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Welcome to one of my messy reblogs (sharing another WordPressian’s blog post on my blog). I’ve only just started following Brian’s blog… and I’ve already forgotten how I came across his blog, but I do remember why I pressed follow (read this post of his if you want to know why).

I love what he’s done with this post, and what he said within it, particularly the bit at the end. This bit – “And sometimes those comments end up in a burgeoning file that I open up from time to time and remember when, gently touching the words that touched me.

I don’t keep a file, burgeoning or otherwise, with comments people have shared with me (other than – your comments are kept on my posts and pages when you comment on them), because I’m not as organised as that, but I do value comments and when someone shares something in a comment which touches me, as forgetful and messy as I am… some things I never forget.

I wasn’t an ‘urchin’ but I was a ‘feral’ sort of child (to understand why I said that, you’ll have to read Brian’s post).

I’m not gay. If you read my last post, y’know that godfather/uncle who was a child psychologist whom I mentioned in my ramblings… he was gay. He was openly gay during a time when being openly gay wasn’t as acceptable as it is now. There was a bit of an issue when he was chosen to be my godfather because he’d just broken up with his long term partner who was also going to be my godfather, and entered into a relationship with the partner who would share his life for the decades to follow, and the issue was that his ex was supposed to have also been my godfather but… things had changed. Someone else (someone whom I never really got to know but who occasionally worked as a ‘walker’ for society ladies) ended up being my other godfather to solve the issue. I grew up in an environment where being gay was normal… or at least I thought it was normal, later on I was shown that my normal wasn’t necessarily normal for the rest of the world.

One of the things I’ve learned in life about life and being human is – it’s messy. If you want to make it less messy don’t try and tidy it up, just become a bit more accepting of the mess, learn to see it as a different kind of tidy. The more you accept others as they are, the easier it becomes to accept yourself as you are.

If you need me to explain – just ask.

Thank you, Brian, for sharing!


Greetings, fellow keyboardists. This week’s Park Lark will be a bit briefer than you might normally expect from such things, mainly because I started out with one intention in mind and then I became distracted by something else. (On a related note, this perfectly describes my romantic adventures in college, when I was a bit […]

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  1. Brian is my life preserver – always witty, often humorous (even if it’s dark humor sometimes), and poignant. I never miss a day that he posts, and I come away refreshed. Better than looking at the chaos and degradation America is facing now. Maybe that’s ostrich thinking, but I cannot do it. Too much stress for me. And you, Ms. Soul, are another ‘must read’. Always something insightful to share! Thanks! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much, Melanie 🙂

      Aha! I just remembered it was through reading your posts that I was introduced to Brian’s blog. Thank you!

      I enjoy your posts too, and if they reflect who you are, which I think that they do, then I don’t think you’re the kind of person who buries their head in the sand, on the contrary you seem to face things head-on. Sometimes though, stepping away or stepping back from something if it’s stressful and if confronting it makes no headway, is the wise route to take. When chaos is at work, it’s a bit like a tornado, you get out of the way if you can, and wait in a safe place until it’s over, keeping your energy for the clean-up afterwards.

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    • Thank you 🙂

      You have a wonderful style of self-expression, reading your posts is like having a conversation with you which stirs up much thought, feeling, and many things to consider.


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