The People Who Drive Us Crazy

Think of something which drives you crazy. Is that something which drives you crazy a something which someone else does? Are there certain people who drive you crazy? Is one of those certain people you?

I’m already crazy…

but even though I’m already at that particular destination, there are still certain somethings and certain people doing those certain somethings which can drive me around the bend to crazy.

It’s really crazy-making when someone turns up at your place, insists that you get in the car because they need and want you to, come on, get in, you can’t say no, they’re in need, you have to help them to fulfill a want…

So you get in their car of need, they take you for a ride around the merry-go-round, then drop you back off at your place…

and then they charge you for it. You owe them for the favour they just did for you. WHAT!?! WTF just happened?

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.”

― Pema Chodron

At this point in my post…

You may think I’m going to go off on a rant or a ramble about narcissists. Nope. Not this time. Not in this post. Although… well, maybe, yes, I may end up mentioning narcissists.

Do people who change their mind or can’t make up their mind drive you crazy?

Before I write anything else, I’d like to introduce you to several bloggers and posts of theirs which I read recently, enjoyed reading, and which have partly inspired this post:

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Does what you are hiding from yourself drive you crazy?


a piece of nature’s trash


I wasn’t completely sure (or even remotely sure) where I was going or what I was going to do with this post, but now it seems that I’m going to be answering those questions…

[but first it might help if I turn the blinds around so that the sun isn’t shining directly in my eyes… I’m having enough of a hard time seeing without being blinded by the light]

I’m starting with the last question first (I sometimes read blog posts, my own and those of others, backwards, from the last paragraph to the first. I’m not quite sure when I started doing that or why, but sometimes it makes reading easier).

Does what you are hiding from yourself drive you crazy?


And I don’t just mean when I hide my glasses (or keys or something else which I suddenly need immediately and they’re not where they’re supposed to be) from myself and then go crazy trying to find them.

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I mentioned a post on my blog to my partner. He asked me what it was about, settled back to listen to me explain it, but instead I told him to read it. I was a bit hesitant about doing that.

I normally prefer it if he ignores my blog (he gets enough of my crazy offline). We spend a lot of time together and it’s good to have separate places where the other doesn’t go that often.

But this time I wanted him to go to my blog and read my post. Why? I knew he would probably forget or just not do it, especially right now because he’s working on a project which is keeping him ultra busy.

That project is probably why I wanted him to read my post. That project is a gift for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. His whole family (except his parents of course) are pitching in and my partner is putting it together as the idea was his (well, mine – his parents told everyone not to buy gifts, but everyone wanted to give them something even though they’re very hard to buy gifts for… I’m quite adept at thinking of gifts which encompass something people love).

It’s one of those digital photo frames (don’t worry his parents won’t read this) which is being filled with family photos past and present… and atm it’s on a shelf in the sitting room being tested, so last night I kept seeing all their family photos dancing in front of my eyes. I’m in a few but mostly I’m not because while I’m family now I wasn’t always. It’s lovely to see… but I think it also made me feel left out.

Haha! My partner just bounded into my office and told me he’d read and loved the post. I’m so lucky ❤

If you read Julie Demboski’s post… you might notice what I’ve written here in answer to this particular question correlates with what she wrote about the astrology of the moment.

“The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.”

― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Do your coping mechanisms/survival skills drive you crazy?



I grew up with parents who were narcissists… living with narcissists tends to over-stimulate the primal instinct to be vigilant. Once hyper-vigilance is switched on, it’s hard to switch it off. So I’ve lived for decades with hyper-vigilance… it’s exhausting.

Even a short trip to the local shop can leave you drained of energy. It’s not just a quick pop there and back, you’re emerging from the safety of your cave (which is only safe because of all the checks and double-checks you do) and have to cross the jungle to get to the nearest village.

There are all sorts of predators and natural dangers for which you have to watch out, and you also have to keep an eye on yourself and your own stupidity, your self-sabotaging, self-destructive tendencies. Plus you have to try to appear normal, don’t draw attention to yourself, not like the freak, the Gollum, that you feel you are.

Once you reach the village, you’re still not safe because the most dangerous animal is the human one. They smile at you, are nice to you, but it might be a facade and behind it might be a vicious tyrant who wants to rip your heart out and serve it on a platter to the god they worship to appease the angry ravenous pit of need and greed within.

It’s only in the past few years that I’ve relaxed, and now when I go to the local shop I’m so spaced out that if aliens landed in the parking lot I probably wouldn’t notice until after they’d abducted me because I was the only person who didn’t run for cover and hide.

Hyper-vigilance is a close relative of awareness, mindfulness, of being observant and noticing what is there but which is sometimes subtle, hidden, and may appear invisible unless your observational skills have been turned up to eleven. It can be very helpful… as it lets you see more of people, of places, and lets you in on many of the secrets which are out in the open but often missed.

“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”

― Pema Chödrön, The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

Does blogging drive you crazy?


Mostly it’s a fun kind of crazy.

And blogging has also helped me to be less crazy. As I write posts, as I rant, as I whine, as I grumble, as I argue, as I babble, as I play the fool, as I silently SCREAM, or noisily whisper… I listen and hear myself. I’ve always talked to myself, with myself, but not quite in the way that I do when I blog. It’s a communion and reunion between all the different facets of me.

One of the most intriguing aspects of blogging is the relationship a blogger has with their blog… it tells you a lot about your relationship with yourself, and with others.

Sometimes bloggers ghost their blog. They break up with them. Go No Contact. Delete them. Start over. Rinse and repeat. Treat them badly. Kiss and make up. Love them addictively, obsessively, too much, then suddenly… silence. And many of the other things we do in relationships with people.

And yes, I’ve done all of those things and more with my blog (well, I haven’t deleted this one yet although I have come very close to doing that a few times, but I’ve blogicided before)… right now, we’re in a good phase after a bit of a stormy phase.

I’d like to thank everyone who has stuck around through thick and thin with me and my blog and our tumultuous relationship… you’ve helped me a lot to grow up, be less of a brat, embrace the positive side of being such a mistake-making mess, and I hope I’ve helped you too (even if it’s just giving you someone who is messier and crazier than you to point at and sigh with relief – Well, at least, I’m not like her or her! 😉)

Which reminds me… of an excellent post I read the other day on a really great blog:

Veronica Jarski of The Invisible Scar – How Keeping a Journal Helps Your Mental Health & Emotional Healing

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again. ”

― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Do you drive yourself crazy?


Someone has to pilot this mess, and it might as well be me.

I’ve had other people try to pilot my crazy and there were many crashes… they did not survive!

I’m doing it right now as I write this because I’m telling myself this post is too long and needs to be shorter but I like my long posts because I can hide stuff in the length and it puts people off reading them so they won’t find what I’ve hidden in the posts but then again I love it when people read my posts and love it when they chime in share their views but they’re less likely to do that if I’ve written a novel and said so much that…

So I thought I’d break this up into smaller posts but should I do a post for each question and my answer? But I’ve linked this post to the Weekly Prompts challenge and that might confuse things if I don’t do that first in this post however I haven’t felt inspired to answer that question yet but I have answered others because I felt the flow flowing for those and…

breathe… [Gosh I love the new WordPress editor!!! It makes writing posts so much easier, you can just duplicate blocks and shift them around where you need them… I think I like it partly because it works in a similar manner to my mind 😉 ]

So I’m going to break it up a bit but also not break it up… whatever I’ve answered here I’ll leave… no… no… yes… yes… we’ll figure it out later!

“I used to have a sign pinned up on my wall that read: Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us…It was all about letting go of everything.”

― Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Do celebrities drive you crazy?

Yes and no.

Celebrity culture is fascinating… it can also be very boring. It depends on what is revealed – which is sometimes what is being kept hidden.

I went through a period of being addicted to celebrity gossip. Partly because I was bored with myself and my life was ugh! at the time… I needed a glossy escape. These days I only have one celebrity gossip site I visit… two… actually two, forgot about the other one.

I particularly like to read the comments on the celeb gossip blog posts because it’s insightful about human nature – mine and that of others.

It never ceases to interest me how blind we humans are to our double standards. How we’ll be critical and judgemental towards someone for being critical and judgemental… and won’t notice we’re doing the very thing we’re criticising and judging them for doing.

Or we’re not doing for others what we think others should be doing for us, and we’re perplexed and annoyed that they aren’t doing it for us. If you’re not interested in people… why should people be interested in you?

Noticing stuff like that… is incrementally helping me to be less of a dick (or maybe it’s making me more of a dick).

“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don’t know.”

― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times


a pretty piece of someone else’s trash found on the side of the road (I’m moonvoodoo btw – or I was until I deleted the account and ended that relationship, it was a conscious uncoupling)


Did one of your parents drive you crazy?


Both of my parents were stark raving crazy. They often said exactly that loudly and proudly.

And they both were supremely talented at driving each other even crazier and making everyone around them go crazy.

And that’s how I ended up climbing the walls to lie on the ceiling. It was the only place to get a moment’s respite and rest.

“Hope and fear come from feeling that we lack something; they come from a sense of poverty. We can’t simply relax with ourselves. We hold on to hope, and hope robs us of the present moment. We feel that someone else knows what is going on, but that there is something missing in us, and therefore something is lacking in our world.”

― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Does being asked the same question over and over again drive you crazy?


However only when it’s the same question asked by the same person, and I’ve already answered them more than once – I get that they may have not been listening to my answer the first time, maybe they didn’t understand what I said the second time, but by the third time it’s going to start getting on my nerves… anything after that and I’m no longer concentrating on my answer because I don’t need to – I know it by heart, instead I’m fantasising about what I’d like to do to them the next time they ask me the same question… if they’re a narcissist, it’s definitely going to happen again and again, ad nauseum ad infinitum, because they’re stuck in a loop, play, erase, rewind, play, erase, rewind, play.

I don’t mind at all if it’s the same question asked by different people.

This question was inspired by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith’s post about being asked over and over – Why did you start your blog – in blog award nomination posts. In that post Teresa had a conversation with herself about her blog’s stats and what they meant or didn’t mean to and for her and her blog.

(ps. when you have more Like’s than views on a post in your stats it means that the blogger who ‘Liked’ your post read it in the WP reader – it won’t register as a ‘view’ unless they click to read the post on your blog, which is why some bloggers only share excerpts of their posts in the reader and force you to click to go to their blog to read more).

If you’re a blogger who is driving yourself a bit nuts with your stats… I’ve been there, done that… it’s part of the blogging experience (and your relationship with yourself through your blog), and there are many different ways of looking at and using your blog’s stats.

It helped me a lot at the beginning of my tussle with stats, and how they poke and prod you where you pretend they’re not, to research online and on WordPress, and read posts like these: – Stats Wrangling I: Digging into Your Data

The Daily Post – Blogging 201: Drive Traffic to Your Archives

Online, if you have a problem, a member of the A-Team has most likely already solved it for you in a post somewhere, you just have to find them.

“We are like children building a sand castle. We embellish it with beautiful shells, bits of driftwood, and pieces of colored glass. The castle is ours, off limits to others. We’re willing to attack if others threaten to hurt it. Yet despite all our attachment, we know that the tide will inevitably come in and sweep the sand castle away. The trick is to enjoy it fully but without clinging, and when the time comes, let it dissolve back into the sea.”

― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Do people who throw their rubbish wherever they want drive you crazy?


I wish I could stop doing that. I wish we all could gather together and figure out how to stop doing that.

That rubbish which those of us who are being conscientious about putting in the right bag, container, bin, etc… gets picked up, dumped into a truck, taken away from us, driven out to a field or shipped to another country, and dumped in a huge mess in the middle of nowhere which is right near a house, home, like yours or mine, with people like you and me in it.

But that’s no longer our problem because we did our duty and were very proper and clean, kept our neighbourhood neat and tidy. Got the stink out from under our noses.

That bothers me.

I sometimes find myself trying to solve that puzzle, but all I’ve come up with is using an active volcano… however it was pointed out to me that this solution was most probably a terrible idea for the planet… and especially for the people living next to that volcano.

“It is possible to move through the drama of our lives without believing so earnestly in the character that we play. That we take ourselves so seriously, that we are so absurdly important in our own minds, is a problem for us. We feel justified in being annoyed with everything. We feel justified in denigrating ourselves or in feeling that we are more clever than other people. Self-importance hurts us, limiting us to the narrow world of our likes and dislikes. We end up bored to death with ourselves and our world. We end up never satisfied.”

― Pema Chödrön, The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

Do people who give you unsolicited advice drive you crazy?


And no.

Unsolicited advice has saved my life a couple of times. Probably more. If you’re about to cross a busy road and someone stops you with a hand… they’re physically giving you unsolicited advice. You did not ask them for help, but they gave it to you.

I work with my partner, he gives me unsolicited advice all the friggin time and… what’s really annoying about it is that he’s right and yes, that just made what I was doing ten times easier! Dammit thank you!

But I am the sort of person who doesn’t tend to ask for advice or help on a regular basis. I learned to do that when I was a child because asking those around me for help often ended in disaster… if only I had just done it my way, grumble, grumble, if only I had kept quiet, shhh, shhh.

Other people have a lot of experience, knowledge, information which they generously share, sometimes freely online for all to access if they need it. Sometimes at a price.


random Monopoly cards I found in my garden after a windy day


So when someone offers me unsolicited advice, I like to hear it, and will take it into consideration because you never know when it will be useful, helpful, a life-saver.

As long as the unsolicited advice giver is happy with just giving the unsolicited advice and doesn’t expect anything from me other than perhaps a thank you (but really if I didn’t ask and you gave it… still, it’s the polite thing to do), then everything is peachy. I don’t mind as long as they don’t mind if I ignore their advice and keep going along as I was before.

If however the unsolicited advice giver thinks that their gift of unsolicited advice is an order, and I must do what they’ve just told me to do… or else they’ll keep nagging me until I do. They may end up wishing they’d ignored me and their urge to give unsolicited advice to me.

“Be grateful to everyone” is about making peace with the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected… If we were to make a list of people we don’t like – people we find obnoxious, threatening, or worthy of contempt – we would discover much about those aspects of ourselves that we can’t face… other people trigger the karma that we haven’t worked out.”

― Pema Chödrön, Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion

Do people who change their mind or can’t make up their mind drive you crazy?

Yes… No… Yes… Hmmm… no…

Hang on a minute…

I need to have a long chat with myself about this and see what we all have to say about it… it may take a while…

Do you want tea or coffee while you wait? What… you’re leaving but you’ve only just arrived… I have cookies… nice cookies…

“We have a choice. We can spend our whole life suffering because we can’t relax with how things really are, or we can relax and embrace the open-endedness of the human situation, which is fresh, unfixated, unbiased.”

― Pema Chödrön, Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change

The end… or is it the beginning… maybe it’s a middle!?


I hate that slogan and thought it was funny to see it thrown away as trash on the side of the road.


That’s it from me… Over to you!

If you do a post with any of these questions, pingback or pop the link in the comments here (or both), I’m interested and avid to read what you write.

Feel free to answer in the comments… be warned, I do reply and I might take you along for a ride on my crazy skates.

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.”

― Pema Chödrön

*Featured image is from Noble Works Cards – the funny greeting card store! (and no, I’m not getting paid to promo them, I just love that image – needy/wanty people drive me crazy – and hope they don’t mind my using it)


  1. “Conscious uncoupling”–LOL!

    Your posts are always interesting and insightful, but this one was exceptional (and not just because you mention me–a very big thank you for that!) Candid talk about how we really think and behave is rare, and you are a master/ mistress of it. Thank you also for pointing to so many other worthwhile blogs–I look forward to exploring. But my very favorite thing in this post are your photos and captions. I assume the detritus of life holds as many messages for the observer as do sunsets and rainbows–so the pics speak to me. Have a lovely rest of your week, upturned, and thank you again.


    • Thank you very much, Julie 🙂

      My father, who was an artist/painter, taught me to appreciate ‘garbage’, whether it was nature’s detritus like driftwood on a beach or that of humans like a pile of colourful cloth and things dumped in a pile to be taken away or burned. There is poetry in everything, we just have to pause to see it and unfocus our eyes a bit from what our minds normally tell us we’re seeing.

      It’s taken me a long time to realise that I’m not ‘garbage’… it’s kind of fun now to explore what that has opened up for me 🙂

      Have a lovely rest of the week too. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!


    • Thank you, Sadje 🙂

      I loved your post on the perils of being an unsolicited advice giver, very clever and very informative!

      I also loved hearing about another side of you from your blogging buddy, Tanya (Salted Caramel). Did you really start out only having a WP to support her? Wow, you’re an amazing friend! And an awesome force of nature! I would not want to get in your way when you decide to do something 😉 because what you’ve done with your blog is great!

      The crazy of the universe is easier to deal with than the crazy of humans and being human, but it’s all part of the whole so… we’d better enjoy living in interesting times 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks a lot. Your words are kind and encouraging. Yes we all have a bit of crazy in us and that helps us to deal with the rest of the craziness around us. 😜

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Too tired to do a post… but none of those things drive me crazier than I already am, though I suppose it depends on my mood. If I’m manic or hypomanic, then just about anything will make me snap. Lucky for me, that hasn’t happened in a long time thanks to modern medicine. ^_^


    • Thank you, Willow, for sharing 🙂

      There are benefits to already being crazy… sometimes it’s the sanity which is lunacy.

      Take good care of yourself, no need to do a post unless the flow wants to flow.


  3. Lol dude! Haha that’s a riot! Far out. Gotta take a breath after reading that!
    For me personally. None of those things drive me crazy, maybe because I am crazy. Why drives me crazy is when people I love and who claim to love me, not being able to just be myself around them makes me crazy. Having to censor myself and my words sends me crazy. Because I know the world will disappoint me. I expect nothing from anyone. Except the people I love. I expect them to accept me the way I am
    In incredibly sensitive. I’m a fucking high school teacher. So I know people are mean and stupid until given the right opportunity to really thrive and shine. Sigh. Blogging is a totally full on thingy. But…? I dunno. Its not the only thing I have going on or want to do. So I shrug and let it go. I just wanna enjoy life. I’m sick of killing myself over and over again because of how I’m perceived. And how I perceive I am perceived. Lol


    • Haha! Thank you, Kalliope Kim 😀

      That is a very good observation, it is always weird when people who claim to love you don’t seem to be able to accept you as you are and that means you find yourself not being able to just be yourself around them.

      Blogging is a wonderful way to give to yourself what you may not be getting from others, and along the way it can help to show you everything which you have going for you and all that you have within you.

      And yes, the riddle of perception – are people really seeing you the way you think they’re seeing you? Sometimes they are and sometimes you get so used to people perceiving you a certain way that you end up assuming everyone perceives you that way and it’s frustrating… but also a creative spur.

      Keep being you, doing your thing, one day it’ll all come together like magic when you least expect it 😉


  4. Fascinating! I knew there was something in ‘the air’ lately…now I know what it is…it’s crazy questions! This was a great read and thanks for taking us along on your journey through it. And lovely gift for the non-in-laws…


    • Thank you, Melanie 🙂

      They are my in-laws, I’m married I just don’t like calling my partner my ‘husband’ because in my head it sounds like ‘housebound’ and that conjures up an image of me having tied him up and keeping him captive in the house (okay, maybe I did that for the first few years of our marriage, but once Stockholm syndrome had set in good and proper, I untied him and he’s totally free now) 😉

      There’s definitely something in the air… and it may well be crazy questions, but after reading your post about your therapist… it may not be the questions which are crazy! WTF!?! That was several steps beyond! Take good care of yourself, Melanie ❤


  5. Thank you for your wisdom💜💜…How unsolicited is the advice, if asked for? People like that drive me bananas!! Ask for advice, when you give it to them, if it’s not what they want to hear then it’s “nobody asked you”. Can t be unsolicited and solicited at the same time, can it?


  6. Sleeping drives me crazy (as in not sleeping). The older I get, the more fragile it has become, leading to zombie-like morning states, and I’m not a morning person who chirps and tweets. However, I have probably always been generally crazy anyway. I used to worry about being crazy but I stopped long ago because if I am, it’s who I am and more and more I’m comfortable with who I am.

    I am thinking about stepping away from my blog for a bit (until January) as I’m still trying to drink from a fire hose at work, and although the water volume is coming down, I’m getting tired. I have started a number of posts and haven’t completed any of them, including a couple from more than a year ago. But, maybe not. Anyway, I see I’ve missed a number of your posts, including one where you wrote about dreams; I wanted to comment on it but fell asleep … Anyway, here’s my comment – I dreamed that you and I were at summer camp at an unidentified location. We were 14, because in the dream I was wearing a pair of blue canvas runners that I had the summer I was 14. You and I were roasting marshmallows over a campfire and talking about our very busy day of swimming and hiking while the adult you, who was a camp counsellor, supervised us. You were sitting in a lawn chair next to us. In my dream state, thanks for protecting teenage us. It was a really great dream. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Lynette 🙂

      What a lovely dream, and a beautiful interpretation ❤

      Yes, that's a brilliant point, not sleeping can cause all sorts of crazy. Years ago I read about this study, one of those scientific studies where they sort of torture people for data purposes, and in it they compared those deprived of REM sleep with those not deprived of REM sleep and found the ones who didn't get REM ended up hallucinating while awake and also suffering from various types of mental stress which could eventually lead to madness. I think they were trying to understand how to prevent PTSD and similar things in soldiers who are in battle situations.

      My dyslexia goes haywire when I don't get enough sleep. And yes, I know the zombie-like state. I also find my eyesight weakens and my heart palpitates weirdly.

      The great thing about a blog is that you can abandon it for as long as you need to and it just stays where it is and waits for you, if and when you do go back to it, it welcomes you and is happy you're back. It doesn't hold your absence against you because it understands you. Of course you may lose all your followers, but then again maybe they too welcome you back.

      If you need a break from blogging, take the break… fairly certain wise words along those lines came from you to me when I was waffling over a similar thing.

      From the sounds of it your year has been one of those years which give a lot and take a lot out of you with the giving. Focus on what needs your focus and let everything else be blurry.

      I love knowing you, the you as you are, you're a very unique and wonderful you! See you in January, otherwise known as tomorrow since I have a very loose sense of time 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you. 🙂

        Yes, I am familiar with the some of those studies. I also can develop heart palpitations from a lack of sleep as well as a strange eye twitching thing that can happen.

        I am really enjoying my new job but the sheer volume of it and dealing with a couple of N types is very tiring. So yes, a really good description – it does take a lot with the giving.

        I’m still not sure that I want to completely disappear because I really enjoy the blogs I follow and that is a form of relaxation too. I’m waffling. Thanks for the support though. 🙂

        I love knowing you too. 🙂


        • Sometimes it’s good to waffle, and so let yourself waffle about it. In the meantime, take a break, and see how you feel about it later, be that tomorrow, or the day after, or in a month or two. Some people even after they’ve decided to stop blogging, keep their blogs to follow the blogs they like. There are many options, and perhaps now is not the time to make a decision, now is the time to waffle.

          You’ve got so much going on, take good care of yourself, and lots of good wishes for your job and everything else ❤


  7. I really enjoyed the way you put this together, taking things in unexpected directions and yet keeping things aligned throughout the piece. Great read! (Oh, and thanks for the mention, Ursula. Appreciate it.)


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