Queen of Swords

I seem to be on a bit of a post-writing break. It wasn’t planned. It just sort of happened naturally, as many things in my life do… which is just as well since me + plans = this isn’t going to work out.


I sometimes ask the tarot to give me a card for a non-specific or a specific question.

I’m lazy, so I don’t actually own a tarot deck… I go online and find one, then click and see what comes up when I do that.

I have owned tarot and divination card decks before (not at present)… and they usually end up either in the trash or being given away because those a-holes are always messing with me!!!

I bought my first tarot card deck when I was some age around 6, 7, 8 years old. I was in Italy at the time – tarot card decks are used as playing cards in Italy. There’s this one popular game – Scopa… can’t recall how to play it, but I do remember playing that game and there was a lot of screaming and shouting, but any activity in Italy comes with a lot of screaming and shouting.

I’m sort of joking and not joking.


The other day I asked – Aecletic Tarot – Free Readings – a question and the card which came up was:

The Queen of Swords

I like that site because they have this extended section where they tell the story of the Major Arcana and the Fool card’s journey through life and his meetings with the other protagonists featured on the other cards … it’s a very philosophical hmmm-ing kind of tale. He’s looking for wisdom to be less of a fool… and each card/protagonist he meets offers him a piece of his personal puzzle.

If you like stories… with a bit of hmmm-ing depth to them… you might like those. Or not.

The minor arcana and suit cards don’t feature in the Fool’s journey, but each one has a long and detailed interpretation which makes for an interesting read.

This is the one for the Queen of Swords:

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning:

As a development: Developing a speech, a scientific theory, a dissertation, working on a debate, or just spreading news.

As an adult woman: She’s a walking encyclopedia. Anything you want to know, this woman knows it, and as such she can mingle with almost anyone. She can talk science with the scientists, history with the historians, literature with the poets. She knows obscure facts, strange tid-bits, and she seems to love nothing better than to pour it all out, give it away like gifts to help people.

In fact this woman is likely to be involved in a job that includes talking: psychology, politics, radio, or research. She might be a scientist, doctor or lawyer. Far-sighted, she is usually ahead of the game when it comes to new developments and will do many things-from cooking new cuisines, to using unconventional child rearing techniques-long before it’s in vogue. All of which tends to make her appear eccentric.

It’s no surprise that men and women find themselves either threatened by her or fascinated. Her cool demeanor enhances her allure, making her the most “queen-like” of the queens, and her talent with words can be used to either lead one gently and persuasively over to her side, or tear an argument (and a person’s self-worth) to pieces.

Obviously, her style of parenting can seem “un-motherly” as she believes in offering up facts to solve problems rather than hugs and kisses. No one is better at intellectually stimulating her children, keeping them curious, helping them with homework or dealing coolly and effectively with emergencies. But she is lacking when it comes to providing emotional understanding and support.

The Queen of Swords also likes to know everything, and she is likely to listen in on conversations, read e-mails, etc. Worse, she might well tell others what she’s learned thinking it will do good. She means well, but her need to know and solve problems often outweighs other considerations. At her best, however, she is the queen of strategy. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, a puzzle worked out, the Queen of Swords is the one you want.

Queen of Swords tarot card meaning via Aecletic Tarot

The first thought I had when I received the Queen of Swords was – She’s totally the card I should have chosen as representing me, the querent, in those days when I used to indulge in longer and more complex readings when I thought I had the patience to work things out that way… and I could never figure out which card suited me (since I could never figure out who I was – still not sure about that, but I’m less unsure than I used to be).

I don’t have that kind of patience… trying to do the longer readings taught me that, as did other things.

Once upon a time… having patience seemed like something desirable, a must-have, to have to succeed and shit in the human world…

These days… I’m kind of thinking those who sell patience as a must-have are also those who sell niceness, kindness, etc, as a must-have for others to have…

all the better to fleece you…

so that they can succeed in getting you to put up with all sorts of stuff you wouldn’t put up with if you were honest and up front about yourself and what you can and can’t do… but you can’t be honest and up front because you have to must-want patience, niceness and other general walk all over me nesses… or so people tell you and you believe because they must-know what they’re talking about and obviously you don’t.

I like the Queen of Swords card solely because of the image – it’s like she’s wondering: “Should I cut their head off or slap them?”

It’s nice to have options, isn’t it…

even if you end up choosing the third option which wasn’t on or in the cards.


  1. Hi Ursula, I got the Four of Swords which considering that I am coming off an extremely busy 6-day week with evaluations and inspections, is not surprising. I am resting today, however. 🙂

    The Queen of Swords seems to suit you. You’re incisive in so many ways and the sword is a good symbol for that. You don’t really need patience because your thinking is so clear. At least, that’s my interpretation because as a muller I have need of patience. 🙂


    • Hi Lynette 🙂

      Thank you.

      Years ago when I used to do tarot readings for myself I received Swords more than any other suit. Particularly the 8 of Swords which depicts a figure surrounded by swords as though they’re caged in by them – I came to view that card as representing the me that I was in those days. The description of it sums up relationships with N’s, and what needs to be done to free yourself from that.

      I used to hate the Sword suit in those days, partly because the interpretations always sounded so harsh and horrible (if you read the older meanings of the cards many of them sound awful, predicting doom and gloom, especially when they’re upside down in a reading), and partly because it cut to the chase of the situation I was asking about at the time and I didn’t want to hear what it was saying to me.

      It can take a long time for us to grow into who we are and be accepting of the path of our life.

      The 4 of Swords sounds good. Have a good rest 🙂

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