The Day of the Swan

There are days when…

This sort of happening happens…

A swan appears in your garden…

A garden which swans don’t usually frequent.

Why would they when they have other better places to be.

Why is it here when it could be there?

Is it okay?

What should I do… is there something I should do?

Luckily this swan wasn’t here for me, so I didn’t have to figure anything out other than that this swan was not here for me…

It was here for someone else, and they did what needed to be done, which in this case was to watch the swan closely for a while and decide that its wing, while not broken, seemed to be distressing it.

It needed humans to help…

uh oh…

Luckily we live in an area which cares about nature, about birds whose wings may be distressing them, and has people whom you can call once you figure out who they are… which can take some time and effort.

People who come out and capture the swan gently, quickly, take it to a sanctuary where it will be nurtured back to health then released in a place with which it is familiar.

As much as this world, the human world anyway, seems to be in constant upheaval, uproar, angst, anger… there is much calm within the storm.

There is a place within this place which nurtures innate grace, natural beauty, and that concept we call love.

“The swan’s symbolism is very powerful. It does not only show us beauty, it reminds us where beauty really comes from. As per the swan, beauty is not a matter of science or logic. Instead, it is a matter of intuition and awareness. When we look at the swan, we do not go about measuring its proportions and comparing it with universal preferences to be able to appreciate its beauty. Instead, we just take one look at the bird and become aware of its gracefully curving neck, its gentle predisposition, its pure feathers. From there we see its beauty.

Hence, the swan reminds us that sometimes there is more to be seen and had when we trust our intuition and awareness. When we learn to understand things not from overthinking but from mere instinct, then we will learn to see the innate beauty of the world.”

– excerpt from Hep6: 10 Swan Symbolism Facts & Meanings

I’m writing and posting this to remind me of this day and…

That there are some days which are swan days.


    • Swans are rather fascinating. We live in between two swan lakes of sorts, but the swans usually just fly over us and never visit – ducks and herons often stop by but never swans. This one seems to have injured a wing but not seriously. It sat on a grassy area just outside the living room window for hours preening itself in the rain. The local wildlife sanctuary people popped by and picked it up. We did consider calling the queen about it πŸ˜‰


      • Wonderful. We had several come by the boat to show off their babies when we were in the marina. I got some fabulous photos. It’s all ducks and Canada geese here, but there are swans up on the drain about a mile away that are rearing young. Hopefully we shall be able to get there to see them.

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  1. Swan Days are a treasure! I’m so happy you got to have one.
    We just have really loud ravens and a flock of wild parrots that occasionally settle in our area for a while.


    • Thank you, Angie πŸ™‚

      Wild parrots are awesome characters. Many years ago when I was staying in Florida there was this gang of wild parrots which used to gather every evening on phone lines just outside where I was staying and just chatter away as though discussing what they’d been up to all day, what they’d seen those crazy humans doing, and make plans for what they were going to get up to the next day. The story goes that they used to be captive parrots who escaped captivity and were never going to be captured again πŸ˜‰

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      • They do seem to be chatting when they stop in pairs and small groups. I love to watch them swarm together and fly back and forth until everyone is gathered and they set off for the night’s roosting spot.
        I haven’t seen them in a while. They travel to different parts of the county, sometimes by the beach, sometimes up north…wherever the food is.

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  2. I love that the swan knew where to go, that your yard would be a safe place to sit and rest. πŸ™‚

    I saw a whooping crane yesterday, but at quite a distance (saw it through binoculars). Maybe it’s just bird time. πŸ™‚


  3. The BW swan picture feels kinda surreal, niceee…

    Oh I finally found Intacto online and watch it but before that I saw Oldboy, the Korean version. Initially, I was more interested by Intacto story line and it took me awhile to fish out an online free version, the film is pretty good but it pales as I just finished Oldboy which is shuddering πŸ˜€ love it, haven’t watch something that gripped me in a long while.

    So glad you share these cool films here. In the past, i don’t usually watch much foreign films cos I felt reading subtitles might divert my attention from the picture.

    Ya I kinda got the impression from your posts that you’ve been in States for awhile, and I thought it was Cali LA or NJ etc because those posts I read always talk about beaches πŸ˜‰ I’d wanted to ask if you would share your time in the States but since you haven’t been posting much lately, I suppose you are buzzing busy now.

    Anyhow, with the unrest still brewing where I am, it’s beginning to impact my normal course of day. Hopefully it will blow over in another two weeks or soonner…


    • Thank you, Reverist, the whole experience was rather surreal πŸ™‚

      I used to avoid subtitled films too because of a similar reason, but there are just so many brilliant foreign films, and once you get used to reading subtitles it becomes second nature – you’re sort of reading them while not reading them. Nowadays I kind of prefer watching subtitled films and shows. It helps if you watch a bunch of same language foreign films one after the other, as then your ears get accustomed to the language and you get the impression that you understand what they’re saying.

      Intacto just hit a certain spot for me when I watched it, it was like meeting a friend. I watched it during a period of viewing a lot of Spanish films, and they’re all rather surreal, especially the endings, sometimes they end suddenly without explaining anything that happened. Timecrimes (2007) is a brilliant Spanish time traveling film, great fun, confusing but in a good way.

      There are a couple of other fav films on my list which you might enjoy.

      Kontroll (2003). Hungarian film, action packed, very weird, funny, beautiful story.

      Night Watch (2004). Russian film. Supernatural action film. Absolutely awesome. There’s a sequel, which was fun to watch too, but not as good as the original.

      I traveled around a lot as a child and also when I was older. Spent some time in the US, mostly on the East Coast, though it was never for as long as it felt when I was there. Time is experienced differently in different places.

      For some reason I thought you lived and worked in Singapore, and had left HK. Are you actually in HK? I get the impression that things aren’t going to blow over, there’s more to what’s going on. But then again… it’s hard to tell these days what’s going to happen and what’s not going to happen. We are definitely living in interesting times.

      My blog has its own biorhythm. Have you ever tried the biorhythm technique? It’s intriguing as a concept. It’s sort of about the ups and downs, the flow of energy. Anyway, the way I write posts is based on if, when, and how a post feels like being written, and what energy is driving the urge to write and express something.

      Writing about Paris was fun to do, and clicked into place, but the US stuff is heavy and not sure I want to revisit it at this time. I have written about it before, usually when writing about narcissists. We’ll see…

      What in particular did you want to know, what’s driving the curiosity and interest in my life experiences for you?

      I like to know why someone wants to know what they want to know about me.


      • Recently, well not so recent actually but I only thought about it when I was reading on DTD and links with PTSD. So I have a friend who developed a phobia in using certain electronics devices some years ago, and she was in States for a long time but had return. She did mentioned briefly that the phobia was due to a traumatic episode when she was there during 9/11. So during my read up on DTD, it popped in my mind that my friend could have suffered PTSD due to the 9/11 episode, then I just thought if you were there during that time cos you said in your posts you suffered PTSD-C. Of course, your condition could largely be due to your narcs parents, I was just wondering if there was another experience which added to it. I’m sorry if I seem too inquisitive, please ignore or forget that I asked.

        The reason I’m interested in you is becos in many of your posts, I find similar sentiments or thoughts which I have but found no words for them. When I read your posts, I hear myself saying ya that’s what I felt or thought, however, the related experiences and circumstances were different, yet share a common ground. Sometimes I do wonder if my muse thinks like you too since your birth dates are so near though I think she is more Capricornian and Saturnian than you πŸ™‚

        The assumptions you made about me are almost accurate except,… I’m neither in HK nor Singapore now but wandering in no man’s land lol. I don’t know about the biorhythm technique, and just tried feed my data on an online calculator. The results forced a smile on my faceβ€” Phy: -93%, Emo: -99%, Intel: 8%, Spiritual: -71%, Awareness: 5%, Aesthetic: 68%, Intuition: -80% lolllll Does that mean I’m most attractive when all else is negative and left with that tiny bit of intel and awareness? πŸ˜‰


      • Excuse me but I forgot some points in my earlier reply so I’m adding a second comment. Ya, I missed these when my thoughts drift to my muse πŸ˜‰

        So it’s not simply because I’m seeing myself in your words, it’s also sometimes your perspective and/or your story enable me to look at other things in new ways.

        Take this post for example, There was something about the bw swan pic that had me came back to your post another few times just to look at it. Took me three days to realise the BW swan pic subconsciously reminds of the Black Swan theory I was very much interested in years before. I wrote a post last night but the posy just didn’t went the way I intended so I cut out short, and after I flipped thru his books, some words caught my eye but those were like rephasing concepts of quotes and contents I read here. Thie author has some new ideas but majority were existing ideas being expanded on.

        Authors like this are nothing new really but it was from the useful & useless info in your posts that reveal it to me… then again it’s usually the useless info I dwell on seriously lol

        And after these months reading your stories, I think you’re an intriguing person that’s why I’m interested to find out more and I try to share my own so it’ll be fair πŸ™‚


        • Thank you, Reverist πŸ™‚

          I’m writing this comment just after having returned from a trip to the local lake to watch the swan being released, along with another swan which had been rescued by the animal sanctuary people. It was a nice juxtaposition between the two swans, our swan was calm and accepting, made its way to the water and swam off gracefully. The other swan was rather bad tempered and kicked up a big fuss before finally realising it was free to go. It was a happy ending to a surreal story.

          I don’t find you to be too inquisitive, you’re just the right amount of curious πŸ˜‰ I simply like to know more about the inquisitiveness – that is me being inquisitive of you. Thank you for answering my question in such depth and detail, much appreciated.

          My C-PTSD is the result of being the child of two narcissists. C-PTSD differs from PTSD in that it is usually caused by prolongued exposure to a stressful situation from which you can’t escape (such as if you’re a child and the stressful situation is your parents) rather than from a singular traumatic event.

          The time I spent in the US is split into many different trips over many years, some with short stays, other with longer stays. I never quite felt comfortable there, perhaps because it’s a Cancerian Sun country and I’m a Cappy, which are polar opposites πŸ˜‰ There weren’t any major traumatic events but there were many things which happened that made me feel in a constant state of stressed out, depressed and anxious. Some places are like pressure cookers for the soul.

          While there may be similarities between your muse and me because of our astro being similar, our natal astro is a starting point, each soul with similar astro chooses what they do with it. Two swans may look alike, may do many similar things because they are swans and there are certain things all swans do, but each swan is different beneath the feathers πŸ™‚

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          • Thank you so much for your film suggestions πŸ˜€

            I watched Times Crimes last night and vaguely recalled watching a similar film long time ago. It could be 12 Monkeys or Looper or even a Chinese one.. I rather like the surreal in Spanish films and that the script leaves much room for your imagination. Intacto though is not as impressive as Oldboy cinematically, the twists and turns in the plot is always a surprise keeping me in suspense. In Oldboy, I’d guessed Mido was the daughter and a fuse in the revenge the minute she came on, as much as it was apparent in Times Crimes that there’s a third Hector once the time loop happened. Yup any film addict could easily foresee what’s coming but it’s not saying that it not a good film. Intacto is very brilliant in this sense as I don’t and couldnt expect what would happen, it’s style is very free flow and open end.

            Ahh… love your swan analogy. When I read this part, I thought ya… My muse is a snow white, simply exquisite and you are a black jewel so unique πŸ˜‰


            • A while ago we had a comment chat wherein we discussed something along the lines of the mood you’re in when watching films and how that affects your experience of the films. The enjoyment or lack of enjoyment, etc, of a film can sometimes be all about timing. If you watch it when you’re in the mood and state of mind which suits that particular film, the film can appear amazing. Watch the same film when you’re not in the mood or mind frame for it and it can seem lacklustre.

              It’s partly why it’s not always a good idea to read films reviews before watching a film, or why it can be tricky to watch a film someone else has recommended. It’s a very subjective experience.

              Sometimes being able to predict where the plot is going, what happens next, what the characters are going to say and do can be fun… other times it is frustrating, boring. It all depends on what type of nourishment you’re seeking from the film at the moment of watching it. Something familiar or something different, something to soothe or something to stimulate, something predictable or something which will surprise, something comfortable or something potentially uncomfortable, and so on.

              A similar experience happens with people and relationships.

              Park Chan Wook tends to do intense films. His plots are often going exactly where you know they’re going, it’s the intensity he brings to it which alters the experience of going where you know you’re being taken by his story. Some people are like that, they may be predictable but the intensity of character alters the predictable πŸ™‚


              • You are right. Also, I suppose it is how you choose to experience it that makes a film meaningful to you.

                With Face/Off, it was the superb acting from the actors and the seamless action choreography that made the film brilliant. Intacto story is an ingenious idea but lacks a rawness and level of intensity. Oldboy has it-all the right ingredients, a good story brought to perfect execution by an outstanding director and cast which won the film the Grand Prix at Cannes then. Ya the film is still gripping if I watch it a second time πŸ™‚

                Ive no problem with reading reviews before hand. Like you said, there still can be unpredictability in the predictable.

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