Off Kilter in the Middle of Things

I’m in the middle of drinking a cup of tepid tea while I write this. It’s tepid because in between making it and drinking it there was a flurry of activity of me finishing off some things I’d left unfinished in the middle of doing them, and of me starting new things then taking a break in the middle to do this…

Oh, by the way, this post is inspired by Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka FOWC) to which I will add a link in a second if I can figure out which one of the open tabs in my browser has his post open in it. I know that my post is in the center (that’s the one-word, normally I’d write it centre but I actually prefer it as center because it looks like centaur and… no, I don’t know either where I was going with that association) of all the open tabs.

Sometime before the making of the cup of tea, which I have now finished drinking, and yes it had almost reached the disgusting level of taste, I was staring out at the garden…

Maybe I should do that too… but I wasn’t going to… ah, just do it and…

It’s raining today, all day, heavily, and while I was putting out the bin for collection tomorrow (which I often forget to do even with my post-it system… I do have to remember to put the post-it with the word BIN on it on the kitchen table), I timed it perfectly to coincide with a long large lorry zooming by as though he was in the Grand Prix (I’m fairly certain that lorry was male and not female, but the driver might have been either) and thus I’ve had my ablutions for this week.

With rivulets (one of which was an agnostic rivulet apparently – you’ll have to go here – Word of the Day Challenge – to figure out what I’m wittering on about. Look in the address bar and look at the WotD) pouring down all over me, eventually to puddle in my Birkenstock sandals (the soles have this dip which is ideal for carrying tiny pebbles and a saucer of water)…

I’ll be back in a minute (but don’t time it because it’ll be longer than th…


    • Thank you very much, Fandango πŸ™‚

      That is pretty much how I write all of my posts, I just channel onto the page whatever the voices in my head feel like talking about, sometimes it makes sense (to me anyway) and sometimes it doesn’t πŸ˜‰

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  1. Hahaha. πŸ˜€ You were totally distracted. You had to get a towel, stand in front of the linen cabinet and think to yourself, aww f it, I’ll just have a shower because I have muddy water in my hair and I’m cold, and as you were stepping into the shower you saw a strange shadow and thought, what could that be? The cat started hissing and you turned to look at him and as you did you slipped on the wet floor from your dripping hair and sat down hard and your teeth slammed together. Then you heard the shower curtain crinkling and looked up to see


    • Hahahaha… AHHHHHHH!!!!! :O

      Except I don’t have a linen cabinet, the linen is in open boxes in what is known as the box room. The shower can’t be used because the water pump is broken and it’s not going to get fixed just yet as the whole bathroom needs re-doing (and that will get done when it gets done which may be never but we keep telling ourselves it’ll be next year). And at the moment I can’t use the bath either because I broke the bath waste outlet after I unblocked it by screwing in a screw a tad too tightly and since it’s made of plastic it couldn’t be bothered not to break – that’s not going to get fixed until I find instructions online on how to do it, really hoping that I don’t have to remove the bath panels and crawl behind and under the tub and replace the whole segment… I might wait until we re-do the bathroom.

      So I rely on heavy rain days and passing long large lorries to stay clean πŸ˜‰

      And if I saw a strange shadow, I’d think – Damn! I never have my camera when there’s something interesting to photograph!

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      • Shucks! I couldn’t scare anyone at work either. πŸ™‚
        I like having a working shower. If I had to, I would rig one from the kichen tap. Passing lorry showers at this time of year are just too cold. πŸ˜‰


        • I’m not so sure about you not being able to scare people at your work… how did things go after the promotion?

          (ps. we do have another bathroom, and I am halfway there to fixing the other tub. The kitchen tap has an issue with hot water… sigh!)

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          • Important question – do I come across as scary? I believe myself to be assertive, but it’s sometimes hard to see yourself …

            It was initially quite rocky, but it has settled a lot. There are two or three on term positions who will probably not seek another. They don’t want to work for me, but they also at this point are getting on with it, as am I. We have a job to do, and that should come first.

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