It All Depends On How You Use It

See that man, the one pointing his finger at you, looking at you with a steely-eyed gaze, challenging you with his style, his expression, his attitude, his words. What impression is he making upon you?

He has quite an ego, doesn’t he. Does his ego provoke your ego?

Do you want to agree with him or disagree with him? Do you want him on your side, fighting with you, or would you rather he was on the opposite side, fighting against you? Who would win that debate?

“In my life so far, I have discovered that there are really only two kinds of people: those who are for you, and those who are against you. Learn to recognize them, for they are often and easily mistaken for each other.”

― Lemmy Kilmister

In astrology the Sun and the zodiac sign it is in at the time of your birth represents the ego.

His ego is Sun in Capricorn. So is mine.

The Capricorn ego has a tendency to get people’s goat, and in their annoyance and anger they may try to crush the Capricorn, which will end up in a game of whack a seagoat-mole.

The Capricorn ego is of the order Blattodea (includes cockroaches and termites). You can stomp on it, hit it repeatedly with a hammer, spray it with insecticide, burn it with fire, have a nuclear meltdown… and somehow it will survive, but you might kill yourself in the process of trying to kill it.

Of course, I’m exaggerating. Or am I?

Lemmy might have enjoyed that exaggeration since his Capricorn Sun is aspected by Mars in Leo – challenge his ego and he’d have blasted you with a lion’s roar into a mic while on stage.

Let’s have a look at Lemmy’s natal chart :

Lemmy’s natal chart via astro databank

If you look at the placement of his Sun (the symbol of a circle with another circle within it), it’s conjunct (joined up with) the Ascendant/rising sign, which means he has Capricorn rising too with his Sun/ego on show, thrust forwards and out into the world.

The rising sign represents the body of the self with which we meet and greet the world.

However the statement he made in the quote used as the featured image of this post is more in tune with his Mercury (the symbol which looks like a circle on a cross with antennae sticking out of its head) in Sagittarius – the sign voted most likely to hold the truth in high regard (and stab people with it, as they practice using that bow and arrow).

And his Mercury is aspected by Uranus, the radical liberator = I will fry your brain with the truth and set you free.

Lemmy would have written awesome daily horoscopes…

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post.

Susan (Sun in Aquarius) and gc (Sun in Sagittarius) have asked the following questions for their Weekly Prompts Horoscopes:

Are you the type of person who anxiously awaits your daily forecast in the astrology section of your newspaper to discover what your day holds in store for you or are you the type who scoffs at such belief as being naive and childish?

Do you think that the stars control a person’s fate or does a person possess certain attributes that from time to time align with a particular forecast of the day?  Give us your opinion on this topic be it positive or negative.

The first question is the kind which tends to get my goat.

I love using astrology. I never read daily horoscopes in newspapers.

Daily horoscopes in newspapers aren’t really astrology. It’s a slip of paper with some words on it in a fortune cookie. It’s a gimmick for entertainment purposes only. It’s based on the most superficial stereotypes of the signs, and it won’t tell you anything about yourself or what your day will be like (other than that your day will include you reading something silly in a newspaper, and if you don’t like what it says you’ll decide that it is stupid).

If it happens to be written by a professional astrologer who is good at their craft and is using transits, you should read the prediction for your rising sign rather than the one for your Sun sign (unless, like Lemmy, your Sun sign and rising sign are the same), since the forecast is based on where (which astrological houses) the planetary action is taking place in your natal chart.

I do however sometimes check out my daily astrology on Astrodienst, because it uses your natal chart and calculates if the transits are affecting it at the time.

Here’s mine for today:

I was thinking something along those lines about communication, particularly with regards to creative communication like writing blog posts since it’s happening in my 5th house of creativity, before I read that… and that daily astro gave my thought more food to chomp on.

My natal Mercury is in Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and that placement rather likes having an open mind through which information pours in and out.

Like Lemmy, my natal Mercury is aspected by Uranus… I too like to fry brains to set them free (mostly my own brain, sometimes I end up frying the brains of others too. The latter is usually not done intentionally), except I do it with information rather than truth.

I like the truth, but the truth is mutable, and several contradictory truths can all be true at the same time. What is true for me, may not be true for you, and both truths are equally valid.

Do the stars control a person’s fate?

We do rely on a very big star for our survival. If the Sun ceased to exist… I guess it would probably control our fate too.

“My ethic is: ‘Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.’ You can be as careful as you want, but you’re going to die anyway, so why not have fun?”

― Lemmy Kilmister

It’s an interesting idea to ponder and see where the thought journey takes us.

What I love about astrology isn’t the predictive side of it, it’s the doors of perception which it opens up and allows you to step through. I love philosophy, psychology, science, metaphysics, and a whole slew of other subjects for the same reason.

What you get out of a subject like astrology depends very much on how you use it.

“Home is in here [tapping temple]. Where you live is just a geographical preference.”

― Lemmy Kilmister

It depends on how you use you mind, and the information which enters your consciousness.

You’re in charge of your thoughts.

You control that, don’t you.

And that controls what you see, how you perceive, how you experience the world and everything in it.


  1. I tend to read my horoscope, sometimes, because I’m really too dim to grasp the astrology. I’ve used some of your tools to try to understand but came away more confused. I suspect that it takes a lot of study to get to the point where one can speak authoritatively on the subject. My hat is off to you, who has obviously put in the time and work necessary. It doesn’t help, in my case, that I have the attention span of a flea right now. And it’s snowing, again. *sigh*… nothing is improved by the snow except the older, ugly and gray, snow beneath.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agh, Melanie, you’re not dim! You’re very smart, own it and treat it with respect. It makes life more fun 🙂

      Astrology, like any subject, is complicated if we’re not really interested in it. Something about a subject has to pique our interest and make us want to absorb the information. The way I use and write about astrology would make most professional astrologers cringe. I find it’s a great source of food for thought, and it gives me a different way of looking at things, events, people, like myself, my quirks and stuff.

      The weather people keep threatening my part of the world with another beast from the east like we had last year because we’ve had too mild a Winter. I quite like snow because it makes everything so quiet, and it gives me a good excuse not to do my outside chores 😉


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