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This bit is from anupturnedsoul intro-ing the reblog: This is a great post about one person’s journey through life thus far… and it’s one incredibly inspiring story!

I’ve always been intrigued about the personal story behind the person because there’s so much more to people that meets the eye, and often in our meetings we simplify ourselves, our lives, our stories, and we simplify others, their lives and stories, but who we are and who others are is a mysterious mix of a rich collection of experiences which we’ve had from the moment we appear on Earth and the ways in which they’ve affected us and continue to influence us.

We’re all rather amazing beings with many tales of our doings as beings… this is definitely an awesome read and person!

This is where the post by geekstravelinginjapan begins:

These are the main events that have defined my life so far, even if one sounds ripped out of a Hallmark Movie…

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  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this. I never expected my life story to be inspiring to anyone. When I’d tell people in real life, they weren’t very interested. Of course, those people were generally my peers at the time and they were young. I grew up with the idea that talking about surviving cancer and fire weren’t “interesting” stories.

    It’s amazing how different the online world can be. Best wishes! I can’t wait to enjoy more of your posts.


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