9 Things I’ll Do in My Next Life

I’ve been creatively challenged to do something I’m really not good at doing at all – making plans. I’ve tried, tried and tried again, and I’m still waiting for that moment when I succeed at it after all that practice.

This creative challenge comes from The Reverist of Riddles & Reveries, where he writes beautifully evocative posts for his muse.

and it is as follows:

For your next life, you have the choice to create an event for every decade, you also have the freedom to design all aspects of your character, choose your family, spouse, career, people you meet. However, you won’t remember any of this in your next life. What choices would you make? What would the events be? What would your next life be like?

Where do I begin… making a chaotic mess of my next life?

Should I start at the end and work my way backwards… I really should have done that with the life I have now. Maybe that’s what I said in my previous life and… oh… that’s why I feel like I’ve lived my life back-to-front!

I’m really not good at making choices either. The titles of my posts are proof of that.

There are so many options, and each option has several paths leading away from it… I wonder where that leads, aha a fork in the road, let’s go down the mysterious way, no one has ever been there before I must go there and ahhhhhhh….

Aside from all the minor issues, my main problem with meeting this challenge is that I’m not planning on having a next life. And after years of investigating the matter, I may have figured out how to do what I want to not do.

But hey, since my plans tend to go awry when I do make them… here are 9 things I’ll do in my next life:

#1: Swim with sharks or, even better, be a great white

Have you seen the news about Ocean Ramsey and the Great White known as Deep Blue. The images are intensely wow! It reminded me of Valerie and Ron Taylor, and Jacques Cousteau, I was so obsessed with them, with sharks, I wanted to be them.

So I guess, in my next life I could be someone like that who does that, or be the shark.

by Ocean Ramsey

#2: Be a Polymath or a supercomputer

I’ve always wanted to know everything. Not in an unbearable know-it-all manner, but in a Google or Wikipedia way.

I remember when I discovered the joys of knowledge within that heavy and serious set of dark reddish brown (see if I was a polymath I would know what that colour was called… I could look it up, someone somewhere knows it) tomes in my parents’ library. Oh the wonders within Encyclopedia Britannica!

Admittedly some of what I read has probably been debunked… luckily I can’t remember most of it, so I just have to keep relearning things over and over. Which is fun… yet tiresome. I wish I could recall it all.

That’s weird… I used to wish I could forget it all. Be careful for what you wish… I keep forgetting that lesson!

#3: Fly a helicopter/ be a helicopter pilot

When I was some age like 8 or 9 I used to watch this TV Show all about a rescue team working somewhere like in a national park – there were a lot of trees… which made it tricky for helicopter rescues. My favourite bits were the helicopter rescues – that, I thought, is what I want to do and be when I grow up!

I loved watching Airwolf too. OMG those helicopters!!! The story was stupid but the helicopters were awesome.

Airwolf helicopter porn

#4: Be friends with mad scientists… maybe be a mad scientist too

I saw this documentary a while ago about this mad scientist type who was trying to build a machine which could capture the soul – not like a genie in a bottle but in an MRI, brain imaging way. The idea was so brilliantly wild and crazy. I wanted to call him up and say: Dude, I want to participate in this project of yours!

Whenever I read about those symposiums where minds get together to discuss, debate, argue, brainstorm ideas, theories, and puzzles like the Hard Problem of Consciousness… I want to be there and do that. I want in on the action!

excerpt from The Guardian: Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness? by Oliver Burkeman

#5: Sail the seas… yup, I’m going back in the water, well on it to be more exact

Many of my fantasies, daydreams, and the stories I told myself before sleep to enter the world beyond wakefulness, were about sailing the seas, getting shipwrecked on islands, exploring the secrets of the ocean.

Many of my favourite books, films, TV shows are about oceanic adventures.

Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions… I so wanted to do that!

The Count of Monte Cristo!

When I hear about people taking off and sailing around the world… it makes the waters within surge with excitement.

The Gulf Stream by Winslow Homer

#6: Live in a castle…

I thought I’d grown out of it, but nope… it would still be hella cool. I was reminded of this the other day while reading an article about this bizarre residential complex which has been abandoned, where each house is a mini castle.

Link to article – CNN Travel: Burj Al Babas: Turkey’s $200 million abandoned ghost town

I had a major crush on Ludwig’s Castle as a child. When I was a teen Neuschwanstein Castle was replaced in my heart by Chambord Castle. And in my early 20’s after a visit there I wanted to live in the Pena Palace.

A castle would make a great hang out for mad scientists…

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

#7: Visit all the places I’m too lazy to visit in this life

I have been lucky enough to have done quite a bit of traveling. I’ve been traveling since before I was born (complicated story… as is everything human). I didn’t always appreciate it, in fact I spent much of my youth wishing I had a place to call home which didn’t change every few months. And that when people asked me where I was from I could give a straight and simple answer.

I’ve only just properly settled down in a house which is the first home I’ve ever owned – it’s quite the adventure.

These days I prefer to travel via internet and TV. And, of course, imagination.

When my mad scientist friends invent a portal which you can step through to spend the day in Seoul… that’ll be my next traveling experience otherwise I’m staying put, with only short expeditions out locally.

Wae!?! Chincha!

#8: Be an Extrovert

In this life I am Hermit levels of Introvert. In my next life I’d like to experience the other end of the spectrum. It looks like fun. But I have no idea if it is fun… so I should find out for myself by being one.

by Oddly Developed Types (I’m an INTP btw)

#9: Learn how to use a massive telescope and star gaze into infinity and beyond

I could set it up in my castle.

And as a polymath I would know what everything I spied was…

Thus if something was out of place, was missing or had suddenly appeared and had never been seen before…

I could show it to my huge collection of mad scientist friends and…

After a quick helicopter jaunt to the Andaman Islands for a spot of sailing and shark swimming…

We could make shit up about it and pop it into the supercomputer encyclopedia and make it so.

Or something like that.

I realise this is probably not at all the sort of post you had in mind when you gave me the challenge, Reverist… it wasn’t the sort of post I had in mind when I first read your prompt.

It’s just what came out when I did it… and although it may seem shallow, it actually is rather deep, for me anyway.

In my next life maybe I’ll do things the way people expect them to be done. Or maybe I won’t.

Over to you!


  1. Simply brilliant!! Love the way you tackled the prompt! This is not shallow, it’s oceans deep…

    The title is a surprise 9 things instead of 6 lol that instantly draws a smile from me. Tbh, after giving you the prompt, I gave it some thoughts too and it’s not an easy post to write. I would dive into too much details, exploring the visible and invisible routes urgh… there’s no end to it. Then again reminds me I’m no good at planning either 😀

    Well, I’m just wondering how you would write this and it turns out to be a such surprise, a clever one. You have a list of very interesting things to do and it sounds so exciting! Your ideas are bringing my imagination to places, up the skies and down to the seas. I’ve to crawl out of my bed to write this comment, hehe…I had to take a leak.

    Your post also reminds me one of my many childhood dreams was to be a sailor who lives on the sea…

    Thank you so much for your wonderful post 😉


    • Thank you very much, Reverist 🙂

      I loved your writing prompt, it was both a hard and easy creative challenge. Hard because because at first I approached it with too much conscious thought, and wanted to do it properly, methodically, seriously, etc. My mind got bogged down in past, present, future details, and blocked the flow. BUT that was a good thing because once I couldn’t think-think about it, a different approach had to be found, and my inner dreamer came to the fore and said: I’ll write it! Then it became easy to do, and great fun.

      It was deep for me because it stirred up buried passions. Not the heavy kind of buried passion but the light kind which have wings and take you on trips 😉

      Childhood dreams have a lot of power in them!


      • Right! That’s what I meant too 🙌🏼

        Childhood dreams that sunk to the ocean and forgotten. I had a few too. It’s not just the dreams that are powerful, it’s the child within 😉

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      • Hey, I finally got to doing this post on my next life’s to-do list. It didn’t begin the way I anticipated and still yet find an ending to it. It’s gonna be a long post (by my standards) 😀 You’ll probably receive the pingback once I’m done. Hmm, it’s been a quiet week on your blog so I hope you are doing fine or even enjoying a nice holiday! 😉


          • Hi Ursula, I’ve replied a second time to your reply comment in case you already read the first and missed the second part. Lol the first reply was when I woke in the middle of the night (my time), I reread your comment this morning and so an add on to it

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  2. Lots of ocean! And space! I agree! 🙂
    I don’t know about next life stuff either. We are comprised of energy and energy doesn’t die, it just changes states, so technically, we all live on in some other form. But is there consciousness? Awareness? Is there an afterlife? Recycling? Reincarnation? Maybe the energy that powers me will go on to power another human being or will power a truck or grow a tree. The research into small children asking their parents about their “other lives.” I could talk about this a lot …
    Great post. 🙂


  3. I would love to answer these and play along, alas one of the aspects of my now life (as opposed to future or past ones) is that I’m muddle headed as the day wears on and it’s well past 2 p.m. here now. So tomorrow, bright eyed and my version of bushy tailed, I’ll come and share your excellent thoughts on this. Fascinating read btw, simply fascinating! 🙂


  4. Awesome response. I don’t think I could do this. I am totally willing to just let the world unfold and for better or worse, I like the way I am so I’d just repeat myself and I have a funny feeling that if I was the same, my life would be the same, and that’s OK. I wouldn’t be an extrovert if you paid me. Waaayyyy too many peopley things going on. 😉 (INFJ btw).


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