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This bit is from anupturnedsoul: I haven’t yet figured out how to reblog properly using the new (which is now old) WP format. So this is a part of my learning curve (which I’m being slow about learning). The post I’m reblogging made me stop and read it (but I didn’t comment because I’m me, and I’m me = I’m still a lurker at heart). The first thing which struck me about what was written in this post was HERE is someone who has achieved that famous magic formula of doing something they love and so why the hell wouldn’t they want to die doing what they love. I don’t think they’re overthinking things (but I am an INTP, and to that MBTI thinking is like breathing, so basically if you’re thinking then you’re breathing and you can’t overbreathe can you?)

This is where the reblogged post begins:

I met two people today, my age, who can’t wait to retire. Am I a freak? I seem to be the only person in my age group who wants to drop down dead of extreme old age, still at this job. I also want to do more than I have ever wanted to do in […]

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  1. Ha ha! Thanks for the reblog.
    Also for thinking that I am not overthinking. It’s too late at night to google INTP and MBTI, but whatever those are, I am pretty sure I am them too!


    • Loved your post!!!

      MBTI = Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It’s a personality type classification system which is supposed to be serious but is actually rather funny and entertaining, while also being surprisingly accurate (sometimes).

      I can make things easier for you. If you think “It’s too late at night to google” then you’re not an INTP. INTP will gladly stay up all night googling everything all at once. Google is our bedtime story teller. One more page and then I’ll go to sleep… if I really must do that thing called sleeping.

      Sweet dreams 🙂


      • The spirit is INTP but the flesh is weak.
        For e.g., I want to read all about MBTI NOW, but that would mean that the child will be late to school. Until I can get to the net after she leaves, I will be antsy. Borderline INTP at least?


        • I like your system 🙂 You have great self-mastery! You can totally be an INTP if you want to, we’re a rum bunch.

          There is almost too much info online about the MBTI, and loads of free MBTI tests to determine your type (if you’re an INTP you’ll most likely take at least 10 different tests before you accept the result, but a part of you will probably still doubt the accuracy of the same result from every test). This is my favourite site on the subject (the person who created it is an INTP) –

          Have fun with it!

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