Narcie The Narcissist is Looking for New Friends

Yes, it’s another Narcie post, and Narcie is really sorry she’s monopolising my blog but Narcie really needs this…

You see she’s having a bad start to the New Year.

Everything was supposed to magically and miraculously change for her on New Year’s Day, and when it didn’t she was terribly upset.

But she got over her upset because she’s such a positive person.

Unfortunately the people in her life wouldn’t let Narcie forget that she’d called them all on New Year’s Day to tell them about how upset she was that nothing had changed for her in 2018.

That was when she realised that everyone in her life was toxic.

It was their fault nothing had changed for her! They were holding her back and dragging her down!

If she wanted her life to change for the better, then she had to make some positive changes. So, she threw her Mi-phone in the trash and discarded all the people she knew.

It felt really good to do that. Suddenly she felt free!

Free to be whoever she wants to be, free to be a new her!



But (of course) there’s a problem.

And Narcie thinks that my doing a post on my blog for her will fix it (even though she thinks my blog is stupid, but it’ll do until she finds someone with a better blog).

You see it’s been a few minutes since she created her new profile for her New Her on NewFriendsNET (where Fishing for NewFriends is Easy!) and no one has ‘Liked’ her yet.

She’s a bit concerned that the internet may be broken.

Narcie wants everyone to drop everything they’re doing (it’s unimportant anyway) and help her fix the internet. THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT! Narcie’s New Her New Life is at stake!!!

If you have a NewFriendsNET NewProfile can you immediately log-in and ‘Like’ Narcie’s NewProfile (she’ll have to check you out before she ‘Likes’ you back as you may not be a suitable NewFriend for her).

If you don’t have a NewFriendsNET NewProfile can you make one ASAP and ‘Like’ Narcie’s NewProfile (again, you may not be someone she wants to ‘Like’ back, but if you are she’ll ‘Like’ you as soon as she has a moment in her very busy schedule).

Also please reblog, repost, Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, and share this post everywhere on social media (and print it out to put it up on noticeboards offline too) because Narcie doesn’t want anyone to miss out on the singular magnificent opportunity of a lifetime to ‘Like’ Narcie (she can’t ‘Like’ all of you back because she’s super special, but at least you get to ‘Like’ her and she’ll put up with it as long as you’re very grateful). She said ‘please’ (because she’s being super nice) so you have to do it! And it’ll bring you lots of good luck and good karma points if you do (but will be very unlucky and very bad karma for you if you don’t)!

(a bit of a kerfuffle is going on behind the blogging scenes)

(normal weird blogging will resume shortly, please bear with me…)

I do apologise.

I didn’t realise that when I said okay to Narcie’s seemingly reasonable (unreasonable) request that she’d go overboard like that.

I know.

I should have known better.


I haven’t dealt with a narcissist in awhile, and…

I forgot that when you lend them a hand, they rip your arm off and then slap you with your own hand, repeatedly…

please ignore Narcie’s requests (orders) they were bang out of order (totally disordered).


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