SYW: Engaging Chingu Mode

I’ll explain that later. Unless I forget and then it will remain unexplained. Unless you decide to use the force (aka. the internet). But you might forget that you have such an exquisite ability at your disposal.

I love the internet.

I know it has faults, flaws, and dark sides to it… but it’s a human creation, so of course it’s going to have all the facets of the human experience.

I have to admit (no, I don’t have to admit it at all, but it’s fun to do so) that the internet has made me both smarter and dumber simultaneously.

I kind of view it as being my brain outside of my brain. Only the outside brain is better at filing, maintaining, updating, and accessing the information stored in it than inside brain.

Inside brain figures that since outside brain exists, it can regularly wipe itself clean, de-clutter itself, keeping only what is vitally important to keep its human functioning.

Vitally important things include random songs from decades ago which I didn’t like then either, useless tidbits of knowledge which have yet to ever be useful or needed, and embarrassing memories which make me laugh out loud nervously at the most inappropriate times causing others to think I’m having some kind of mental disturbance.


It’s time for Melanie of Sparks From A Combustible Mind’s Share Your World 3-4-19

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

Offline and in person – Their physical presence. The general feel of how they use the space their body takes up, how much space they take up beyond their body, and what it emits.

Best way to explain it is by sharing a chart from an old New Age book. I did read the book, but the only thing I recall about it was the chart shown below which I thought was genius:

Energetic Defense Systems chart from Barbara Brennan‘s Hands of Light

What a person looks like in physical form can be very different from how they appear energetically. I tend to notice their energetic body first.

Some people feel like they take up the entire planet, while others can feel as though you could carry them around in your pocket and they’d probably fall through that tiny hole in it which you didn’t bother to fix.

Online – Their profile pic/avatar/Gravar and how they express themselves using words/gifs/pics/emojis/etc… and the overall feel they’re emanating with all of that.

What three habits do you feel would improve someone’s life?

I have no idea what would improve someone else’s life…

But knowing that I have no idea what would improve their life doesn’t stop me from doing that very human thing of thinking that I know what would improve their life and maybe sharing it with them… much to their annoyance.

I tend to do that more when someone else and their life reminds me of me and my life.

Habits which have improved my life… or at least which I think have improved it, are:

1 – Cutting myself loads of slack.

When I cut myself slack, I feel better about myself and life, I feel less pressured, less wound up, uptight, and thus it makes it easier to cut slack for others.

Cutting slack for others… makes life more enjoyable for me. It’s a strangely magical give and take.

Of course I could end up hanging myself with the extra rope I’ve given myself… and so could others with the extra rope I give to them. That can be fun and informative.

Did you forget to wish someone a Happy Birthday – that’s okay! It’s not fatal, you haven’t fatally wounded them. Yes, yes, they’re behaving like you’ve just stabbed them with a knife in the heart… I guess you didn’t do it efficiently because they’re somehow still alive to guilt-trip you throughout the entire year until their next birthday.

Did someone forget to wish you Happy Birthday – that’s okay! Don’t guilt-trip them for an entire year… that shit is annoying!

cover of Get Lost comic book 1954

2 – Learning to enjoy the fun side of making mistakes and being wrong.

As a child I learned to become terrified of making mistakes. The adults around me seemed to fear those events greatly, so I ended up fearing them too. The adults around me also seemed to be particularly obsessed with the mistakes I made and making a big awful deal about them until I wanted to kill myself if I made a typo.

It took me a long time to realise those adults were broken and thus felt compelled to break me too so that they would appear fixed and perfectly sound by comparison.

These days I’ve found that making mistakes, owning them, owning up to them, admitting that I’ve been an idiot, and proudly stating that I’ve made a mistake and am wrong is … incredibly liberating.

3 – 8 out of 10 people may be wrong

Once you’re okay with making mistakes, being wrong, and cutting yourself slack about it… it opens up a new door of perception.

You know those 8 out of 10 people… they could be making a mistake, they could be wrong about whatever it is they’re believing is true, endorsing, etc.

Just because 8 out of 10 people think X = Y… doesn’t mean X = Y. It just means that 8 out of 10 people believe X = Y and think they’re right about it.

But 2 out of 10 people disagree.

What if 8 out of 10 people are non-dyslexic and therefore think that dyslexia is a learning disability. But 2 out of 10 people are dyslexic and their learning skills are fine as long they they aren’t trying to learn things in the education system created by the 8 out of 10 people. 2 out of 10 people are wondering how those 8 people would fare if they had to learn things in an education system created by the 2 – I wonder who would have the learning disability in that scenario.

What takes up too much of your time?   Would you stop that if you could?

Doing things which I don’t want to do.

Sometimes they need to be done, and no one else can do them for me… and even if they could, they probably don’t want to do it either.

Cookies, biscuits, pastries, pie or cake?   If not, what does your sweet tooth crave?


If you want to have me eating out of your hand and licking your palm and fingers too…

Kind of changed your mind just then about trying to find my weakness to control me didn’t you…

Then offer me this:


Gratitude?  Are You Happy?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

I saw a double-rainbow today. That was cool! What made it even cooler was the flock of land seagulls…

I know they have another name but whatever…

sometimes being stupid, and not using inner brain or outside brain, is fun…

prancing about in front of the dark storm clouds from storm Freya. The sun hit their white breasts in such a way that they looked like electrified pearls falling off of an invisible broken string.

Random moments bring on the happy for me… it helps that I don’t think too deeply about happiness.

I used to and that made me miserable.

The trick to happiness is just to be happy when it happens even if you told yourself that you were in misery mode at that time and thus were not allowed to be happy…

And don’t try to hang onto it when it goes as you may turn the short happy into a long unhappy.

I’m going to end this post with a song… don’t worry I’m not the one doing the singing…

For some reason one of the things which makes me feel good is watching South Korean Dramas… if you’ve never watched one, they take a while to get into because they seem so stupid, but once they’ve got you and you’ve gotten into them… it’s a wonderful chingu (friend) mode moment!

One of the ones I’m watching right now is about a love affair between a man who has prosopagnosia (the inability to recognise faces) and a woman who literally changes her face and body into someone else (child, male, female, foreign, etc) once a month.

The song is part of the OST – Beautiful Moment by K. Will

Have a wonderful week everyone… Best wishes!


  1. I just learned how to laugh at myself in the recent years. I embarrass ridiculously easy.

    And Chingu is what again😉😁


  2. DAhhhhhlllingggg I SEE what fascinates those around you…. YOU! Thanks for Sharing Your Unique World and taking us with you on the ride! Did you draw that cover for that magazine? Fabulous talent sweetie, if not, thanks for introducing the rest of us to something worth seeing. As always in AWE… !


    • Thank you, Melanie 🙂

      I did not draw that cover, it’s from a 1954 comic book which tried to compete with MAD Magazine, but it is the sort of drawing I would love to create, it’s such fun!


    • They’re great fun! I find they’re very relaxing to watch when I’m feeling anxious. Except when they have a really frustrating panto villain.

      Which is your favourite thus far?


        • I just finished watching Coffee Prince. Really fun drama. Netflix has been adding a lot of the top rated K dramas, which is cool. Still waiting for Goblin also starring Gong Yoo. He surprised me in Coffee Prince because I’d only seen him in Train To Busan (zombie film) and he wasn’t likable in that, he wasn’t supposed to be likable in that. He acted very stifly. But in Coffee Prince he was superb. I loved that they didn’t do the typical second leads trope.

          I gave up on Black too, the female lead was too irritating and the story was too convoluted, but the actress was also in You’re All Surrounded and that was an awesome K drama, it also had Cha Seung-Won and Lee Seung-Gi in it and their bromance is super.

          The K drama which got me hooked on the genre is – Strong Girl Bong-soon.


        • I have to confess that I fell asleep while watching that, but it had nothing to do with the film. I love South Korean films, especially films by Chan-wook Park – Oldboy is my all time fav (hated the US remake).

          There’s an excellent and exhausting to watch film – The Chaser (

          The one I want to see next is The Good The Bad and The Weird – the trailer had me in stitches 😀


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