An Empty Hammock

Why is that hammock empty? Why would anyone, once in it, ever get out of it again.

Doesn’t it look idyllic. Warm. Inviting. The sound of crystal clear waters lapping gently against the shoreline.

There’s even a boat just in case you want to go somewhere else, but you never do because you’re exactly where you want to be.

When I used to dream while awake, the sort of scene featured in that photograph was my fantasising mind’s porn.

Dreaming while asleep was another matter entirely. Although a couple of times it did deliver some calm and soothing tropical paradise.

There’s one dream which I have never forgotten. It was so vivid, so vibrant, colourful. I was standing on a balcony over a tropical sea staring out at the horizon, while a gentle ocean breeze filled my senses with incredible scents and songs.

Simple dreams are sometimes the most memorable and powerful.

When I was a teenager I went on a cruise of the Caribbean. I took hundreds of photographs, eager to capture every moment, all the beauty and enchantment. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

When I got home, developed the photographs, and feasted my eyes upon them. I found that I couldn’t recall any of the places in the photographs.

Those photographs may as well have been taken by someone else of a trip which they took of which I had not been a part.

None of them meant anything to me. I had been so caught up in taking those photographs that I hadn’t actually seen anything. I had no memory of being there.

That day I swore never to take a camera with me when I visited new places. I wanted to remember the places, immerse myself in the experience of being there and take photographs of them with my eyes, for the album of memory, for day dreams.

That was then… and was what I needed to do back then.

“Life is like carrying a message from the child you were to the old man you’ll become, without losing it along the way.”

― Yann Arthus-Bertrand

I was a bit of an extremist in those days. All or nothing. I don’t need to be that way anymore.

I can rest, relax.

Fill an empty hammock with random musings.

Why do you think that hammock is empty?

What will you fill it with…

Featured image is Nananu-I-Ra, Fiji by Travel & Shit


  1. That hammock is empty because it is waiting for me!
    Only it will probably taken me about ten years to save up to be able to travel there – so anyone else is free to use it in the meantime!


  2. I also will look at unoccupied things or areas and visualise who was there or what could’ve taken place. The hammock is empty because a woman who worked four days straight of double shifts while still try to maintain her role of wife/mother


    • Oh dear, Scherezade, she really needed that sleep, poor woman, why isn’t anyone helping her with all the things she has to do? I’m sure she’ll eventually figure out how to balance her time and duties so that she can get some well earned zzzzzzz’s 🙂

      When I was a kid I used to have to sit around being well-behaved while waiting quite a lot and so I used to fill the time and space around me with stories. From the outside I looked like I was in a trance, on the inside there was plenty of shenanigans going on.

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  3. These days, with instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. taking pictures of places you visit, is pretty much mandatory. How else will you know where you were, who you were with, and whether or not you had fun?


    • I think it’s great don’t you, Fandango, as they’re decorating the internet with their lives so that we can all enjoy their life adventures vicariously. That to me is the perfect way to travel – everyone else does it for me and I can laze around at home yet still visit those places 😉

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  4. Holiday season is over! Back to routine daily lol… Can’t be dreaming all day and night ya 😀

    I’ll hang a dreamcatcher at one end, that which symbolizes hope and healing, and of course catches the good dreams as well 😉


    • Ha! I love that you added the dreamcatcher, Reverist 🙂

      Yes, it’s back to work-school now. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get used to the routines of life again. I’m still confused about what day of the week it is, but that’s pretty normal for me 😉


  5. It’s empty because I got up to go get a gin and tonic to go with my mindless novel that I’m not really reading because I’m busy not thinking while I stare at the ocean’s vanishing point. 🙂
    Yes, I learned the same lesson about taking photos long ago.


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