And Now I Can’t Get Away From Keanu Reeves

The pink elephants… no, penguins, maybe it was penguins, I’m going with penguins, pink elephants is something else… have struck again.

Let me explain (NO! Don’t explain, please don’t, you never explain the penguin thing or anything else well, Ursula! You’re going to explain it anyway, aren’t you… sigh… let the torture begin)…

Years ago I read about this weird game the mind plays with you, which other people can use to affect you should they be inclined to do so (such as advertisers and anyone else who wants you to notice their stuff, pay attention to them).

The moment something is brought to the attention of your conscious mind, you suddenly notice it everywhere – before someone mentioned penguins to you, you never thought about them, weren’t interested in them, didn’t see them anywhere or if you did you forgot seconds later that you had, but after they mentioned penguins in a manner which penetrated your disinterest and made an impact on you, made you aware and mindful of penguins, suddenly they’re everywhere you look and you didn’t realise how thoroughly they’d invaded every nook and cranny of existence.

The simplest way to get your mind obsessed with penguins is to say – for the next hour DON’T think of penguins. Don’t even think about the word “penguin”. Do NOT pay attention to penguins.

Galapagos Penguins – NOAA Photo Library

Apparently telling yourself NOT to do something is a more effective way to get yourself to do something than telling yourself to do something.

So if you want to give up a bad habit, avoid telling yourself NOT to do whatever it is, because you’ll just end up making yourself want to do it more.

In my previous post – The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do – I answered the question below:

What celebrity would you have as a SPOUSE, if you HAD to choose?

with Keanu Reeves.

Tbh, when I first read that question, my mind immediately rebelled against it.

My mind rebels against all questions – What time is it? At the third stroke it will be exactly NO!

In this case it was rebelling against the idea of it. After I explained to it that this was a hypothetical scenario and no celebrities would be harmed or forced to do anything they didn’t want to do… it reluctantly agreed to play along.

But then I couldn’t think of a single celebrity. My mind went blank. I couldn’t even remember what a “celebrity” was and almost had to Google the word.

I had just fallen off a ladder, but that wasn’t why my mind was being like that – that’s normal operation mode for my mind. Blank is its default setting.

Since the universe abhors a void, the blank mind gradually became less blank. Some visuals crept in – my mind tends to think in images (which makes explaining my thoughts to others a challenge as I have to translate the images into words and each image is worth at least a thousand words all jumbled up like a word cloud).

image created using WordClouds – a free online word and tag cloud generator

Some faces of actors appeared in my mind’s eye from a recent brilliantly funny Korean drama, Jealousy Incarnate (aka Don’t Dare To Dream), which I’d just finished watching – but I didn’t want to marry any of them even though I like the lead actress, and the male lead character reminded me of my partner which made the show funnier for both of us.

I tried to recall actors on whom I’ve had crushes in the past – I don’t have any crushes at the moment, in fact since I’ve been with my partner I haven’t had any love-crushes on anyone. My mind is rather spartan at times about certain concepts (it loves to shout “This is Sparta!” when I object to its spartan approach, it finds that hilarious and so do I).

I do get very interested in people, but it’s mental and the crush is on an idea inspired by the person rather than the person themselves. They become a cornucopia of information which I devour until sated, and then move on, grateful for their assistance and existence – mostly we never meet so they don’t know any of this has occurred unless they’re a blogger and their viewing stats went up while I read every post on their blog.

A few faces popped up from old crushes, but I couldn’t recall the name of the one I still find interesting and I couldn’t be bothered to look it up (“can’t be bothered” seemed to be a theme running through my previous post, I go through days and phases like that, they’re usually a precursor to a shift in focus, an aha moment, or letting go of something like a habit which no longer works and has started not working on a regular basis), and the ones whose names I did recall aren’t interesting anymore to me because I don’t need to be interested in them anymore – the part they played for me was successfully integrated in my system or something like that.

I know that sounds very fickle, but these are people I don’t know personally and who don’t know me. Thus they were not affected by my fickleness as far as I can tell.

Then Keanu Reeves came to mind.

I don’t actually know why he came to mind. I’ve never had a crush on him. I have watched many of his films (I also don’t know why my favourite film and role of his is Constantine… Peter Stormare was in it too, playing a very amusing Lucifer), and remember some information about him which I found interesting. He’s an interesting person.

So I thought – he’s perfect as an answer!

I didn’t realise he was known as “the internet’s boyfriend” until this morning when I noticed a news article about him which stated that he was.

Since I gave him as my answer to that question, Keanu Reeves has become a penguin. I can’t get away from him. He’s everywhere.

Last night I was looking up Korean films on Netflix. All I did was input the letter ‘K’ into the search bar and the first result was – Keanu Reeves.

I made a strange sound and my partner wondered what film had made me do that. That’s when I told him that we were getting married to Keanu Reeves (my partner does sometimes read my blog, usually only when I’m being preternaturally silent and he wants to know what’s going on inside my mind. He even left a comment on a post a few weeks ago. But he hadn’t read my previous post).

My partner then told me that while I was out of the room he’d checked to see if we could buy the latest John Wick, but it wasn’t available yet. He’s totally cool with us marrying Keanu Reeves, he said that it’d be useful to have him as part of our team as then if anyone were to hurt our cat, KR would John Wick their asses!

Earlier in the day, my partner randomly mentioned a news article he’d read about Keanu Reeves.

He often shares random news with me… he regularly interrupts my post-writing to do that, it used to bug the eff out of me but then I started to view it as part of the writing process, there’s often a sychronicity to it, and sometimes I weave what he tells me into my posts.

The random Keanu Reeves penguin news article was a story on front page news about people analysing photographs he’d taken with female fans and actresses, they’d noticed that he doesn’t touch them, and concluded that he was being respectful, being mindful of the awareness raised by #MeToo.

The author of the article which I read this morning questioned whether his not touching females was really what those analysing the photographs wanted it to be or whether it was something else, perhaps he just doesn’t like touching people in general.

Here’s that article if you’d like to check it out – CNN: Keanu Reeves: the mystery of the internet’s boyfriend by Peggy Drexler

In it the author links to a really nice profile on the actor in The New Yorker: Keanu Reeves Is Too Good for This World by Naomi Fry

Now, of course, Keanu Reeves is in full promotional mode for John Wick 3, and so he and everyone else connected with the film’s release would want to make a penguin out of him.

And that’s why I keep bumping into him everywhere, it’s not because I hypothetically bigamously married him against his will without his knowledge and now he’s haunting me, trying to get a message through to me.

The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.

– Keanu Reeves

That’s it from me, over to you…

Do you have any Keanu Reeves penguins you’d like to share?


  1. This is really funny to me. KR has never been on my radar, ever, until recently. Since we watched the netflix movie “always be my maybe” he’s been popping up everywhere!


    • Thank you for sharing, Sandi πŸ™‚

      Hmmm… “Always Be My Maybe” sounds really familiar and looks really cool.

      It’s intriguing the way something or someone which you just never noticed before suddenly keeps getting your attention. It can be fun to go with it and see if it leads anywhere πŸ˜€


  2. Keanu has been in the background everywhere since Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I saw that movie on my 21st birthday(finally legal to drink alcohol in US and I had to ask the pediatrician if it was okay since my daughter was 6 weeks old and I was breastfeeding. TMI?) I had a “he’s hot” crush on him from the start.
    As I got older I kinda grew out of the wanting to hang posters on my wall crushes, but Keanu was still in the background with his movies.
    I loved Constantine. I loved him in Point Break. The Matrix just blew my mind completely. Not so much him, but the concept. It’s still a thinker.
    Keanu has been quietly working for 30 years. He’s always been everywhere. I saw that same article about the touching. His, or John Wick, PR people are definitely earning their money because lately he’s LOUDLY everywhere.


  3. Haha… the penguin image made me think of a penguin wallpaper I installed on my ex’s lappy back then, however the pair of penguin in the wallpaper were looking at the sea, side by side standing on snow covered rocks. Quite opposite from the image you posted but I find it rather cute. Anyway, I knew she didn’t like the penguins so shortly after I changed it to a pink Sakura blossom with a snowy Mt. Fuji as backdrop. Pink penguins?! Do you know what that is? Not the living ones… ummm, it may be TMI here I’m afraid. Anyway, that too reminds me of something else, maybe I’ll explain that in a future post πŸ˜‰

    Right! I remember reading your partner’s comment, I thought his reply was cool and he is sweet! Lol, share with you a bit about my take on ‘Sweet’. I do like sweets, as in ice cream or maybe candies/pastries whatever sometimes, but no sweet coffee or chocolates. I will puke if the coffee is too sweet. Right, during my time on Instagram, I had more than a couple comments that I am sweet… Ewwwβ€”was my first reaction inside, ya I get it that it’s a compliment but in my context ‘sweet’ is a word for girls. Moreover, I don’t like sweet girls. Though later I was convinced by an account friend that explained to me what it meant and how common they say that of nicemen. So even though after years of English education and it being my working language, my mind is still linguistically Chinese…it it’s correct to say that or simply, it just the language culture πŸ˜€

    Btw, I like Keanu Reeves or rather the characters that he portrayed so well in his films, I think it was in The Little Buddha that I noticed him but it was his role as Neo, in The Matrix trilogyβ€”my all-time favourite film that made an expression. Yup, I remember his role in Constantine too but the film overall wasn’t that fantastic. When it comes to portraying a dark character, in my memory Edward Norton, Christian Bale and Ralph Fiennes are excellent, and of course Anthony Hopkins.

    Recently, a Chinese female celebrity often pops up in my mind, it’s funny cos I don’t crush on celebrities but it could be because I started listening to her songs again recently, those lyrics were written by Albert Leung whose writes so beautifully and near to my heart… And I always love her voice, Faye Wong. I don’t usually listen to Mandarin songs, the sound/flavor just different/pale compared to Cantonese. Yet I recently Ive been listening to Faye W’s Mandarin songs, I could attune to the emotion in every word she sings which I’d never heard in other singers, maybe other than LC. Is it the lyrics or her voice that is emotive? Both.


    • My partner is sweet, as in thoughtful. He can also be salty, as in don’t mess with him because you misunderstood his sweet and nice for weakness as he takes no prisoners πŸ˜‰ British banter battles can be brutal.

      I have no idea what a ‘pink penguin’ is, but in the UK anything like that tends to refer to a gentleman’s truncheon. πŸ˜€

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  4. I’ve watched Mr. Reeves (damn now MY mind went to “Christopher”, which many younger persons won’t even know) for years, since he was a young-un. I never really liked him much, thought he was far too serious and odd for an actor; until this past winter when I saw him in a fall down laughing comedy with another rather odd actor – Winona Ryder, who, after her involvement with Johnny Depp, sorta fell off the radar (apparently). That movie “Destination Wedding” made me reevaluate ol’ Keneau. He played that role PERFECTLY and was (I suspect) just being himself, as always. I wouldn’t marry the guy though for the obvious ‘cougar’ reasons, but also because I think he & I are probably too much alike for comfort. Thanks Ursula for providing more grist for my mind mill. And sorry about the ‘mind worm’ penguin thingie.


    • Haha! It’s a rather pleasant mind worm to have πŸ˜€

      Whenever someone mentions Christopher Reeve, the film – Somewhere in Time – always comes to mind. I saw it during a period in my life when I was into romance, and it just had the most tragically romantic heart-crushing ending ever, I’ve never gotten over it. It’s one of the few films which left me sobbing.

      Willem Dafoe – that’s the actor I used to have a crush on whose name I couldn’t remember. But he’s a tad too older man for me. Ha, and I just noticed that he was in John Wick! What a coincidence!!


  5. This is a little like a weird kind of synchronicity because he was mentioned on radio the other day as ‘the world’s kindest celebrity’ I then followed a link which listed his 30 odd films. I always loved him for some reason. Nothing meaningful to add really but it was a case of coincidence reading this today. πŸ™‚


  6. Ha. Yep, this happens. My favorite comedy TV show has a scene in it that I thought of immediately as I read your post. The show is Everybody Loves Raymond.

    Robby tells Raymond not to think about breasts (after a previous seen that led to this comment).

    Ray says, “Yeah, right. How ’bout you don’t think about zebras? Go.”

    Silence ensues for a few moments. Ray asks, “Now, what’re you thinking about?”

    Robby answers, “A zebra with breasts.” πŸ˜€


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