Ask A Capricorn Random Questions?

Why does everyone keep insisting that today is Sunday? Because it is… but is it really?

Well it does seem to really be a sunny day, which is nice after the windy downpour we had all day yesterday… I was just about to take the tarp off the ark.

Someone asked me if I’d seen the peak of the Geminids meteor shower. Nope. It seems as though every time there’s some amazing MUST SEE celestial event, the clouds roll in and laugh at me for spending fifteen minutes working out where to put the lawn chair to get the best view, and, at this time of year, another ten minutes figuring out what to wear so I don’t freeze my ass off.

Don’t tell the sky, but I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of comet 46p tonight. I’ll probably forget that’s what I’m planning on doing, but it would be fun to see it, and since it’s passing by the Pleiades I sort of know where to look… except I can only see the Pleiades when I don’t look at them.

Which reminds me of a question in my blog’s search term stats:

Why you can’t see your eyes move when you look in a mirror?

Isn’t that a great question! The moment I saw it, guess what I did for several seconds until I stopped doing it because it was making me dizzy.

The title of this post also comes from a search term which popped up in my blog’s stats:



Should you ask a Capricorn random questions?

Well, yes, sure, why not… Why not ask your particular Capricorn whether you should ask them random questions and then you’ll get your answer straight from your Seagoat’s mouth.

Speaking of the Seagoat… while I was searching Wikimedia Commons for an image to use as a featured image, I came across a couple which had Capricorn not with a fish tail, but instead emerging from what looks like a snail’s shell… maybe it’s a hermit crab shell which would tie it in nicely with its opposite sign, Cancer.

The shell works better than the fish tail if you think about it, since if you ask a Capricorn a question they don’t want to answer, they’ll disappear into their shell. You can knock on it, hit your head on it, bash it with a hammer, try to blow it down, but that’s it, they’ve clammed up (so maybe it should be a clam shell).

Anway, if you’re going to use astrology to figure out what you should ask a person of a particular Sun sign, you really should check their Mercury sign too.

Mercury in astrology represents the mind and mental processes (and what type of thinking gives the mind wings), and in someone’s natal chart it shows you how their mind is likely to work or not work.

Mercury is never that far from the Sun, so your Capricorn will have their natal Mercury in either Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius.

If your Capricorn has Mercury in Sagittarius, they might be the ones asking you random questions, and making statements of a philosophically blunt nature:


Carlos Castaneda – Capricorn Sun/Sagittarius Mercury


Famous Capricorns with Sagittarius Mercury: Jude Law, Isaac Newton, Kit Harrington, Mao Zedong, Syd Barrett, Justin Trudeau, John Legend, Patti Smith, Yogananda, Humphrey Bogart, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Michael Stipe, Mary J. Blige, J.D. Salinger, Lemmy, Rob Zombie, Umberto Eco, Isaac Asimov, Rudyard Kipling, Diane Sawyer, and a bunch of others found by using the Astrological Positions search tool on Astrotheme

If your Capricorn is like this one (the one writing this post) and has their natal Mercury in Aquarius, they’ll frigging LOVE random questions far more than those non-random questions like:

What’s your name? Ugh, not this again, why do people expect me to remember the answer to this! It’s not like I need to call myself, I’m always here.

What’s your phone number? Boring! Yes, I know we’re married but why do you need my phone number you’ll see me every day… btw, did you happen to see where I put my phone, I was certain that I placed it… Oh, it’s wandered off again hasn’t it, it’s offended that I keep forgetting about it…

Why didn’t you show up for our appointment? Sigh! We made that appointment last week that’s like seven months ago in my time, if you wanted me to be there you should have called me on my phone to remind me… no, I don’t know what my number is, I think it has a 4 in it, does that help? No, I don’t have it with me it’s on holiday with its friends.

Where are you from? I don’t know, I haven’t figured it out yet, but it doesn’t matter, what matters is where was I going when… why am I carrying a tuba!?! Oh, it’s a plunger… am I a plumber!? Cooool!!!

Famous Capricorns with Aquarius Mercury: Martin Luther King, Jim Carrey, Marilyn Manson, Kate Moss, Janis Joplin, Dave Grohl, Benjamin Franklin, Linda Lovelace, Betty White, LL Cool J, FKA Twigs, Haruki Murakami, Bernadette Soubirous, Jack London, Andy Kaufman, Philippe Starck, George Foreman, Lorenzo de’ Medici, John Carpenter, and a bunch of others found by using the Astrological Positions search tool on Astrotheme

Whereas if your Capricorn also has Mercury in Capricorn, things might be a little more like this:



Famous Capricorns with Capricorn Mercury: Michelle Obama, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Bradley Cooper, Nicolas Cage, Joan Baez, Stephen Hawking, Anthony Hopkins, Zooey Deschanel, Denzel Washington, Edgar Allan Poe, David Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Kim Jong-Un, Al Capone, J.R.R. Tolkien, Rowan Atkinson, Simone de Beauvoir, and a bunch of others found by using the Astrological Positions search tool on Astrotheme

Julie of Julie Demboski Astrology put together a wonderfully creative set of crib notes for each sign in one of her posts a while back: 30 October 2018 A Point of Reckoning

They’re supposed to be for the Ascendant/Rising sign, but I think they work really well for Mercury through the signs since they are about “thinking”.

I’m going to share them below (hope Julie doesn’t mind, probably should ask first, but… sometimes you gotta just do it, act first then think that you should have asked first later).

Aries: Think Like a Leader or Pioneer

Taurus: Think Like a Geisha or Gourmand

Gemini: Think Like a Networker or a Gossip

Cancer: Think Like Mom or The Most Sensitive Person You Know

Leo: Think Like a King or The Most Self-Centered Person You Know

Virgo: Think Like an Accountant or ‘Lady Bountiful’

Libra: Think Like Your Partner or Your Enemy

Scorpio: Think Like You Have a Secret You Need to Keep or a Mystery You Need to Solve

Sagittarius: Think Like a Teacher or a Bachelor (Someone With No Attachments)

Capricorn: Think Like The Person in Charge or a Person in Denial

Aquarius: Think Like a Freak or Like Someone in the Avant Garde

Pisces: Think Like You Are The Essence of Creativity or Space Out and Don’t Think At All

If you combine Sun sign and Mercury sign, it kind of gives you an interesting sketch of a person.

Mine is – Think like the Freak in Charge of Avant Garde Denial 😀

What’s yours?

That’s it from me in the it’s now clouded over land… over to you!


from zodiacthing


Featured image is Capricorn by English School


    • I’m going to ask you to answer the Q too – what are your 3 favourite films?

      It’s such a seemingly simple Q but it depends doesn’t it on the moment you’re in as to which films spring to mind.

      I wonder what was the first film I ever saw and whether it made an impression. I do recall when I was very young bursting into tears during a film and I just couldn’t stop sobbing, which was weird because that wasn’t something usual for me to do. I have a vague inkling that it may have been an Ingmar Bergman film which caused me to sob.

      John Woo’s Face/Off is one of my all time fav films. It’s one of the few films I could watch again, and I’ve seen it a few times. I usually don’t like watching a film more than once. I like the ridiculous story. But it’s the cinematographic touches which made it my favourite. The slo-mo is brilliant! And some of the dialogue is just spot on and wickedly funny. I don’t quote films too often but there is one line from that film I always think of in certain circumstances.

      Love love love the original Oldboy. Love quite a few of Park Chan-wook’s films. I’m a Cyborg is brilliant!!!!

      So that’s two…


      There’s one oldie film which left an impression on me. I’d probably watch it again if they ever showed it, but they don’t, and that’s Three Strangers with Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, and Geraldine Fitzgerald directed by a Jean Negulesco… ha! I’ve had dinner with him. I hadn’t realised he directed that particular film (or maybe I did and forgot about it).

      Your turn!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ingmar Bergman read about him before long ago but never seen his films. Three Strangers sounds like an interesting story.

        Yes, I agree favorite films sometimes depends on what comes to mind at that moment.

        The first one is easy because this film is deeply seated in my memory and I probably watch it twice, intense drama and a great cast, Dangerous Liaisons 1988.

        The Matrix, the visuals and action were stunning, like the bullet time slo-mo, the story line and its references to religion and philosophical ideas, the mystified part i like best 😉

        This is one film I watched the most times, The English Patient, at least 4 times when it was screened and another two times years later…however, the last time watching it, I fell asleep halfway…

        I ask the favorite film question cos recently I don’t know what to watch, these days the movies aren’t so interesting. I kinda enjoyed B n W films when they used have that channel on cable. I remember watching The Picture of Dorian Gray and after that bought the book…sadly the book didn’t get read, still there looking new.


        • Great choice of films! Interesting mix too 🙂

          Since I don’t go to the cinema anymore, I don’t tend to bother keeping up with new releases. I just wait for stuff to turn up on Netflix and Prime. Of the films which got Oscar 2018 noms:

          “The Shape of Water” sounded like it might be intriguing.

          I’ve seen “3 Billboards” – my partner loved it, I was a bit meh about it, great cast, good acting, good story, but I was spaced out while watching so I didn’t really watch-watch it.

          “Get Out” was excellent.

          “The Post” was Meryl Streep acting and I can’t remember much about it. That other film about the behind the scenes of newspapers and a real life big news story was much better, imo, “Spotlight”.

          Other fairly recent films I’ve seen:

          “Molly’s Game” – good but “Miss Sloane” was much better – they both have Jessica Chastain who is gorgeous and a great actress. They’re both similar in as much as she plays a tough complicated character who is up against a bunch of a-holes trying to crush her.

          “Baby Driver” was fun.

          “The Disaster Artist” was okay. I did once try to watch the cult film that it’s based around but it was really dreadful.

          “The Big Sick” was very good.

          “Okja” was great.

          “Ready Player One” was awesome.

          To be seen:

          “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” which is by the Coen brothers so it should be good.

          Out of the list of 2018 films which I’m checking right now, will most definitely probably watch “Black Panther” and “Deadpool 2”.

          But I’m watching K drama atm, which is fun. And we have the latest Red Dead to play 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • Nope, I don’t go cinema these days, only watch online. A friend’s review of Black Panther was that it not worth the time, but Deadpool 2 is fun.

            Some time ago, I tried watching “The Shape of Water”, but guess I was tired and just slept through. “Spotlight” was good I had watched. Yes, Ready Player One, I wanted to watch since it’s released but there always something blocking, not working that I couldn’t watch then forgot about it. Maybe I should go watch now. Thank for the reminder 😉

            Aha…RDR2 highly anticaipated and rated game. Enjoy!

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Lol…Thank you for your interpretation! Love the way you explain things 😉

    Oh, the writer wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart too? haha lol, i was thinking about this song just now becos that’s the favourite song from the Gemini in my first serious relationship. So I was writing abit about this in my post earlier…

    I mostly listen Canto pop but there is an English song that I always love since 14. Why? becos what was written in the song was my ideal, was me. However, when I got older, a few lines in the song would contradict my RL but it’s still my favourite and much of it still speaks my mind. Would you already have guess the song? I’m wondering…I mean we were from that era so it might be easy to guess, and we have Merc in Aquarius plus you instantly caught the song when the time I wrote in a comment ‘Reach out, touch faith’ 🙂 Btw, I also have a deep impression of Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’.

    So my favorite English song is Somebody — Depeche Mode.


    • Ah, great choice! 🙂

      As much as 80’s pop is now made fun of… it had some very good songs. And it was fun to grow up during those times 🙂

      What’s your favourite Canto pop, and/or what would you recommend. I know you like LC or that he’s your doppel 🙂


      • I like LC and his songs, there’s a movie theme song by LC when I hear it would reminds me of my first love, and fatefully, half year ago another movie theme sang by LC (which is the sequel to the first one mentioned) totally describes my sentiments towards my muse. Synchronicity is fascinating. Both song lyircs were written by the same lyricist, my favourite lyricist. I just read about him awhile ago as I was writing the about page for the rhapsody site.

        Doppel…hmm, if you think my gravatar is LC, it’s not. And my initials also happen to be LC or reverse, it could be either way really 😉 When I was much younger, some thought I sang like him while my first love thought I sounded like AK becos she liked him. The Pisces could be whatever you project on them, I’m sure this you know well with your Venus in Pi 🙂

        I don’t have a favourite canto song since I listen too many of them but my favorite male voice is LC, and female voice FW 😉


  2. Lol… Space Out and Don’t Think at All like a Freak in the Avant Grade 💃

    I do have a random question for you ‘Making Love Out of Nothing At All’ by Air Supply, what do you interpret from the song? The other day I googled a bit and ppl different interpretation. What’s your?

    Myself interpreted three different stories on three separate occasions…actually I was going to stick the MV in the post then ask but since you post say ask a random Q, then I must as well ask here 😉


    • Haha 😀 That’s very cool!!!

      So, onto the important random Q: Making Love Out of Nothing At All – WTF do I think it is going on about?

      Well, without checking the lyrics and only remembering the part of the chorus which repeats the title, I’d interpret it as being able to make love out of a speck of dust… although a speck of dust is a something rather than a nothing at all, and if you look at it through a microscope it may be an entire planet with lots of beings living and working on it.

      I always thought the song was about someone being able to see love in everything and everyone, and completely mystifying someone else who couldn’t do that because they were too caught up in seeing something else in everything and everyone, or in not seeing anyone or anything due to ego.

      If I check the lyrics, it’s being sung by someone suffering from Smartest Person in the Room syndrome, and are they admiring the person they’re singing about or envying them? What they seem to want to do is capture the person who can make love out of nothing at all and put them in a cage because then they can have what that magical person has all to themselves.

      If I look at the writer of the song’s natal chart – we have a hella lot of Scorpio – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and SN. Plus Pluto/Mars in Leo. Possessive/obsessive on a grand scale much? However Moon is in Gemini so they don’t want to get caught and may not want to capture either other than in song-writing. Moon in Gemini links the Scorpio and Leo, and also joins up with Neptune in Libra… perhaps making epic songs which others will love out of nothing at all 🙂 NN is in Taurus, and Taurus is often associated with voice, singing, song 😀

      It’s definitely about a creative person’s relationship with their muse… 😉

      He also wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart and I’d Do Anything for Love (but I won’t do that).

      So I’m going to ask a corny Q: What’s your favourite love song? And why?

      Liked by 1 person

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