Share Your World: The Soul-Footed Bear

The amazing force of nature known as sparksfromacombustiblemind (aka Melanie B Cee) regularly creates Share Your World posts.

I love the idea, I enjoy reading the posts, and yet I never participate (I don’t consider what I did here – Post Time: This is an open share your world post – as me participating, that’s more of a me warming up to participate) until now.

This is the link to Melanie’s post – Share Your World 10-8-18 – if you want to participate too, and/or read Melanie’s answers , and/or check out the answers of everyone else who participates.

These are her questions and my answers:

Do you prefer Apple (‘I’ products) or Android for your technology ‘fix’?    

When I was a teenager, computers were fairly new. The school I was attending at the time had an ‘Informatique’ (computer science) class with about four computers. All I can remember was a black screen with a blinking green rectangle and trying to do something which was supposed to be easy and which I found impossible.

I think I was supposed to learn coding.

I have dyslexia and while it doesn’t affect my ability to read too badly (and the way it does can be very funny, sometimes inappropriately. I once read a news headline – Tornadoes Leave a Trail of Devastation – as – Tomatoes Leave a Trail of Devastation), it does affect my relationship with numbers quite a bit (also known as dyscalculia).

My computer science teacher was also my math teacher and he hated me (the feeling was mutual). He had to teach me algebra which is a frigging nightmare if you have dyslexia.

For a long time I avoided computers because of that experience, until I could no longer avoid them.

I’m a Fruity. I’m very visual and Apples are great for those who are visual, they’re easy to use. I did once have to use a PC – that was stressful and exhausting due to the levels of concentration it required, I kept forgetting how to do things no matter how often I did them.

What’s something on your personal bucket list? 

I don’t have a bucket list. If you say the words – bucket list – to me, my face will contort into a weird expression and I may burst out laughing a little hysterically because it will remind me of a film by the same name which I watched and kept watching and kept watching hoping that something was actually going to happen and… now that concept has become synonymous with boring myself to death (I can tick that off my bucket list!).

Let’s watch The Bucket List!” has now become a regular joke when my partner and I are struggling to find something to watch, and one or both of us are losing the will to live as we scroll through thousands of options (a large portion of which we’ve seen).

What would you name your boat if you had one?   The Unsinkable 3? The Please Don’t Sink? Your choice! Also, what would it look like? Do you want a motor yacht, a sailboat, or perhaps a dinghy?

 This question is the main reason for my finally participating in a SYW. When I read it my mind was filled with nostalgia – and I’m not a particularly nostalgic person.

When I was about 6 yrs old, my parents took me, my godfather/uncle and his partner, and my au pair on a trip around the Greek Islands. It was on an old fishing boat, which had been refurbished for cruising. I fell madly in love with one of the crew and he loved me too (not in a pedophile way) because I threw myself off the boat into the water and he’d never seen a child as crazy as me before. He was crazy too – when we ran out of fuel and were stuck offshore, he threw himself into the water and swam to the nearest island through a sea filled with jellyfish to get help.

I was obsessed with Jacques Cousteau and wanted to sail on the Calypso, work with the team, explore the world the way they were doing it.

Throughout my life I fantasised about sailing away. I devoured any story, fictional and non-fictional, about sailing – including those about people whose sailing trips went horribly wrong. Recently I was reminded of that while reading the news about the Golden Globe Race.

For a long time I dreamed of being a castaway.

I also fell madly in love with The Count of Monte Cristo – it is the only book I’ve ever read which made me sob so much that I thought I would never be able to stop. I related on some deep level of psyche with Edmond Dantes.

If I remember correctly, it’s bad luck to rename a sailing vessel. However if I was given the honour to name a new vessel, and it was mine, I’d call it – The Soul-Footed Bear (that came to me last night as I was scanning my blog and spotted the blurb I wrote to go with my gravater and my dyslexic mind turned – Barefooted Soul – into – Soul-Footed Bear). The type of sailing vessel I’d probably go with is a sloop.

When I was very young I would have probably chosen a pedalo – those were such fun but boy could you get sunburned!

Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life? 

Raymond Reddington – he’s an interesting character, he’s very knowledgeable, and what a life he’s lived, but like many TV and Film sociopaths, he just talks and talks and talks, monologuing away ad nauseum ad infinitum, he manages to make intriguing subjects, information, and anecdotes really tedious… I realise it’s a ploy, a chess move… if I was one of his targets he’d win, he’s a bore who’d bore me into a stupor.

If I think about what I just said… I’m a bit like that. Ruh Roh!

And finally: 

What brought gratitude, a smile or laughter to your life this week?

 I can and do laugh regularly at just about anything – often at myself because I’ve done or said or thought something stupid. I am very crazy and very weird – I know it and it’s funny (most of the time).

I am also regularly grateful… especially for small mercies. I used to think I was a pessimist, but I’ve come to realise that I’m an incurable optimist who went through a pessimistic phase and I’m grateful for the experience.

I’m one of those people who counts their blessings without thinking about it, can find a blessing in anything and everything (you just have to see the flip side or a worse case scenario which is worse than…)  and will share that with others freely, but that can be annoying… you gotta know when to stfu and be grateful that if you didn’t realise you should have stfu hours ago that others can’t kill you with their mind.

This week… in the UK we’ve had a ladybird swarm around the country (it made it to the BBC news website front page for a bit) . I’m really grateful for those handheld vacuums which allow you to catch and release without killing (the ladybirds which got into the house have been relocated to the shed to hibernate).

Thank you, Melanie, I’m very grateful to have blog-met you! When I see your posts in my reader I smile 🙂

Thank you for sharing!


  1. Aw. I’m SO GLAD you participated! And your sea going tale was fascinating, but I’ve always found ALL your stuff fascinating, have been a follower for about a year or two now…you were one of the first blogs I found. 🙂 I especially have had interest in your narcissist ‘talks’ and posts, because I have an auntie who is one, and her children (my cousins) suffer through a lot of stuff that you’ve talked about. Bravo, brave one!

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  2. I am a PC person. I used Apples years ago, but because of work, I got into PCs and never looked back.

    Yeah. I don’t have a bucket list either. I thought the movie was terrible too.

    If M and I would like a motor yacht and have plans for one. I had a sail boat years ago, but now I just want to putter around on the Pacific, off the coast of BC. When I was a child I really wanted to be on the Calypso too! I loved those documentaries and really considered becoming archeologist (the need to make money got in the way). And the name? Whatever it comes with.

    Boring character? Probably Napoleon Dynamine. I understand why the movie was popular but I found the character to be two seconds away from narcolepsy.

    And gratitude and smiles this week? My M. always makes me laugh, always makes me grateful. (I’m also grateful for you 🙂 ).

    Thanks also to Melanie. 🙂


    • Thank you, Lynette, for sharing 🙂

      I love the idea of ‘puttering on the Pacific’ that’s like saying I’m going for a bit of a saunter through the tundra 😉 Your boat should be called – The Pacific Putter 😀

      I’m grateful for you too ❤

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