Should I Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree?

Am I often suspicious of other people? Is “Finder’s keepers” a fair rule? Do I find myself trying to beat my personal achievements? Do people rely on me to fix problems? In games, is winning my main objective? Do I like to stand out in a crowd?

Maybe I should remain neutral and see if that works out better. I’m tempted to go back and do it again – what would happen if I answered all those questions neutrally?

About those questions, they’re from:

Psychologist World: Jungian Archetype Test – Discover which Jungian Archetype your personality matches with this archetype test.

To get a result you have to choose one of these options as your answer for each question – Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly disagree.

You get two separate results, one for your ‘Self’ and one for your ‘Persona’.

my SELF results

The ‘Self’ result is supposed to reflect your real personality, who you are when alone with yourself – naked, while the ‘Persona’ is the personality you wear outside, in public, when with others – clothes.

my PERSONA results

Do I strongly agree with the results I received, or strongly disagree with them? Well, I took a screenshot and shared them here, so that means that… I’m neutral about it.

I took a different test before that one which only allowed you to pick between I Agree or I Disagree… that annoyed me, what if I neither agree nor disagree?

This is that test:

Lonerwolf: What is Your Psychological Archetype test

The result came out as expected, it told me that I was The Seeker. No shit, Sherlock! I’m taking a personality type test on your website, so I’m obviously seeking something… like a result to my test.

To be fair, I’ve had that result before from other online archetype tests.

My MBTI is INTP, which is a type known to ask a lot of questions while on a quest. My neighbour calls me “Google” because I look stuff up and share what I’ve found when you input a search into me.

One of the main reasons that I’m a voracious reader is due to seeking… I don’t always know what I’m looking for which makes the experience more fun as I’m open to finding anything and everything.

The other day, Rory asked in his series about blogging: What is your End Game?

And my answer to that was – my end game is to understand the human matrix.

The likelihood of my achieving my end game is slim… but then again I’ve thought something similar about other goals. Some of those I achieved and others I didn’t… not yet anyway.

Besides, I’m a wise old joker… so I could just be having a laugh at my own expense. Spiritosa!

This all came about because while browsing my WordPress reader, a post caught my eye and I read it:

Modern Mystic Mother: My psychological archetype is DESTRUCTO! Hoo-rah-roar! Godzilla screech

Kim of Modern Mystic Mother took the test on Lonerwolf, and received – The Destroyer – as her result.

There are many versions of the archetype wheel, here’s one:

I can spot the seeker (explorer), the joker (jester), and the wise old man (sage), but which one is the destroyer?

Is the destroyer the shadow of the creator or the outlaw. Perhaps it’s the dark side of the magician or the ruler. Maybe it’s the hero who must destroy the villain before the villain destroys the hero, others, the world.

Then again the caregiver can be destructive when they plant and nurture the seeds of fear in others. This hurts me more than it hurts you, it’s for your own good… does it though? Is it though?

Everyone can be a destroyer… question is, why do we do it? Is it frustrated creativity? Or is it an intrinsic aspect of creation…

“From her very flesh and blood and from the constant cycles of filling and emptying the red vase in her belly, a woman understands physically, emotionally, and spiritually that zeniths fade and expire, and what is left is reborn in unexpected ways and by inspired means, only to fall back to nothing, and yet be reconceived again in full glory.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

While writing this post, I wondered… is it the ‘Self’ or the ‘Persona’ who influences what a blogger does with their blog.

When I write a post, I do it alone and I share conversations which I am having with myself. So is it the ‘Self’ expressing itself?

And yet I know that when I have finished a post, if I press publish on it, then it will appear in public. So is it the ‘Persona’ expressing itself?

I wonder what result I would get on the Jungian Archetype test if I let someone else take the test for me, answering the questions based on how they perceive me.

Would that result be more accurate… but what would it accurately show? My self, my persona, me or someone else’s self, persona, projected onto me?


I’d be intrigued to see the results of those who like my blog and my posts, and compare them with mine – would we find that certain archetypes get along together?

It would also be fun to compare and contrast with the archetype test results of those who don’t like my blog and my posts – are their certain archetypes which just nope each other out?


If you’re up for the challenge, take this test:

Psychologist World: Jungian Archetype Test – Discover which Jungian Archetype your personality matches with this archetype test.

Let’s mad scientist it!


Thank you!

(don’t worry, I’m used to people not wanting to play with me… my sandpit has an abyss in it)


  1. I will accept your (Jung’s) challenge! If it those “agree” tests ,they are quite annoying. I don’t care for them because they’re so black or white, maybe I kinda agree which somewhat but the question may not reflect a somewhat agree answer. But I love to see what it says about me.

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  2. Oh what fun! I was trying to record a clip of me singing “ether” by nothingface this afternoon. Trashed it because I’m super embarrassed and self conscious. So… I destroy my own shit because I hate it. And laud other people’s creations. I’m gonna tell you my theory! As the destroyer, I am the segments and lines that construct the diagram. The boundary between one distinction and the other.
    Careful when you go traipsing through the deep dark woods, don’t want to step on a crack and break this mother’s back. Then I really might mutate like the schizo dude in Split! (Now I’m hunchbacked and swinging from the rafters in Notre dame) the sheeples bleat on the hills and think it’s music!!!!!!! *smoke and explosms, I vanish with the click of a post comment button*


  3. Also! Through the symbolic lens of an astrological wheel… the creator (cardinal) + jester (fixed) + outlaw (mutable) = mmmeee, a triple faced entity! A holy, wholly, unholy trinity. 😎 in the name of the farther, the sun, and I’m not a ghost. A-woo-men! LOL


  4. Oh oh oh and flipping your nizzle as I do the switcheroo. I my self am the wise old man (72%), and my persona non gratin is the joker (69.5%).
    I have no idea why I am like this tonight. Probably Mars doing stuff around my ascendant. Boom.


    • Ha! That’s an awesome share, thank you, Kim 🙂

      If Mars is close to your ASC and affecting it, then so is Uranus. It’s very zappy growly restless energy which wants out of the cage.

      A sort of guide to astro transits is:

      If you’re angry, it’s Mars.
      If you feel like you just stuck your fingers into a live socket, it’s Uranus.
      If you feel like killing and eating everyone, it’s Pluto.
      If you are overdoing it, it’s Jupiter.
      If you’re floating in nebula, it’s Neptune.
      If you want to hug and kiss flowers, it’s Venus.
      If you’re making lists and checking them twice, it’s Saturn.
      If you’re talking or thinking too much, it’s Mercury.

      Or something along those lines 😀


  5. My goodness Ursula, what a great post – it so reminds me of the film ‘You Have mail’ – have you seen it? A lot of similiarities in there to this post, remarkably savvy 🙂

    I will check this out pronto too 🙂


  6. Aha! I have taken both tests lol I probably had done the Lonerwolf before becos the result sounds familiar. I actually find the Lonerwolf test more easy and fun to do as it is straightforward. However, the other test result was intriguing even for myself…I will post them later.

    “I wonder what result I would get on the Jungian Archetype test if I let someone else take the test for me, answering the questions based on how they perceive me.” Hmm… becos I read this and more becos I’m intrigued by my own result. Would you take the test on my behalf? Yes, and the magic word — Please… 😉

    I see Destroyer as similar to the Outlaw on the chart. IMO when you destroy/break laws, you are liberate as decaying structures fall.


    • That’s an excellent point about the destroyer and outlaw!

      Haha, well, since you used the magic word… I’ll give it a go. This may get messy.

      I should mention that I clicked the neutral option quite a few times:

      Self: Joker / Hero / Innocent Child / Great Father
      Persona: Hero / Joker / Innocent Child / Wise Old Man

      Oh, btw, I read your latest post, which was wonderful, and I think your muse may have Merc in Aqua – it was when you said that she enjoyed saying shocking things to wake students up perhaps, and her teaching style was different from other lecturers.

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  7. Very interesting Ursula – I must say you always come across as very wise, especially in your understanding of people.
    I have not done many personality tests – but I get a mix between entertainer and caregiver.


  8. I turned out as the wise old man and my persona is the joker. I loved that I could give a neutral answer!

    It doesn’t surprise me that you are wise. Your understanding of the being we call human is amazing. 🙂


  9. Haha, so I did the Jung one and my “Self” archatype is the The Innocent Child: Naive but a breath of new life and fresh ideas. My Persona is the Wise Old Man: Stoic and contemplative – wise but in no hurry. I almost feel like they are opposite in terms of young and old, but they are pretty similar. Just the old man is in hurry, which I get a lot of comments like that. That not much seems to phase me.


      • Haha! Sometimes typos are just brilliant!!! 😀

        Thank you for playing along and sharing, Lauren. I think the Wise Old Man and the Innocent Child go well together, they’re a good combo. You can see them in your posts, there’s a playfulness and hopefulness in your writing, but also a depth of understanding which cuts through the BS to the heart of a matter. When I first started reading your posts I thought you were much younger than you are, what attracted me the most was the old soul vibe to your youthfulness.

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