The Full Moon and Uranus: I shall not defeat you – I shall transcend you

What is the truth? Do you know the truth when you hear it? Can you feel the truth when it touches you? How would you describe the concept of truth to someone who asked you to tell them what the truth is, since they’ve heard many talk of it but still can’t figure out what it is?

Why am I asking those questions?

Because as I was scrolling down the WordPress Reader, looking at the titles of the recently published posts of the WP bloggers I follow, three in a row from different and very diverse blogs had the word – truth – in their titles.

The first one I saw was SHOUTING for A NEW KIND OF TRUTH. The second one was making an exclamation! about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! The third one spoke of emotional truth and their longing for it.

I didn’t read any of those posts. Why? Could I not handle the truth? Well, to tell the truth, I just didn’t feel like reading. I had only just woken up, and that time of my day is one where I don’t want to fill my mind with the truths and versions of the truth of others. I need to first make contact and connect with my own truth and versions of the truth, such as, what am supposed to be doing today, will I remember it and will I do it, do I feel like doing it, do my feelings have a choice in the matter, etc.

What does the truth have to do with the Full Moon and Uranus?

Last night, when I did feel like reading, I perused several articles written by astrologers about tonight’s Full Moon in Taurus, which meets up with transiting Uranus Rx in Taurus, and opposes the transiting Sun and Venus Rx in Scorpio.

Here are the links to the articles:

Julie Demboski: Full Moon in Taurus 24 October 2018 Chaos Theory – this bit stood out for me in it: “Even at the height of the pre-Full Moon chaos, we’ll have the ability to ‘read’ the material world (FM wide trine to Saturn); the only question is, will we be willing to see what’s evident before us? Believe your eyes; believe solid changes or the current state of things, rather than any spin offered by others.”

April Elliot Kent: Full Moon in Taurus: The Sorcery of Benign Neglect – this bit stood out: “In some part of your life, you know how to make things grow, how to support life without smothering it, and to comfort those who are fearful. So at the Taurus Full Moon, gather up the compost of fears, failed dreams, and insecurities. Till them into the garden’s soil; then cover it up for the winter and let it rest. By spring, the soil will be strong and refreshed, and ready to nurture fresh, new, and abundant life.”

Lynn Hayes: Taurus Full Moon Awakening, October 24 2018 – this bit stood out: “If there is an area of your life where you are dissatisfied and feel marooned on an island of despair that things will ever change, there is an opportunity here to make a small step to change the pattern. Retrograde Venus aligns with the Sun in Scorpio at this Full Moon, deepening our access into our own subconscious. How do (we) feel about a situation? What do we want? Where do we feel stuck? Where do we feel stifled and need more space to imagine new possibilities? How can we maintain our equilibrium of the Taurus Moon while still shedding the residue of old unwanted situations?”

Diane Lang: Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, 2018 – this bit stood out: “Keep in mind on this Full Moon in Taurus that change doesn’t have to be tumultuous. Take it one step at a time. Step, turn, pause, breathe . . . and feel the energy of the new position surge up through your body. Taurus celebrates being embodied and enjoying all the pleasures that come with it. Peace and love to all.”

Nadia Gilchrist: Full Moon in Taurus: The Surprise That’s Not Really A Surprise – this bit really stood out for me: “South Node in Aquarius is the past – moving on from detachment, alienation, rebellion to the future (North Node) which is about finding your center in an area that makes you proud. The rulers of the Nodes (Sun and Uranus) oppose each other, which means this is a significant crossroads – you’re at the point where you can choose to step into the light (the place where you have pride) or you can stay on the edge and remain detached. North Node in Leo asks you to care about yourself, your talents and your audience. It’s not “cool” or laid back but sometimes you have to step up and put yourself out there.”

For me, this Full Moon conjunct Uranus Rx is occurring in my 8th house – the house and home of Scorpio, of what is taboo, of sex, death, and taxes, the values and resources of others. It will be opposing the transiting Sun in my 2nd house – the house and home of Taurus, of personal values and resources. Venus Rx is in my 3rd house – the house of communication, and mental processes. Venus Rx is in a calmly passionate embrace with my natal Mars in Scorpio (which squares natal Mercury in Aquarius – hence my piqued interest in what Nadia said about the transiting South Node, which has been on my Mercury, and I have indeed found myself moving on from alienation and rebellion).



Also last night, while reviewing my day (which involved dealing with an issue that connects the 8th, the 2nd, and the 3rd houses, and which was made easier and almost pleasurable to deal with because of my recent change in attitude), and reviewing what I’d read in the above astrology articles, I found myself a bit fearful (the transiting Moon was passing over my natal Saturn in the 8th at the time, my natal Saturn squares my Sun which = you’re not good enough, you’re not going to make it) that something unexpected and jarring would happen which would throw me back into my old fractious ways of feeling alienated and rebelling against the alienating machine thus making the feelings of alienation worse.

Then I had an AHA! moment – the unusual, unexpected, and jarring had already happened = I’m being normal, doing normal things the normal way, rather than being eccentric and doing normal things the eccentric way (which was my usual normal, so now I’ve entered into a new and unusual for me normal). For instance up until recently I had ‘phone phobia’ and would go to great unnecessary lengths to avoid using the telephone even when it would have solved things in a few minutes of chat. I still don’t like using the phone, but I will do it and can do it without becoming a gibbering wreck.



I’m dealing with things now, which not so long ago would have sent me into an angry panic, with easy-going calm. I’m not pressuring or rushing myself… which means I’m not pressuring, rushing others, not making demands on them because I’m panicking, feel helpless, to fulfill needs which I’ve told myself I can’t fulfill for myself (which made me angry at myself for being unable to give myself what I needed or wanted). I’m not feeling the burden of imposition, not imposing on myself, not feeling imposed upon, therefore not imposing impositions on others.

I feel freer because I’ve let myself out of a cage… and while I am still a wild animal (I have natal Uranus conjunct Jupiter, and the chaos part is in my 1st house of self, and leaks into the 2nd house of personal values), I am also tamer because I don’t feel threatened the way I used to.

It’s nice to feel this way, and to not be afraid of feeling this way – before when I had moments of feeling this way, I was afraid of losing it, and of showing it and having it stolen by those who steal that kind of thing from others. If you would like some, why not ask me to lshare it with you while letting me keep my share of it.

I’ve felt calmer since I allowed myself to speak my truths, listened to them, felt heard and then realised quite a few of them, while they may have once been true, were no longer true. Some would be lies now if I stubbornly clung to them as being the truth.

And why did I use the words: I shall not defeat you – I shall transcend you in the title? What do they mean?

Because a while after I noticed that trio of truths pass by on my WP reader, when I felt like doing a little bit but not too much of reading, I popped over to goodreads to see what past and present people had to say about truth. I ended up visiting with Benjamin Disraeli’s quotes, and the moment I set eyes on this quote…



…those words connected in my mind with what I had read last night about this Full Moon.

I also found it to be a really witty repartee, like a Zing! from Uranus (Benjamin Disraeli’s natal chart has a lot of Scorpio, and Mars connected to Uranus), with a dose of Moon, calmly dealing with a Scorpionic Martian opponent who is known to be tough to beat.

Those words also apply really aptly to the issue I was dealing with yesterday and am still dealing with today, and will most likely still be dealing with tomorrow, which now feels like a Krypton Factor challenge (really hard and complex puzzle) requiring a Heath Robinson (ridiculously overly complicated) solution.

The issue I am trying to resolve is a rather basic 8th house one, and not so long ago dealing with it was straightforward. Any questions you had would be answered by a quick conversation (3rd house) with a person on the telephone or in person, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow so that wasn’t usually needed.

However now, due perhaps to increased paranoia (Scorpio, and the effects of transiting Pluto in Capricorn), what was once straightforward has become like one of those quests in fairytales to find the knight worthy enough to marry the princess and inherit the kingdom. And those who have created this quest are intractable (Taurus) in their demands – you either do it this way or you do it this way, nope, we don’t care that it is impossible to do it this way.

And now due to our advances, progress, and increases in technology and communication options… I can’t actually talk with a person to discuss the matter, I can only listen to recorded messages which tell me to press buttons on the phone, which then leads me to more recorded messages, more buttons to press, and more recorded messages which get longer and longer and which eventually tell me that I can’t speak to a person about that matter and must go to the website.

The website has some FAQ’s with answers (and those answers are pretty much a ‘No’ to doing things the easy straightforward way), and if those don’t include my Q which seeks an A, it tells me that I can phone them if I can’t find what I’m looking for on the website, or I can contact them via email after filling out a form, which may take several days before it is processed and answered.



A couple of months ago this would have melted my brain, turned my emotions into lava spilling out of me all over the floor, and caused my natal Mars in Scorpio to fantasise about gunpowder plots, while the rest of me shivered in fear, feeling powerless and helpless, and stupid, and useless, and… spiraling down and deeper down into my own private hell.

But right now, I’m feeling proud of myself that none of the above in the previous paragraph has occurred at all… okay maybe I did think that an asteroid hitting the Earth would solve the issue, but that was while I was coming up with insanely farcical options to entertain myself and my partner while on a facts and information gathering mission. We were playing the – It would be easier to build a rocket from scrap and scratch to fly to the Moon, than do this simple thing which isn’t a simple thing to do at all – game.

I’m proud of myself that I have not let this issue turn me into an issue for myself and for my partner (who at the moment has an issue, another one of those basic issues which has not so simple added extras, of his own to deal with and which he is dealing with in a way that makes me proud of him too, and inspired by him). In some ways both of us are approaching our issues with an attitude of: I shall not defeat you – I shall transcend you!

This song just popped into my head:


That’s it, for now anyway…

Oh, just a random and… there is always an ‘and’… which may well be connected to things in this post.

The other night I read and ‘Liked’ a couple of posts on one blog. The blogger had been away for awhile, but that’s not why I ‘Liked’ them. I’m not that kind of supportive, I’m not that kind of a follower. I ‘Liked’ them because I enjoyed reading them, they were interesting (one expressed something similar to what was in my Venus/Lilith post).

Shortly after my ‘Likes’, that blogger came over to my blog and ‘Liked’ two posts of mine – two very old posts which happen to have been listed in the ‘Top Posts & Pages’ widget I have on the footer of my blog.

I thought: “Don’t do that, you don’t need to do that, not with me anyway, I don’t need that kind of quid pro quo, I’m not that kind of blogger… which you’d know if you’d read my most recent post (which is what I would have read if I was checking someone’s blog out, then perhaps I’d read older posts, popular posts). 

One of the posts I ‘Liked’ of theirs (was another blogger’s post shared) spoke of trusting and respecting yourself, listening to your needs and desires, and being true to yourself… being your truest self.



Over to you…


  1. I would encourage you to to continue writing more, if by using planetary positions helps you we then become the beneficiaries of your research too. So with much gratitude thanks.


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      Thank you for sharing, and for the encouragement, much appreciated!

      I know that I often give off a sort of – I don’t need anyone – vibe (and say things which confirm that), and that I’m not good at making people feel needed, and may leave people feeling that their words fall on deaf ears and their gestures go unnoticed or when noticed are bothersome. My mother used to call me Miss Independente – sometimes it was a compliment, sometimes a criticism. BUT I really do listen to what people say, it does sink in and get through my thick skull, and do notice the gestures (far more than I let on – the tiniest one may leave me smiling in my heart for days) and they’re not bothersome (okay, sometimes they are, if I’m carrying a heavy ladder and someone rushes to help me carry it, it can upset the careful balance and we may both get smacked on the head by the ladder swinging wildly). I do love feedback, especially when it is genuine and a person feels moved by forces within to share it with me, and by sharing it with me they are sharing it with themselves too (really love it when people listen to themselves and what they’re saying/doing, and get an inner aha!) 🙂


      • Thank-you, at the moment I am finding myself going forward instead of catching up with my mini backlog of your posts. A few things that you previously mentioned that I keep in mind so as not to feel bad about my late replies is that your way of measuring time I am able to capitalise upon. I remember you saying something like- two weeks ago is like two minutes ago to you… if this is still the case my replies are early !!!
        I was surprised that you say that you are so independent. From my perspective you appear that you are more than capable, to me independence is an easy trait to spot and a few quick steps back is usually all that is needed to honour a person’s being. I admire your posts and style. Unusually for me I have never found a need to challenge your comments. I also think that you must work very hard and its important to acknowledge that.
        As always with thanks…
        ps I love to think that sometime in the future we all could look forward to you writing a book ? Hope that’s not a scary thought for you but it is Halloween season !!!


        • Haha! Writing a book could indeed be a scary thought 😀 I’ve read quite a few posts written by bloggers on WP who are writing a book, have written a book, are trying to get their book published, have self-published their book, are promoting their book, are trying to sell their book, are giving their book away for free (sometimes as a promo), and quite are few of their posts about how writing a book has affected their lives sound like cautionary tales. The posts about writing a book which stand out to me are those where the blogger is apologising for not blogging because the book, one way or another, is eating up all of their time. Some speak of being tired, exhausted, anxious, fed up and frazzled by the whole process.

          I love blogging. Writing blog posts is different from writing a book in many ways. Although writing a blog post does include writing, it’s not really writing, it’s more of a conversation, chat-writing. Some bloggers do write-write in their posts because that’s their passion. Some bloggers do a bit of both, write-write and chat-write. Some bloggers use their blog as a diary, a journal. Some use it to socialise, meet new people, make friends, join in with group activities, share hobbies, ideas, swap stories, and many many other things.

          While reading the first part/paragraph of your comment, your Saturn in Virgo in 3rd house came to mind. You mentioned that your natal Saturn is at 28 degrees, which would mean that transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) which is right now retrograding at 28 degrees Pisces is exactly in opposition to your natal Saturn.

          One astrologer has written this about Chiron in transit: “Chiron represents our wounds and emotional baggage, so aspects by transit Chiron to your natal planet can stimulate your healing ability, make you more aware of your wounds, re-open wounds, or bring more attention to what you need to heal from. Aspects by transit Chiron can last for one year.”

          And this about transiting Chiron in aspect to natal Saturn: “A square or opposition can make things much more difficult, and you can feel the weight of your baggage crushing you if you don’t face your issues and work on healing, but you have to do so in a healthy, productive way.”

          The link to that post:

          Further along in your comment you said – “and a few quick steps back is usually all that is needed to honour a person’s being” – which is an essential of healing. It struck me that those words are expressive of transiting Chiron Rx (which is taking steps back) aspecting your natal Saturn – Saturn in its positive form is about being honourable and honouring the real crux of a matter and a person. Saturn is very big on honouring the self.

          You definitely practice what you preach, you walk your talk, your words and actions connect – this is something I always look for in people and in myself. When I make a statement I ask myself – Are you really doing what you’re saying? When someone else makes a statement, I look to see if they’re really doing what they’re saying they’re doing and what they’re telling others they should do, or criticising others for not doing, or wishing that others would do, etc.

          From how you interact with me, and based on how you have spoken about people in your life, your interactions with them and theirs with you – you definitely honour others, and you put a lot of effort into it.

          However – Do you honour yourself? Do you take a few steps back to honour yourself?

          Hmmm… I would say that you do, but that you also may be so careful about making sure that you honour others that you may at times forgo honouring your own being for the sake of honouring the being of others.

          Since you have transiting Chiron Rx (when a planet is Rx it turns the energy inwards) aspecting your natal Saturn in the 3rd house of communication – honour your personal manner of communicating. Your Mercury in Aries conjunct Mars in Aries (which packs a wallop of Martian oomph) will love it.

          Part of honouring your being’s personal manner of communication includes commenting on a blog when you are ready to do so, when you feel the urge, impulse (Mars) to share your words, thoughts, ideas, feelings, self.

          Yes, when communicating with someone else, it is honourable to honour their being too. Since we’ve already discussed things and you recall the conversation clearly and humorously, and since you also sometimes read the comment-chats I have with others who comment whenever, however, about whatever, you know I’m okay with that, and enjoy it (for the most part 😉 ).

          I have a ps. for you too and I’m going to paraphrase you 😀 —-> I love to think that sometime in the future we all could look forward to you writing a blog ? Hope that’s not a scary thought for you but it is Halloween season !!!

          You’ve already got a gravatar, starting a WordPress blog is free, easy, and you can do it at your own pace, in your own time, in a way that suits you. I’m happy to help with tips, and to introduce you to some fun and friendly bloggers (some of whom you may already know from my posts and comments section) to follow and maybe interact with. Your Saturn in the 3rd in Virgo might make you say – No, no, no, no, no… I think perhaps somewhere under those no’s is a yes that really wants to carpe that diem. It’s there in what you’ve said about my frequency and my writing of posts… you want to do this but you’re stopping yourself from doing it because of natal Saturn perhaps, but with transiting Chiron Rx poking natal Saturn… or I could be completely wrong!


          • Cautionary tales or not I’m not buying into those reasons for not even contemplating writing a book. I don’t know any other bloggers or their frustrations in writing a book. What I am basing my reasons of suggesting that you at least begin the thought process of considering undertaking such a project are many. Clearly you enjoy writing and have an immense talent for doing so. I always know when reading your blogs that much research goes into them; there is always something of substance and someone who knows their business. Your range of topics seems endless and for someone to be able to grasp such depths with an open forward thinking mind will surely find a connection with others. Its that connection that you are able to make as a writer holds great appeal. The evidence of proof is in the many compliments that you receive from replies from a broad range of followers. I am an avid reader of new books I love the freshness of a newly written book I mainly follow psychological topics and autobiographies. Over the last year or so whilst reading these books I often find myself comparing the words and subjects that you write to that of which I am reading thinking that you would cover that subject better. If I had time I would gather all your blogs together and somehow construct them into a book of meaningful chapters maybe just random subjects all knitted together, am feeling brave right now in even suggesting that you set aside all the doubts of others and consider the possibility. Honestly there is some rubbish out there in the book publishing world that makes great sales. I have no doubt that you would produce something brilliant. Writing a page or two every other day or so shouldn’t upset your normal blogging routine. Most books are written along the lines of conversation engaging with their readers. But I get it that you may think its a diversity from blog to books. That’s all I am going to say for now…… last V gf called me a nag and restricted me to one a day so you’re in the firing line at the moment I only kept telling her to go the doctors and heard every excuse under the sun why she couldn’t.
            Thanks once again for explaining the Chiron effect and the link that went with it. I like the experience of healing and hearing of your own healing process that still resonates with me in a very big way and its something I am and have been looking forward to researching again that which you wrote it’s been on my mind since you brought it to my attention a week or so back.
            Oh and on the No’s try adding a million to that there is no way I would ever ever consider blogging so funny when you quite rightly predicted my response. I am a fan of your work and that’s how it’s going to stay. Perhaps in the blogging world its considered normal or ok to respond to comments but I always feel chuffed that you take the time to reply and so should the others too it’s a bonus if you don’t mind and that you feel good in doing so.
            Have to go back and re read some of your recent comments and blogs i feel like I am cheating on you not to do so. It’s that honour thing again!!!
            Bon Weekend
            my ps is that I have doubts about you ever being wrong


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