
    * future science to regenerate ourselves or heal through stem cells which is happening already..
    * know thyselve..
    * memories make up who we think we are..
    * some trauma caused in past lives or memories..
    * some go far for ultimate power..
    * when jealousy becomes a monster (sarah)
    * old talents will always be present..
    * when you will be remembered you live on.. like the old faraoh’s already knew..
    I just summed some up..

    It still makes me question some things.. do you think there are some people with the knowledge of the origin of life? How does reincarnation work? Whats life purpose? It makes me curious how the process of death works, they all didnt die naturally except one drowning of john doe (as captain) and later in a next life hanging..

    The whole earth is a burial place and when certain things get dugged up it comes to live.
    With a story or identity to it.. stage of ego..?

    And i have no real answer to your question because some people project things on you with judgements or criticism depending on your behaviour which can differ from person to person.

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    • Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s true that people project and transfer things onto us – but we’re people too and we do that kind of stuff with others too. So basically none of us are seeing anyone else as they/we are. Maybe we don’t see ourselves as we are either. It’s quite the existential puzzle!

      I think that the purpose of life is most likely life itself. No matter what happens or has happened thus far on this planet – life keeps living, with or without human life. Before humans, life lived. If humans become extinct, like the dinosaurs, then life will probably just keep living. I guess death is basically just a particular version of life which has run its course, it did what it needed to do and so it leaves, leaving behind pieces of itself which get incorporated in the organic whole of the planet.

      Reincarnation may be the fragments of past lives lived which get absorbed by new lives and become a part of the new life structure. Kind of like when we build buildings on top of the foundations of old buildings, older civilisations. Bits and pieces remain and become a part of whatever and whoever is still around or newly arrived.

      The show Glitch sort of loosely used the theory of memory being contained in cells, and that memory has the ability to reconstruct what have been destructured. It had some intriguing concepts which it played with, but it just couldn’t help itself from becoming a soap opera…. perhaps because the soap opera of relationships is part of the purpose of human life?


  3. Good question. If M was the originator of my return, I would be pretty much as I am now (maybe a little better – but what does that mean exactly?) because he knows me best. However, depending on whoever else might be thinking about me a lot, I could be a nerdy brain, a slut, a complete crack-up, an asshole bitch, a sweet person … I could go on, but I don’t think that many people would be thinking about me that much. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think ‘a bit better’ means that revenant-you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself because those who remember us with love tend to see us more gently than we see ourselves. It’s not that we don’t have flaws, but they love our flaws in a way that we find it hard to do with ourselves.

      If you brought M back, he’d be himself without his own hang-ups about himself. So ditto if he brought you back. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Not sure if that makes us ‘better’ as in improved, because sometimes our hang-ups and hard on ourselves stuff makes us better in that it gives us a soft underbelly which helps us to understand the soft underbelly of others.

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      • A good point. I don’t think I would want to lose those worries I have about myself, even though I sometimes think it would be great to eliminate them. As you’ve noted, M knows my flaws pretty well too. He just tends to be easier on me, as I am with him.

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