Random Acts of Kindness Award

I've been gifted a Random Act of Kindness Award by Rory of a Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip. Rory is a true gentleman. He said some very kind and lovely things about me and the other bloggers he gifted with the award which you can read here ---> R.A.K Award - A Guy Called... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Web

I was challenged to tell a story based on a photograph of a spider. I made several attempts to do so, but I kept being interrupted by my internet connection disconnecting itself. That's not an unusual occurrence. My attachment to the web is tenuous, and the strand breaks easily. It reattaches and detaches on a... Continue Reading →

SYW: We’re Sperm Waiting To Be Released

The title of this post comes from something I said out loud to my partner while I was stuck in a crowd of thousands of people while we were at a standstill waiting to be released by those in charge of regulating our flow. There was nothing else to do while waiting other than think... Continue Reading →

This is Genius!

No, not this post. This post is just a post on just a blog posted by just a person. What is genius is the video which I am going to share in this post. Why am I sharing this video? It's in answer to Fandango's Provocative Question #15. Fandango's questions is as follows: This week’s... Continue Reading →

SYW: Are You Human Too?

Every now and then the whirring gears in my mind screech to a halt. Several things can cause that to happen. One is when I get the strong impression that someone with whom I am interacting doesn't see me as a human being. To them I am a thing. A tool. An object designed to... Continue Reading →

Answering Blogging Questions With An Astrological Twist

I love blogging. I also love astrology. And I love to spot connections, contrast, compare, mix things up. So I thought I'd answer some questions about blogging using astrology. This may get very complicated, confusing, and I may lose the point and plot, but that's okay, I'm at home in strange waters. The questions about... Continue Reading →

My Heart is U

There's a lot of chaotic chatter on the airwaves about a certain person who wants to build a certain wall with other people's money, and is so determined to do it that they've declared it an emergency. This post isn't about that story or that person or that wall. This post is about my story,... Continue Reading →

Should I Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree?

Am I often suspicious of other people? Is "Finder's keepers" a fair rule? Do I find myself trying to beat my personal achievements? Do people rely on me to fix problems? In games, is winning my main objective? Do I like to stand out in a crowd? Maybe I should remain neutral and see if... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Strange Magic

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Now that the small talk is over, let's delve into that mysterious magic known as asking questions, which has such a strange effect on the human psyche. When someone asks a question, whether it is directed at you or not, do you feel compelled to answer? Even if you say nothing,... Continue Reading →

SYW: The Heart-Shaped Edition

Do you love me? Why? What is it about me that you love? Why? Please explain your love for me in detail until I'm satisfied with your answer. Will you always love me? Why not? What's wrong with me that you can't love me forever!?! Oh, I see... well, that's not acceptable, change that about... Continue Reading →

Shooting Star Thoughts

Last night I saw a shooting star. I always feel a thrill when I spot one... As I wrote those two previous sentences a thought streaked across my mind's sky and crashed into my post-writer's bubble, popping it - What do you care if I saw a shooting star and felt thrilled by it. Isn't... Continue Reading →

Create With Passion

Do you share your passions with others? Do you share the things, ideas, creations, people, artists, which rouse and arouse you, get your emotional juices flowing, with others or do you keep them to yourself? Do you share some and not others? What makes one source of passion shareable and the other one something to... Continue Reading →

Reading You, Writing You

Why do you read? Why do you write? What inspires you to to read? What motivates you to write? Do you lose yourself or find yourself in words? What are you looking for when you read or write? Once again I'm going to share some posts which sparked a glow within when I read them... Continue Reading →

No Matter How Strange It May Be

This post is... what is a post? Some people call posts - blogs. Which term is the correct one to use? Does it matter as long as you understand what someone is saying when they say it. But that isn't as easy as it seems, is it. I often misunderstand what people are saying. I... Continue Reading →

I Could Destroy You, But I Won’t

The title of this post refers to a conversation I have every now and then with my blog. I have deleted two previous blogs, so it's not an idle threat but a fact - I could delete this blog, but I won't... not yet anyway. Sometimes the urge to destroy my creation is intense. There's... Continue Reading →

SYW: Chi Mi Ama, Mi Segua

Loosely translated it means - those who love me, follow me. It's something my father used to say, usually just after I'd told him that I wasn't going to do whatever it was that he wanted me to do. He loved to use Italian proverbs like playing cards to win a game of human chess.... Continue Reading →

The One Challenge

I thought I'd do this because I can. I'm very grateful that I can do things because I can. For many years I didn't think I could do anything. And the few things I thought I could do, I couldn't do them because I was told not to do them. If I did them anyway,... Continue Reading →

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